Green Day @ O2 Academy Brixton 21st August 2013

Seeing a band who have a massive following play in such an intimate setting is what dreams are made of. The week of the Reading headline slot Green Day announced a club show which was to take place at O2 Brixton Academy. Now when you have gigs at this magnitude you always have it in the back of your mind that it will be extremely hard to get a ticket. On the day when it was announced I had to join the Idiot Club just to get access to the presale. Getting a ticket this way is easy. But when you don’t know how many will be on sale you have it in the back of your mind you will fail. Thankfully I scored two tickets to this spectacular event. After having been at the Shepherd’s Bush show the prior year I was rather excited to see them perform in these surroundings.

The day came and I arrived slightly later than I would of done. 3 hours before doors to be exact. There was no way I would of wanted barrier because you would be completely crushed. Organisation wise it was a shambles. First there was no O2 queue then there was. I then heard a member of security saying that there was some miscommunication and how there shouldn’t of been one. Once inside my sister and I got to the bar (if you have ever attended a show at Brixton it is on a slope and there are about 4 bars which you can rest on, on the ground floor). We were about 6 rows from front row but we were safe from being hurled around as we had something to hold onto.

What was played was simply incredible. It was different to the Emirates show in June due to the fact that they performed Dookie in its entirety. Green Day were literally phenomenal. The set was split into three. First up you had 99 Revolutions which kicked things off after the drunken bunny made his appearance. Actually the first third contained the majority of the new songs which were sung this evening. These new songs coming in the form of Stay The Night, Stop When The Red Lights Flash and Let Yourself Go. It was also a nice surprise to hear the soothing Wake Me Up When September Ends. Straight after Billie Joe then mentioned to the crowd they were playing the whole of Dookie from front to back as the record celebrates its 20th anniversary next year. Literally this portion of the set was over in a flash. Dookie has to be my favourite Green Day albums and it was a pleasure to witness it performed live. Some of the songs I had never heard live before. It actually makes me want to play Green Day Rock Band. Once over things then came to a close with St Jimmy, Waiting then Minority. They then all left the stage only to return for a 4 song encore. Basically American Idiot and the epic Jesus Of Suburbia were very predictable. Then there was the sombre Brutal Love which sounds completely different to any other song that Green Day performed. What ended the night was Good Riddance which Billie Joe performed by himself acoustically. This tune was a crowd pleaser and it was nice to hear it again after this song wasn’t performed at the Emirates.


99 Revolutions
Know Your Enemy
Stay The Night
Stop When The Red Lights Flash
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Let Yourself Go
Wake Me Up When September Ends


Having A Blast
Welcome To Paradise
Pulling Teeth
Basket Case
Sassafras Roots
When I Come Around
Coming Clean
Emenius Sleepus
In the End

St. Jimmy


American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
Brutal Love
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)


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