MKS @ Scala 1st August 2013

This was a gig I was proud to be a part of. The original Sugababes line up had reunited to form MKS. I never thought I would see the day. Both Siobhan and Mutya had gone solo when they left the band then the last surviving member Keisha was then replaced by Jade Ewen. I had got to Scala around 11.30 in the morning which was early but there was nothing to judge this on. The Scala show was the début MKS gig and I had expected more people to be there early as this was something to be believed. I mainly purchased a ticket because the first line up of Sugababes amazed me and also the début MKS single Flatline was so damn contagious.

The audience erupted as soon as Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan took to the three stools that were set up on the stage for them wearing blacksuits. The evening kicked of with the Sugababes Overload. The song itself featured on the début album One Touch and this was a right treat as MKS was the original Sugababes line up. Overload started off with Siobhan singing sublimely then Mutya and Keisha added in the stunning harmonies. This R&B tune also had elements of soul and I found it to be both smooth and infectious at the same time.

“Who remembers this one” Keisha then shouted out before they launched into Run For Cover. Buena, Buchanan and Donaghy were all gathered together. This wondrous number showcased fantastic harmonising and each Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan had their own parts which showcased each of their stunning vocal ranges. Run For Cover was a haunting song due to its lyrical content as it described escaping from the reality and harshness of the world “You never seem to wonder/how much you make me suffer”. Still this tune was flawlessly delivered. “It means an awful lot to us. Believe it or not we’re as excited as you guys” a humble Donaghy said before I’m Alright. This brand new cut showed us what MKS have to offer and it showed plenty of promise. The harmonies were tight and the vocals were second to none. My favourite part had to be its chorus “You wanna know if I’m lonely/ But I’ve been alone now for years/ I’ve cried over tears/ I’m alright”. It was then onto something utterly remarkable and this being Stronger which featured on the sophomore album Angels With Dirty Faces. When I say remarkable is due to the fact Siobhan left the Sugababes after One Touch and was replaced by Heidi Range. Stronger was a downtempo R&B ballad and its lyrics were actually quite apt. The very moment when Donaghy tackled a verse the whole of Scala burst out with cheers. “This song is another song. It’s off our new album which will be coming out” Keisha mentioned before saying it was done with Richard “Biff” Stannard who did all the Spice Girls material. It was then onto Love Me Hard. Even though all the new numbers which were performed were excellent this had to be my favourite. The lyrics geld perfectly to its melody to create something that completely captivated me. Love Me Hard was basically dissecting a relationship “You love me so/ So physical”. Each of the girls had their own individual parts and the harmonies were out of this world. Things were then sped up for Boys and this was a big pop number albeit slightly aggressive in lyrical content.

“You guys good? Sweating buckets?” Keisha then said to the sold out audience before another cut from the forthcoming album and this being Today. This tune was literally incredible and it has the makings to be a power pop anthem. The harmonies were glorious whilst the vocals were fantastic. Today was a song which has massive single potential as it was both smooth and entrancing. The new songs ended with No Regrets which was actually a power ballad which was literally incredible. I actually found the lyrical content to be rather soppy “It’s OK/ It’s alright/ I’m on fire/ Cos now I have everything I desire”. Things then came to an end with Freak Like Me. The song itself sounded rockier with the addition of R&B. This was a right audience pleaser and it was nice to hear it with Donaghy’s vocals. Once over the girls left the stage only to return moments later for a two song encore.

First up you had the reinterpretation of Kendrick Lamar’s tune Swimming Pools and this being Lay Down In Swimming Pools. Now this was absolutely blinding. “If it wasn’t for your support we wouldn’t be up here” Keisha then said before they went into the début single Flatline. This was highly contagious aided by a killer chorus which was delivered at a fast tempo. Added elements of Push The Button appeared during this fantastic song.


Run For Cover
I’m Alright
Love Me Hard
No Regrets
Freak Like Me


Lay Down In Swimming Pools
Flatline/ Push The Button

OVERALL: This was one extraordinary evening and it was nice to see that the girls have put what happened in the past behind them. MKS have a tight bond and I know that they will be here for a long time. I look forward to the album and when they do tour again.

As for the support, Little Nikki is an artist that I have wanted to see for a while and the set did not disappoint me. I was left with the urge to hear more.


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