White Lies @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 23rd July 2013

It was June when White Lies announced that they were to play a three night residency of Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. This was the first venue that they played almost 5 and a half years ago. I first saw this band play at the XFM Winter Wonderland back in 2008 at Brixton Academy which showcased the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, The Rifles, Ida Maria and Ladyhawke. As they were on my to see list when I attend Reading I decided to enter also I could cross them off that list and see someone else instead. All you needed to do was put the shows in preference from 1 to 3. I chose Night 1 as the gig that I preferred and Night 3 as the one which I didn’t want to win. In my inbox I discovered that I had won a pair of tickets (I say won but I had the opportunity to buy) for the date that I preferred. So my kind friend purchased the 2 tickets as he unfortunately didn’t win.

So we arrived at the venue around 5pm then took a seat and just waited till doors opened at 8pm. This night was going to be a late one as White Lies were due to take the stage at 10pm. Also with the fact that they were to play a mixture of new and old material I expected for a 60 minute + set. The band who consist of Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave and Jack Lawrence Brown.

What they played was greatest hits packed which included songs such as To Lose My Life, Farewell To The Fairground, début single Unfinished Business, Death, Bigger Than Us and The Power & The Glory. All which went down a storm with the intimate audience. The host of new songs which feature on the 3rd LP Big TV included the free download Getting Even which was indie rock, then there was Mother Tongue (which was the first time that it was performed in the UK) which had been written to perfection as there were lyrics that just drew you in, First Time Caller which was the bands favourite track from Big TV was a hypnotising ballad and then you had the title track from the new album Big TV was a slick number aided by superb hooks and a killer chorus.

Other than the songs I had mentioned above you also had A Place To Hide that they opened up with after having come onto Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Then you had the new single There Goes Our Love which sounded incredible live.


A Place To Hide
To Lose My Life
There Goes Our Love
Farewell To The Fairground
Getting Even
The Power & The Glory
Mother Tongue
Unfinished Business
First Time Caller
Big TV
Bigger Than Us

OVERALL: I may not be the biggest White Lies fan out there but I enjoyed the set which was performed. It was nice that there was a mixture of both new and old material. I must say the cuts from Big TV sounded incredible when witnessing it live.

At the start of the set the fire alarm went off but nothing deterred people from leaving the venue. The one annoyance that I had was nothing to do with the band but it was down to the fact the gig didn’t start on time. White Lies were to play at 10 but instead played half an hour later. This caused the event to end at 11.30. It is annoying when you have a train to catch and have to make other plans when you have missed it.

Like I mentioned White Lies were fantastic and the intimate audience was simply electric. It was nice seeing them play in such an intimate setting and it also crosses them off my list of acts to see at Reading. I am so honoured to have been a part of this outstanding evening


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