Lenka @ The Borderline 1st July 2013

It was around 9pm when Lenka and the rest of her band took to the stage. The set opened up with the sweet Nothing Here But Love which also involved a mixture of hand/ tambourine claps. This featured on the 3rd LP Shadows. I found this tune mellowing and rather hypnotising. It actually sent shivers up my spine and this number which Lenka co wrote was spectacularly delivered.

“Good evening London. It’s good to be back” Kripac said before diving into something from the début self titled album and this being Trouble Is A Friend. This was released back in 2009 and also featured on the Easy A soundtrack. Now this was a beautiful pop song which sounded slightly smoky. My favourite part of this wonderful number had to be the contagious chorus “He’s there in the dark/ He’s there in my heart/ He waits in the wings/ He’s gotta play a part”. This song had been perfectly written and Lenka delivered it superbly. “This is another old one from my 1st album that we haven’t been playing for a few years. But I’ve added it back into the repertoire because I named my Record Company after it” Lenka mentioned to the intimate audience before Skipalong. This was a lot different as it was delivered at a steady pace. It was in fact a grower and it then resulted in plenty of cheers once over. What followed was another song taken from the new album and this being Honeybee. Now this song was extremely sweet and the performance was utterly cute. What I mean by cute was the fact Lenka had a finger puppet and this being a bee. Kripac then sang to this bee. The lyrics were soothing and you just literally become hooked once you hear it. After a bit of trivia about the fact Honeybee was written the same time as The Show it was then onto Roll With The Punches. But before Lenka revealed she had heaps of family in the audience and a bride and groom. “This song is not a love song, but it might come in handy if you guys have a fight or something”. After the opening two lines Lenka then said “Such a bad song to sing when talking about marriage”. Now those opening 2 lines were “That really hurt me/ Like a fist to the face”. After having the giggles during the 1st verse Lenka regained her composure and delivered something faultless. I liked this songs middle 8 as well as its chorus.

It was then onto Like A Song which was taken from the 1st album. Now this performance was simply stunning. Even though it was played at a steady pace I was left captivated from beginning to its very end. “I have a new album out. I don’t know how available it is in your lovely country but I do have it tonight on vinyl and cd. Here’s a song from it called Monsters. It’s all about the monsters that lurk in the shadows. Not the kiddy monsters. The adult monsters. My ones anyway” Kripac then said to the audience before launching into Monsters. This showed off Lenka’s perfect song writing skills. I actually really liked those lyrics there was no chorus at all. Kripac was basically saying don’t be afraid. “London is the only place I’ve ever played in the UK” Lenka said before mentioning it was a real pleasure to play with a real pleasure playing with a real violin player. The song being Don’t Let Me Fall. I found this captivating tune to be extremely light and rather mellowing at the same time. It was actually really infectious. “This song’s all about the seasons” Lenka said before After The Winter. Now this song gave me a warm feeling inside. I was left entranced by the lyrics especially its chorus. Heart To The Party was the next to feature in this amazing set. It was an amazing song which sounded a lot different compared to what had featured earlier. Heart Of A Party may not be my all time favourite Lenka song but it is one heck of a grower. “Is this an adults only club. Normally at this time of night I do a rude song. But given the fact that I’ve got like 25 family members in the room and there’s 14 year olds maybe I shouldn’t” Kripac said before revealing that she didn’t want to have the language warning sticker on her album. After some debating it was then onto Go To Fucking Sleep? And this was completely acapella. This song was for all the insomniacs out there. What I especially liked was the fact it was very tongue in cheek and the acapella showed off her strong/ amazing vocal range. Straight after it was onto the cheerful Heart Skips A Beat which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. This was very pop plus the lyrics were extraordinary which are completely contagious. Heart Skips A Beat was delivered at a fast pace and this performance was over in a flash. The set ended with We Will Not Grow Old which is about staying young at heart. It ended what had been a phenomenal set.

“When I said it was the last song we were just kidding” Lenka said the moment they came back onto the stage. It was then onto Everything At Once it was originally released as a single in 2011 but after being featured in a Windows 8 commercial the song was released again and therefore became Lenka’s 2nd most successful single. I really like this as this was really jolly and she is basically saying how she wants to be everything at once. There was plenty of singing and sarcasm for the finale and this being The Show. This was very quirky and I adored this. One line which was repeated was “I want my money back”. Based on how much I enjoyed myself I wont be someone who would be asking for a refund.


Nothing Here But Love
Trouble Is A Friend
Roll With The Punches
Like A Song
Don’t Let Me Fall
After The Winter
Heart To The Party
Go To Fucking Sleep?
Heart Skips A Beat
We Will Not Grow Old


Everything At Once
The Show

OVERALL: This evening was highly enjoyable and Lenka is definitely on my list of performers to see again. When queueing outside The Borderline it was actually kind of cute to see someone so excited just to see one musician. The one thing that I love about this venue is the fact there is no barrier making it extremely intimate as you can get up close to the artist.

The support was provided by The Bonfires (well one of them) but it was Lenka who stole the show. Each song performed made me feel happy inside and what was showcased from new LP Shadows were literally ace. Straight after Lenka came out hung behind the merch stall to sign and have photos taken. I then purchased the vinyl and then left the venue on a high after having witnessed something incredible.


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