Ke$ha @ Brixton Academy 15th July 2013

Ke$ha is an artist I fully love and her one and only date at Brixton Academy was one I was looking forward to. I was literally addicted to the sophomore album Warrior and I could not wait just to hear tracks from it performed live. Unfortunately there wasn’t a Warrior UK tour which left some people disappointed. Even though I was looking forward to it I was also dreading the thought of when I should arrive. All I could base my decision on was the Shepherd’s Bush Empire show back in 2009. Well I wanted to be barrier centre left or right. The day came and I arrived outside the Brixton Academy around 2.30am. Once I was there I was thinking I have misjudge when to turn up and Brixton at night isn’t the safest of areas. So I then kept myself hidden until the next lot of people arrived. Now it was 3.30am when the next lot arrived. Queuing was actually quite pleasant and I liked the fact staff provided everyone with ice cold water and sun tan lotion if needed.

Once I as in I managed to get the position I was hoping for. So when I was there I had to witness a short set by Fuse ODG before the glitter princess took to the stage. “Animals, Crazy Kids. We are gathered one reason. We have tonight to be free. It is we who are the wild ones, the misfits, the dreamers. No one can bring us down. We live every night like it’s our last. So join me in this fight for acceptance” Ke$ha said the moment the stage was plunged into darkness. The crowd was literally pumped as there were plenty of screams. 4 dancers then took to the stage wielding samurai swords and this was to link with the opening song of the evening and this being Warrior. Basically when Ke$ha made her appearance the crowd literally went crazy. Warrior which is also the title of the sophomore album had a mellow hypnotic melody aided by infectious lyrics. My favourite part of this had to be its mega catchy chorus “We were born to break the doors down/ Fightin’ till the end/ It’s something that’s inside of us/ It’s how we’ve always been”. Also I must mention that the actual choreography was simply superb. “Hello. We are the crazy people” Ke$ha Rose Serbert said the moment Warrior morphed into the latest single Crazy Kids. I simply adored this tune it was a mixture of pop and rap. The rap part refers to the verses which and the pop part being the sing a long chorus “Hello, wherever you are/ Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar?/ Tonight we do it big, and shine like stars/ We don’t give a fuck cause that’s just who we are”. She may of dropped in the odd F word but you cannot help but fall in love with this tune.

“So I have many very many Animals out there. I see you I recognise you” Serbert said before encouraging us all to love one another and be yourself. It was then onto We R Who We R which was a banger of a tune. This was an up tempo dance/ pop number which was synth heavy. It went down a storm as everyone round me was jumping up and down. We R Who We R was very contagious and had lyrics which everyone joined in with. It was then onto Blow which featured on the mini album Cannibal. “Are you ready London” Kesha said before launching into this up beat tune. “This place’s about to blow” was one of the lyrics to this fantastic track and that is literally what was going to happen. Everyone was hyped up hanging onto every word that Kesha sang whilst singing along. “This next song is my favourite song off my new record Warrior. Now this song I wrote with the 2 craziest people I know with Iggy Pop and my mum” Serbert then said before getting stuck into a song about making Dirty Love. The number in question was Dirty Love. When I first heard this on record it was my least favourite track but just witnessing it performed live was out of this world. Dirty Love was a rock pop tune which oozed plenty of energy.

Gold Trans Am was delivered on a climbing frame and sparks literally flew during this performance. On a whole this was one flawless tune which was had an element of rock music about it. Next it was Take It Off which is my favourite tune off début album Animal. Only this was different whilst the song was infectious it was also played at a slow pace which worked wonders. It was then onto C’Mon. This featured on the new album Warrior and honestly it has to be one of my personal favourites. “This next song is about getting fucked up and falling is love and feeling like a Sabre Tooth Tiger” Serbert then said before going straight into C’Mon. This was a mixture of pop and rap. Basically this left me entranced the lyrics were catchy and it left me with a happy feeling deep inside. The energetic Party At A Rich Dude’s House was next up and this was paired up with Ke$ha’s favourite song that she had and this being Animal. I must say that this had been superbly written. The melody was smooth and the lyrics just geld to it perfectly. Actually the lyrics hook you in and entrance you. The mellow Animal was delivered beautifully. Machine Gun Love followed on and this was a song that didn’t until this gig because Ke$ha urged everyone to record it. This may feature on the forthcoming LP Lip$ha. This went down well with the crowd but for me it took me a while to like this song. It is a grower and it sounded so different compared to material from Animal or Warrior.

Ke$ha then took to the guitar to deliver Blah Blah Blah spectacularly. This was simply electric the lyrics were so infectious and powerful at the same time. Serbert then left the stage only to return riding her toy rainbow striped gay rights mobile. Your Love Is My Drug was delivered faultlessly. This was pure electro pop and the performance was rather crazy. You had inflatable legs, a inflatable Killer Whale as well as a massive inflatable pink Hippo. The lyrics were pure perfection and the melody was simply wonderful. It is a song which you just want to go crazy to and that is exactly what happened. “Are you guys ready to go fucking crazy” Ke$ha said which then led to the final song of the night Tik Tok which the crowd went crazy for. The choreography was fantastic. This song gives off plenty of energy and there was the famous glitter gun. The band then went offstage only to return moments later. “London live like you’re going to die young” Serbert said before ending the spectacular evening with the infectious Die Young. This oozed fun and was a right crowd pleaser.


Crazy Kids
We R Who We R
Dirty Love
Gold Trans Am
Take It Off
Party At A Rich Dude’s House
Machine Gun Love
Blah Blah Blah
Your Love Is My Drug
Tik Tok


Die Young

OVERALL: The whole queueing early thing was actually worth it. For starters I got right to the barrier and secondly I met some amazing fans. As for the gig Ke$ha was beyond brilliant. The material from Warrior was so infectious.

I cannot wait till the day she next visits the UK.


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