A Day In The Park @ Hyde Park 7th July 2013

My main reason for purchasing a ticket to A Day In The Park was to see The Saturdays and the fact JLS and The Beach Boys were playing were added bonuses. Originally I was considering seeing them play in Brighton but when this came up it proved to be cheaper. A Day In The Park was part of the British Summertime Festival at Hyde Park. This was the first year of this festival and the way it had been designed impressed me greatly.

Doors were at 12pm and I arrived around 11am. The good thing about festivals is the fact no one properly starts queueing. So when the time did come I was left with a decision. Tich, The Overtones, Loveable Rogues and Dionne Bromfield were all playing on the bandstand. It was tempting as I didn’t really want to see the kids entertainment on the main stage (these were The Gruffalo and Horrible Histories). You even had Got To Dance which showcased dance acts from the Sky1 programme. My decision was to head to the main stage and just stay there till the very end. The first musician of the evening was Paul Young. This was to please the older fans as Young rose to fame in the 80’s. The only song that I recognised from the set was Don’t Dream It’s Over.

“Hyde Park make some noise” Mollie King shouted just as they were getting stuck into Notorious. Now this was the 1st single which was released from the 2011 album On Your Radar. Performing were all 5 of The Saturdays and this was a surprise as Frankie Sanford was 7 months pregnant. Hats off to her as this song included a dance routine. Notorious was a dance pop song with a RnB edge to it. The Saturdays put in a spectacular performance of this song which had thumping beats. It was then onto something delightfully pop and this being Work which appeared on the debut album Chasing Lights. This tune had a memorable chorus and it was a track you can have a good dance too. “Hyde Park how are you? Can we just give a massive cheer to Andy Murray whose just won Wimbledon. It’s such an amazing day. We’re so happy to be here” Una Healy said before they went into Just Can’t Get Enough which was released back in 2009. This was a Depeche Mode cover and they completely made it their own. The style of this tune was electro pop and along with being infectious they provided the fun factor as well. The vocals were extraordinary and this take actually made me feel happy inside. “I can’t believe how many of you guys there are. Are you guys ready to party with us” Mollie then mention to the packed crowd. It was then onto 30 Days and this saw each of the girls sitting down on stools. This was a dance pop number aided by plenty of thumping electro beats. The chorus was utterly addictive. “So guys this next track is one of our favourites” Rochelle said before they went into the current single and this being Gentleman. This was a mixture of pop and rap. It was actually a combination that worked wonders. Gentleman had spoken word parts with a contagious chorus and sounded slightly edgy. Following on was Up and this was a stomping dance pop tune with pounding synths. This had been superbly written and it was flawlessly delivered. Also the choreography was simply amazing.

Each of the girls then sat on the stools for the next number and this being the beautiful and slightly emotional ballad Issues. I really liked the middle 8 of this wonderful song “Why fight it, can’t hide it/ Truth is I think I like it/ Confusion, illusion/ Still I don’t know which way to go”. Issues is basically giving you the image of a faltering relationship. This emotional tune was sung superbly and the harmonising was out of this world. “OK guys we’re going to speed things up” Frankie said before introducing the next song of the evening as Ego. This song is so infectious and was taken from the Wordshaker album. I have been a fan of The Saturdays since the début single but it was this song that made me want to see them live. Its chorus is fantastic and plenty of people were dancing along. It as then straight into Forever Is Over. This song was taken from the 2nd album Wordshaker and it was delivered perfectly. Bundles of energy was flowing from this track. It was a fantastic combination of pop and rock. All Fired Up then was next and this song was upbeat. This song was a mixture of dance and pop. You can actually vision it being played in a club. After The Saturdays had taken a photo of the pack crowd it was then onto the penultimate tune of the evening. This was Higher with the part by Flo Rida at the beginning. This was one infectious pop song aided by a killer chorus. It is actually really uplifting and it made me feel happy inside. Along with Ego, Higher has to be one of my favourite Saturdays songs. The vocal performance was simply sublime. Ending the set was the bands first number 1 and this being What About Us. It was the first time I had heard it performed live and it sounded flawless.


