Meadowlark @ The Bedford 20th July 2013

Taking place at The Bedford was the annual Folkfest. After having attended all three nights in 2012 I was excited to attend again. Only the line up was not a strong to entice me to purchase a one ticket to all 3 days. Yes there were a couple of acts that I liked whom were performing but I didn’t want to spend £30 just to see two artists perform.

In July I saw that again there was another free day which took place on the Sunday. Unfortunately advance tickets had sold out and a limited number were available on the door. Headlining were Meadowlark the band which Kate McGill fronts. Even though I was attending the début gig at Surya that week I wanted to be in attendance just to get a taste of what to expect.

So I arrived at 11.30am for the 12 opening. Thinking that tickets were limited that’s why I turned up the very moment it started. Only it didn’t start at 12pm it started 3 hours later which was slightly annoying.

Meadowlark took to the stage to perform a short set only consisting of 5 songs. What kicked everything off was Sail Away. McGill’s vocals were ever so sweet and the harmonising by both Carl and Dan was spot on. This had been perfectly written and I found it to be rather entrancing at the same time. Sail Away was folk and it was very smooth. Following on was I’ve Got You and Dan had come off the keyboard to play the tambourine. This was simply stunning with lyrics that were contagious. This will feature on the upcoming EP and I look forward to hearing the mastered version. It was then onto Passenger and this has to be one of my favourite Meadowlark tunes. This was gentle and delivered at a steady pace. The haunting Passenger was about a plane crash but even though the lyrics were emotional what I adored was the fact there was a narrative. You could easily picture it in your head.

The final tunes of the evening were the ones that are already in the public domain. First up was Family Tree. This was perfectly delivered and the lyrics were extremely promising. It was the first cut that Meadowlark released and it was one that made me instantly fall in love. Other than being completely infectious Family Tree entranced me. Ending the evening was the number that they had only put out and this being Forlorn. I found this song to be really beautiful, upbeat and cute at the same time.


Sail Away
I’ve Got You
Family Tree


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