Lissie @ Century, Soho 31st July 2013

Ever since Lissie Maurus announced that she was to play a showcase I was super stoked. After having missed the Dingwalls show (the postponed Angel Haze gig happened to fall on that very date) I knew that I wanted to be in attendance. Now I love Lissie and I have been to almost every London show since 2010. The one downside was the fact that you could only win tickets by entering a competition by signing up to the mailing list. So after some searching I found out that this event was due to take place at Century in Soho. I entered but after seeing that there were only 5 pairs of tickets made me realise that the chances of winning were slim. It then resulted in me tweeting Lissie asking for guest list. The winners for the competition were emailed and I wasn’t one of them. Fortunately Maurus came through for me and added my name to the guest list which was super sweet.

“Thank y’all so much for coming tonight. I’m Lissie and we’re very pleased to be back in the UK” Maurus mentioned to the intimate audience before launching into The Habit which features on the upcoming sophomore album Back To Forever. This was the first time I had heard this track live after unfortunately having missed out on the Dingwalls show in May. I found this to be a good starting point and served as the perfect taster for the new album. The Habit was a pacey song and one that was delivered to perfection. Another newie followed and this being Sleepwalking and this was an epic track. It was rather hypnotic and was a lot different compared to the opening number which was The Habit. I actually found this smooth and extremely infectious at the same time “Sleepwalking, dreams talking”. If there was a contender for the third single from Back To Forever it has to be this superbly written masterpiece. What came after was a tune that everyone would be familiar with and this being When I’m Alone taken from the debut album Catching A Tiger. Taking off her socks and heels Maurus performed this folk rock stomper barefooted. This tune oozed plenty of passion and Lissie literally belted this song out. It was clear to see that Maurus was back to her best after cutting the Dingwalls set back in May short because of issues with her throat. “You all having a good time” Lissie said engaging with the audience that were there especially to witness her perform live. It was then onto the penultimate Back To Forever track of the evening and this being They All Want You. Now this number was very chilled out and a tiny part of it reminded me of Islands In The Stream. This was very promising and it was delivered at a steady pace. Lissie put every ounce of energy into this tune.

“We’re going to play another newer song for you. I actually wrote it about 6 years ago and didn’t put it on anything. I wrote it when I kind of felt I was losing my shit” Maurus said before having a nip of Tequilla. Lissie then introduced her amazing band Lewis Keller, Jesse Siebenberg and Eric Sullivan. It was then onto the upbeat Shroud and this being the only shock of the evening. When I say shock I don’t mean anything bad but they opted to sing this instead of single Shameless which had been crossed off the set list. Still apart from that Shroud featured as a B Side to Shameless and it was a cracker of a track. The only reason I can come up with to why this did not feature on neither album is the fact it didn’t fit in with feel of the album. It certainly wouldn’t fit on the track listing to Catching A Tiger “I feel like I have lost my mind”. Regarding the vocals they were sublime and the harmonising was quite something. I haven’t heard the mastered version yet but I have a copy of the Shameless vinyl on its way. It was then onto the current single and this Further Away (Romance Police). The moment I saw the video to this tune I fell it love. It came as no surprise that it has reached over 100k of views. Now performance wise it was incredible and there was a folk rock vibe along with some impressive guitar riffs. Further Away consisted of 3 verses along with a delectable infectious chorus. Once there was plenty of applause it was onto one of the many highlights from Catching A Tiger and this being Everywhere I Go. This was a weepy power ballad that you will instantly fall in love with. Just being up front witnessing Lissie perform this right in front of me left me hypnotised. Everywhere I Go was a gentle infectious song with beautiful lyrics “Angels will call on me/ And take me to my home”.

The penultimate song again had a extended ending. This was to be the fast infused In Sleep and the guitar riffs were incredible. I especially love the way the ending had been extended. Extended endings always makes the song slightly more epic. The song itself was packed with a punch and it is one that can get you moving to. “We wish we could play for you all night but we gotta leave you wanting more” Maurus said before revealing she was going to import her own Tequilla to the UK. Ending the evening was Kid Cudi cover Pursuit Of Happiness. This actually took me back to 2010 when I saw Lissie play in The Old Queen’s Head and The George IV. Still Maurus put her own stamp on it and completely owned this song. Pursuit Of Happiness was literally belted out and like In Sleep had some incredible guitar riffs.


The Habit
When I’m Alone
They All Want You
Further Away (Romance Police)
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Pursuit Of Happiness

OVERALL: This was one incredible gig. Lissie’s vocals were extraordinary after the problems that she had at the Dingwalls show in May.

Each song that was showcased from Back To Forever was superb. My favourite had to be Sleepwalking. It was a surprise that Shameless had been replaced by Shroud but I guess hearing that song live will have to wait. Also Further Away was so damn contagious.

Once over my friend and I hung around waiting for Lissie once she had finished her interview. When she did we had a nice chat and Lissie revealed that she was going to play Koko late October.


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