Just Can’t Get Enough
30 Days
Forever Is Over
All Fired Up
What About Us

After The Saturdays it was then onto The Beach Boys. This was an act I had been looking forward to as they are such an iconic band. I remember hearing music by them in my early childhood. Last year the band held 50th Anniversary shows which consisted of the original line up but once it was over they just reverted back to both Mike Love and Brian Johnston as the leading two men of the band. People say that this is just a tribute act as the fact there is no Brian Wilson there is no Beach Boys. Even though this isn’t the original line up Johnston still has been in the band since 1965. It would have been nice if they did all stay together after the 50th but it just wasn’t meant to be.

The hour long set was mainly Greatest Hits which featured a monumental 20 songs which were perfectly delivered. In fact there were only a few songs I actually knew and these being I Get Around, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Good Vibrations, Fun Fun Fun and Surfin’ USA. I consider this to be a perfect introduction to their music. Even Isn’t It Time which was released by the original line up last year was performed along with Goin’ To The Beach a song which they discovered in the archives.


Do It Again
Catch A Wave
Surfin’ Safari
Surfer Girl
Don’t Worry Baby
Little Deuce Coupe
I Get Around
Isn’t It Time
California Girls
Then I Kissed Her
Sloop John B
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
God Only Knows
Good Vibrations
Help Me Rhonda
Barbara Ann
Fun, Fun, Fun
Goin’ To The Beach
Surfin’ USA

The evening was then wrapped up by a performance by JLS. Now I had never witnessed this band live before and I was looking forward to have that opportunity as they are splitting up at the end of 2013. The one disappointing thing was the time they had on stage was too short. JLS only had 45 minutes as the park had a 9.30pm curfew. I had thought that it may be down to the fact it was the weekend but then you had the event the following Sunday which had a curfew of 10.30pm.

It was around 8.45pm when JLS took to the stage only to launch into She Makes Me Wanna which was taken from the 3rd LP Jukebox. I have to say the vocals were tight and the choreography was spot on. This was an infectious summer dance pop track and plenty of people around me were singing and cheering at the top of there lungs. Following on was the first single by the band and this being Beat Again. It hit top spot and it was perfectly sung. Beat Again was a contagious tune and had elements of RnB, dance and pop. Even though from the lyrics you know that they are singing about a relationship you cant help but think they might look back on the decision to break up “Let’s just get back together/ We should have never broke up”. It was then onto the final single which was taken from 2nd LP Outta This World. “This song we might need a bit of help” Aston said before they got stuck into Eyes Wide Shut. This only reached #8 in the official UK singles chart but it was a real crowd pleaser and there was lots of crowd participation. The choreography was sublime and the vocals were spot on. This was a dance/ pop song with lyrics that just hooked you in. “Thank you so much for making another one of our dreams come true. We want to keep the party going” Marvin mention before urging everyone to put up their hands for Everybody In Love which was the bands 2nd single back in 2009. This was a slushy, feel good and catchy song with a killer chorus. The song went down well with the crowd and it was an automatic pleaser with everyone following Marvin’s plea to wave their arms from side to side. Now I rather like this song and I especially liked the middle 8. They even performed a few lines acapella which was astounding. Payphone was something different and this being the JLS version of the Maroon 5 song. They completely owned this. Vocals were pitch perfect and the harmonising was out of this world. Payphone is very pop and was delivered at a steady pace aided by infectious lyrics. After some reading of the banners that fans had made it was then onto Love You More. Like Everybody In Love this was another slushy song which was a hit with the fans. I actually found it to be slightly hypnotic. Love You More you could say was a slushy ballad with elements of RnB and pop. It is songs like this which show off the tight vocals and wondrous harmonies which will make me miss them. Hold Me Down was the next tune of the set and this was in fact the lowest charting single by them. It was actually picked by the fans and in all honesty it doesn’t do it for me. This was a mixture of pop, RnB and soul and it was a good combination. The vocals were shared and the performance was stunning. Hold Me Down is actually a grower the more times you hear it. Do You Feel What I Feel? Was up next and this is a song that you could dance along to. It actually sampled Bing Crosby’s Do You Hear What I Hear? This song went down well with the tight crowd and there was plenty of screaming. Things then came to a close with the excellent Hottest Girl In The World.


She Makes Me Wanna
Beat Again
Eyes Wide Shut
Everybody In Love
Love You More
Hold Me Down
Do You Feel What I Feel?
Hottest Girl In The World


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