Robbie Williams @ Wembley Stadium 29th June 2013

The moment Robbie Williams announced he was to play Wembley Stadium I immediately booked. What I chose was the 1st night. This was a show that I was looking forward to albeit slightly nervous as gigs where you have to queue mega early are not really my thing. So the day came and I arrived at Wembley Stadium at 3.30am. It would have been earlier but I got a little lost when I left Wembley Central. Outside the stadium I was greeted by a lot of tents. People had no surprisingly camped out for what was set to be a spectacular evening. Doors opened at 4pm in that time I had a little dose and also got sunburnt as well.

Once inside I sprinted down the steps then darted to the golden circle. Being second row by the catwalk was the position I wanted. Ideally I was going for the tip but security were stopping people from going on the outer side. What annoyed me is they eventually opened it. Once inside it was a 3 hour wait till everything kicked off.

It was around 7.30pm when Olly Murs took to the stage. “Good evening Wembley” Murs said the very moment he took to the stage. What opened the set up was the 2nd single from the current album Right Place, Right Time and this being Army Of Two. Now I completely love the album version and the live version lived up to the expectation. Army Of Two was an upbeat track with a chorus which was extremely catchy. This tune had been perfectly crafted and went down well with the packed crowd. It was then onto Dance With Me Tonight. Whenever I hear this song I immediately remember the video and the fact it was released during the Xmas period of 2011. This tune was a combination of Pop meets Soul meets R&B. There was a do wop vibe (a bit like Bruno Mars) to this highly contagious song. “Are you guys well? I’m having the most amazing time on this tour” Murs said before thanking Mr Williams for inviting him. “Please enjoy yourselves” Olly then said before launching into Please Don’t Let Me Go. This tune was very steady and had an up tempo Power Pop chorus. I found this to be a toe tapping number and entirely catchy at the same time. It was then onto Murs’s favourite song from Right Place Right Time and this was Dear Darlin’. This was yet another slow slushy ballad aided by lyrics which are a tad emotional. I simply adored this beautiful tune which was faultlessly delivered. What followed on was the title track from the new album and this being Right Place Right Time. It was the first time I had heard it performed live and what a track it was. I found it to be rather synthy with infectious breezy lyrics. It was then onto a feel good song which Olly said he loved very much and this being Oh My Goodness. I must admit I really loved this song as it gave me a warm happy feeling inside. Oh My Goodness was Pop meets Soul with stunning lyrics which easily get you moving. My favourite part had to be the uplifting chorus. “I said I wanted to do something quite fun and something quite cool” Murs then said before getting stuck into something special. This being a concoction of Summer tunes by Earth, Wind & Fire. This being Let’s Groove/ Dancing In September/ Boogie Wonderland. This mixture of cover songs were perfectly infused together and Olly had the whole crowd dancing. Once over Olly Murs urged everyone to jump up and down to the next tune and this being the upbeat and contagious Heart Skips A Beat. This was delivered to perfection and everyone was hanging onto every lyric that was sung. Ending the superb set was the 1st single to be taken from Right Place Right Time and this being Troublemaker. This is one fantastic Pop song with a luscious catchy melody aided by lyrics you just want to sing along to.


Army Of Two
Dance With Me Tonight
Please Don’t Let Me Go
Dear Darlin’
Right Place Right Time
Oh My Goodness
Let’s Groove/ Dancing In September/ Boogie Wonderland
Heart Skips A Beat

It was around 8.45 when the The Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr started to play on the PA system. Everyone knew that Robbie was on his way. Chants for Mr Williams started then Hey Wow Yeah Yeah started to play while the massive screens to each side showed footage urging people to clap their hands. The way he made his entrance was spectaular by coming down harnessed to a zip wire landing straight in the middle of one of the catwalks.

“Allow me to reintroduce my self I am Robbie fucking Williams. You are Wembley and for the next two hours your ass is mine” Robbie Williams said before getting stuck into Let Me Entertain You which features on the début album Life Thru A Lens. Robbie was wearing a sparkly black jacket and delivered this song to perfection. It basically did what it said on the tin. Williams is a entertainer as well as a brilliant singer. There was a little ad lib where Robbie sang the line “I remember you, you remember me”. This was a song which was infectious and it was also one to get everyone hyped up. Robbie then came down the catwalk next to where I was standing and completed the song then collapsed to the floor which then led to the next song Monsoon. This appeared on the album Escapology and everyone was singing to every single lyric that Williams sang. Monsoon was extremely upbeat and was faultlessly delivered. This was one powerful performance and the atmosphere from the crowd was simply electric. Following straight after was Not Like The Others which was the first song on the set which was taken from the new album Take The Crown. Having not attended the o2 Arena dates October last year this was the first time I was hearing material from the new album live. This went down well with everyone and plenty of people were singing along. For me I found this to be a slow grower. The moment Robbie reached the chorus I began to get hooked.

