Marie Naffah – Silver and Gold Review

London based Marie Naffah is an exceptional singer/ songwriter who is currently unsigned. This is actually shocking because Naffah has some outstanding songs under her belt and also her covers are simply amazing (check out her own interpretation of Get Lucky by Daft Punk).

Above is the latest cut and this being the sublime Silver and Gold. This brand new composition sounds incredible and the lyrics were superb. This song was Acoustic Folk and this is a combination I adore.

This was one extraordinary song and the vocal performance was out of this world. Marie literally belted this Acoustic version this tune. The vocals were both powerful and rich. I found this to be utterly infectious with lyrics which have been superbly written. What I liked about this was the fact it had a narrative. Silver and Gold depicted a woman who has realised that the relationship that she’s in is not all that “Don’t make me weaker than I already am” and the fact she doesn’t want to be the other girl.

When I heard this for the first time it left me completely amazed. Marie Naffah is one outstanding talent and she deserves every bit of success. Silver and Gold is one beautiful song aided by distinctive vocals which grab your attention straight away.

The above video was filmed by RTW Films


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