Iggy Azalea @ Fabric 9th July 2013

After having seen Iggy Azalea perform Otis with Angel Haze she has always been an artist that I wanted to see perform live. It was ashame that I couldn’t see her on play The Great Escape as Azalea’s set was at 11.30pm. Also the headlining XOYO show got pulled and the only chance of seeing her was at Wireless Festival.

HP Connected then announced Iggy Azalea would be playing at Fabric in London. I entered not even thinking I would be lucky enough to win a pair of tickets. The last time I entered for a gig like this was Ellie Goulding at Bush Hall earlier on in the year. So I arrived outside the venue around 2pm and there was 5 people already sitting outside. We all got to meet Iggy when she arrived which resulted in plenty of pictures. When the doors did open everyone needed to go down 3 flights of stairs just to get inside the venue.

The set started off with Beat Down. This being a Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas track which Iggy featured on. The moment Azalea and her dancers graced the stage the lucky audience full of competition winners were literally going crazy. This tune featured 2 verses which were delivered at a rip roaring pace. It actually showed what a incredible rapper Iggy actually is. “How you feel London. Do you feel good?” Azalea said before spitting out some lines of D.R.U.G.S with no backing track whatsoever. This went down went down well a treat with some fans singing along to every lyric that was sung. It was then straight into Murda Bizness. This was a right crowd pleaser. Murda Bizness started off with the chorus and it also consists of 2 verses and a hook. Overall this is one hell of a song which oozed bundles of energy.

“Are you ready to take it to the backseat London?” Iggy said before diving into Backseat. I found it to be extremely different compared to the 3 tunes that opened the evening up. The verses were delivered at a fast pace whilst its chorus was very laid back. Backseat was a fantastic song and very sexual as well. “Do you know how to make it bounce London” Azalea asked the crowd linking to the next song and this being the current single Bounce. This tune is extremely club friendly and the audience atmosphere was electric. “Shake it, break it, make it bounce” Iggy said during the song. I actually really liked it and the lyrics were perfect. Following on was Gold Dust which was sung to perfection. The verses were ace which the chorus was very pop. “London y’all reading to drop that shit” Iggy said before Drop That. She was sitting down for this and the performance was sexually charged. Drop That was an infectious number which plenty of people were singing along to. Pu$$y was turbo charged with spectacular lyrics and the overuse of the word pussy. This song was actually rather intense and in my opinion it was far too short.

The next tune of the night started with Iggy showing her cheeks and then shaking that booty. The song in question was Cheeks and this in fact was brand new and it will feature on the forthcoming debut album The New Classic. This is a song that can get you moving and there were lyrics which are instantly memorable. My World was a tune that can get you going crazy. This changes in tempo from fast to slow. Its beat was utterly infectious and also Azalea seemed a lot fiercer when singing this tune. “My world, rhyme vicious/ White girl, team full of bad bitches/ DRUGS Gang, I’m in the zone/ Aussie ho, I put my Country on”. Everyone stuck their middle finger up in the air for the penultimate song of the evening which was Slo. This song was delivered at a steady tempo along with a hypnotic backing track which infused to the lyrics perfectly. It actually reminded me of the slower Eminem songs (take The Way I Am for example). “When I was a kid back in Australia I had a dream, and that dream was to become a rapper. Everybody told me that shit was impossible, it will never happen” an inspirational Iggy Azalea said before wrapping up the spectacular set with Work. This was a right banger and tells the journey Azalea took from Australia to Miami “No money, No family, 16 in the middle of Miami”. Everyone sang back every single lyric.


Beat Down
Murda Bizness
Gold Dust
Drop That
My World

OVERALL: All I can say for this performance is WOW. Iggy Azalea is one hot and talented female rapper. Everyone had an amazing time and there was a little crush but it wasn’t as bad when compared to other rappers.

I look forward to the day I get to witness Iggy perform again.


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