“What we have right here is a celebration and I would like to proceed with my entertainment education . But I can only do that with your participation. I await your response with anticipation” Williams then mentioned before going straight into Minnie The Moocher which was the only cover that was sung. Originally by Cab Calloway, Mr Robbie Williams made this tune which was recorded his in 1931 his own. This was a big band/ jazz number and maybe Swing When Your Winning Volume 2 will be coming sometime in the future. This was then backed with Kids which was a duet. This infectious tune started with the rap then Williams ad libbed a line “Olly Murs come follow me”. Olly Murs then made his appearance on the stage and duetted with Williams. Kids was extremely infectious and was delivered to perfection. It had superbly been written and was very pop. “Sorry for throwing my stick at you. Don’t sue me I’m a really lovely lad” after Williams accidently let go of his metal stick when swinging it like a golf club at the end of Kids. It was then onto Sin Sin Sin and this being my favourite song from the album Intensive Care. It was delivered a lot deeper compared to what had previously had been performed. My favourite part had to be the contagious power pop chorus. Bodies was next and this took place on the other catwalk which I wasn’t at. This featured on the album Reality Killed The Video Star. Williams was on a vehicle which had a stair case and a the gold Robbie head which featured on the front cover to Take The Crown. During this flames shot out at points during the number. Bodies was both upbeat along with luscious lyrics which you cannot help but sing along to. Infused to the ending of Bodies was Come Undone this was a slow ballad which I found to be rather hypnotic. “England I am your son. Do you still want me?” Williams said during this track. Robbie was on red hot form. This had to be one of my favourite songs from Escapology (along with Hot Fudge and Monsoon). Like the last time I witnessed this performed live Robbie Williams did ad lib how he had a new guitarist plus snippets of Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side Take That’s Never Forget.

“I haven’t been on tour since 2006. 2006. That’s too long Robbie I hear you say. Do you know why I haven’t been on tour since 2006? Why Robbie I hear you say. Coz on tour in 2006 Ladies and Gentlemen I got really lonely” Williams then said to the crowd before inviting up a fan onto the stage. It was then onto a Take That tune and this being Everything Changes. This was a beautiful ballad and saw Robbie Williams serenading Natalie from York. Natalie and Robbie then vacated to a big red bed for Strong. Plenty of people were singing along to this number which was taken from the album I’ve Been Expecting You. The puppet Robbie Williams with a crown did generate a lot of laughter. It was then onto a double dose of songs from Take The Crown and the first being Gospel. This was very up tempo and the lyrics were delectable. Infused to the ending you then had the current single Be A Boy which was perfectly delivered.

It was then onto Millennium what made this different as it was sung acoustically. It was just am acoustic guitar and Mr Williams singing this amazing song. Everyone sang along and it came to no surprise. Millennium was extremely smooth and it was mashed up with the entrancing Better Man. I really liked the middle 8 of Better Man. I was left completely captivated and standing in awe. This song sent shivers up my spine as it was very mellow/ hypnotising. Sexed Up came next on the set list and this was a spotless performance which was again sung acoustically. Only Robbie wasn’t on the guitar. What came after was Me And My Monkey which was especially for the hardcore Robbie Williams fans. This was a superb song and you can easily envision the story that it paints out. Plenty of people sang along and it was no surprise that this was a right crowd pleaser. I found this tune to be rather epic.

Candy went down with the crowd. This song was written with Gary “The Captain” Barlow and it was a right cracker. The verses just hook you in and the chorus is one you just chant back. Now that is what happened everyone sang along to the lines “Hey, ho, here she go/ Either a little too high or a little too low/ Got no self-esteem and vertigo/ ‘Cause she thinks she’s made of candy”. This then was infused with Hot Fudge and the catchy lyrics resulted in everyone singing along to them. My favourite part had to be its punchy chorus. What followed on was the rap of Rudebox. It is nice that Robbie has been singing this song considering that the Rudebox album was not as successful. This then segued to the next number of the evening and this being Rock DJ which again proved to be a massive sing a long. “Wembley do you hear me?” Williams said ad libbing the original line Houston do you hear me. The whole crowd was literally buzzing and this was a good song to end on as it was one that got you moving. Rock DJ was a phenomenal song and was a mixture of pop and rap.

Robbie then left the stage which then left everyone cheering for an encore. That is what happened moments later Williams returned wearing a red jacket for what was to be another 3 songs. First up you had Feel. He literally smashed this smooth song and everyone was singing along to the line “I just wanna feel real love”. What followed next was She’s The One which went down a treat. Ending his epic set was Angels. This song probably defined his career and this song is the show piece of Williams’s 20 year career in the music industry. This was a lovely emotional ballad which went down a storm with the crowd. Once over the whole band took a band then what came next was a few lines of Angels delivered as an a capella. Having everyone singing along felt really surreal.


Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
Let Me Entertain You
Not Like The Others
Minnie The Moocher
Sin Sin Sin
Come Undone/ Walk On The Wild Side/ Never Forget
Everything Changes
Be A Boy
Better Man
Sexed Up
Me And My Monkey
Rock DJ


She’s The One

OVERALL: It did take a while to get to Wembley Park tube station and this being down to the fact that when you have everyone leaving at once you have congestion.

he evening was top notch and Robbie was at his best. Not only is he a great singer he is also a phenomenal entertainer. Olly was amazing as well.

I look forward to the next tour.


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