Scouting For Girls @ The Borderline 16th July 2013

It was around 8.30 when Scouting For Girls took to the stage. “How you doing? It’s been 8 years since we played here” Roy Stride said the moment he took to the small stage. This was actually the 1st ever London venue they played 8 years ago. Opening up the set was Make That Girl Mine which was a brand new composition and it featured on the forthcoming Greatest Hits. “You are and always will be the 5th and most important member of our band” Stride declared during the tune. Make That Girl Mine was infectious and it was delivered to perfection. It was then straight into the 1st single to be taken from the Greatest Hits and this being Millionaire. It was a cheery romantic song with lyrics that completely captivate you. Having people singing along to the uptempo chorus came as no surprise “We could be broke/ But I couldn’t care/ Cause I’ve got it all/ When you’re standing there/ Cause you make me feel/ Like I’m a millionaire”.

Next it was Without You (Naked). This featured on the bands 3rd LP The Light Between Us and even though it reached #10 in the UK Album Chart I had never actually listed to it. Without You was released last October and was the 3rd and final song taken from that LP. It is actually a number that will grow on you and there were also parts which make you want to jump up and down. Without You was a perfect pop song sublimely delivered by Stride on the keyboard. “We’ve finally found a day that truly deserves to have this song played. I really wish we’d released this song this week rather than in October after the wettest summer ever” Roy mentioned before they all got stuck into Summertime In The City. It only charted at #73. Roy played the keyboard for this tune. Summertime In The City explored a youthful look at the joy summer brings “Summertime in the city/ Girls dress hot, boys go silly/ Out on a wonder/ Checking out the sides, love in the summer”. I found the contagious verses to be really upbeat. The song itself was very apt considering the weather the UK had been experiencing. Love How It Hurts was played immediately after. It was the 1st single to be taken from The Light Between Us. Originally it was set to be the last single to be taken from the sophomore album Everybody Wants To Be On TV. Back to the actual performance, I simply adored this song. The lyrics just hook you in and it also prompted a lot of singing along. My favourite bit had to be the chorus “Tell me you noticed?/ Tell me you heard?/ For you I’d have run to the ends of the Earth”.

It was then onto the singles from the sophomore LP Everybody Wants To Be On TV. First you had Take A Chance On Us. This was played at a slow tempo and it was over before it began. Straight after you then had Silly Song and its opening reminded me of The Land Of Make Believe by Bucks Fizz. It is also known as Don’t Wanna Leave You. This was an addictive song with captivating verses which result you in singing along. A lively rendition of Famous followed on and Stride urged everyone to jump up and down. This song is one tune you would want to jump up and down to anyway. Roy was off the keyboard and delivered this infectious tune faultlessly. It conveyed the message that everyone would love to be famous whether that be appearing on TV, mentioned in a newspaper or even making an appearance in a film “I want to be known, just for being famous/ I can’t act, I can’t dance, I can’t sing, can’t you see?/ But I’m young and I’m pretty and that’s all that you need”. After it was then onto TAALS or This Ain’t A Love Song which turned out to be the bands first and currently only #1 single. Now this went down well with the sold out audience and a few seconds of the opening of this tune always reminds me of Keane. This was a hypnotic pop song and its lyric content is slightly sad. I always envisioned this song to be a couple that part ways and never see one another again. It came as no surprise with the fact that this turned into a huge sing along.

Material from the début album then followed it was then onto Keep On Walking which was the 1st Scouting For Girls song that was written. This song was about never giving up on your dreams. This was rather upbeat and it had been perfectly written. It is infact the lowest charting single by the band. I love this it was infectious and the only reason I can come up with why it charted so low was the fact it was the 6th single to be lifted from their self titled album. I Wish I Was James Bond was the next number of the evening and it has to be one of my favourites from the début album Scouting For Girls. The lyrics are very clever as there are plenty of references to the James Bond movie series. From its lyrics I can tell that it is based on a dream to be the next 007. It’s Not About You was a power pop song with verses and a killer chorus which literally hooks you in. The number was infectious and plenty of Wolfcubs were singing along to every word that was sung. After a gleeful rendition of Happy Birthday to one of their biggest fans Catherine it was then onto the penultimate tune of the evening and this being the piano led Heartbeat. This was an uptempo tune along with entrancing verses and a killer chorus which everyone sang along to. The evening ended with the synth pop song Elvis Ain’t Dead. During this wondrous tune Roy did an impression of Elvis whilst singing. Once over Roy thanked the audience for coming and also said that they played the greatest hits backwards. It was then onto Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love which then morphed into Elvis Ain’t Dead. Once over the band then left the stage only to return moments later for the expected encore.

“We each chose one of our favourite songs from each album” Stride then said before telling the audience the story behind Rains In LA. “Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy loves girl a little bit more than girl loves boy, boys about to make the big commitment, girl comes back and says I’ve been given this job. Offered this job in LA”. Roy then said before everyone started chanting the lyric It rains in LA. I thought this song was excellent it was bubble gum pop with lyrics that prompted lots of singing along. I also like the fact that the lyrics offered a narrative. It was then onto the remarkable Posh Girls, where they tell us “Posh girls have good manners / But they go like the clappers,” adding, “There’s nothing like a little bit of class / Wrapped in a perfect arse”. This was an audience pleaser with everyone hanging onto every lyric that was sung. Posh Girls was delivered at a fast pace and it also had verses which oozed plenty of energy. It was then onto something completely epic and this being The Mountains Of Navaho. This was an extraordinary tune and they breezed through it with no errors. Roy mentioned that when they first played it, the song went badly and they vowed never to play it again. After thanking everyone again it was then onto the short but quirky Michaela Strachan. I loved the lyrics to this infectious number. Infused to the ending was She’s So Lovely which everyone sang along to.


Make That Girl Mine
Without You (Naked)
Summertime In The City
Love How It Hurts
Take A Chance On Us
Silly Song
This Ain’t A Love Song
Keep On Walking
I Wish I Was James Bond
It’s Not About You
Elvis Ain’t Dead


Rains In LA
Posh Girls
The Mountains Of Navaho
Michaela Strachan
She’s So Lovely


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