Meadowlark @ Surya 25th July 2013

As a McThrill I booked to see Meadowlark play at Surya the moment that it was announced. For those that don’t know Kate McGill played an emotional gig at the same venue last year. This was a goodbye to life as a solo artist. When Katie Sky quipped “Let’s start a band” I knew that this wasn’t really the final curtain for her. Low and behold in 2013 it saw the birth of Meadowlark a 3 piece which consisted of Kate McGill, Carl Jones and Daniel Broadley. By the time the date at Surya was announced only one track had surfaced and this being Family Tree which I immediately fell in love with.

25th June then came and I arrived outside the venue at 2.30pm and it did turn out to be a major misjudgement as I was the only one there. As the weather was beautiful I chilled out in the park listening to the likes of Katie Sky, Kate McGill and Lauren Aquilina on my iPod. Fast forward to when the doors did open everyone trickled in and I went downstairs. Most people were hanging round the bar area which then resulted in Luke Concannon who was the support trying to get these people downstairs. When he did the first song which was performed was done as an a capella in the middle of the room.

The short set opened up with Sail Away. I had witnessed this stunning band 4 days earlier but this time I was seeing them in a brand new light. This being the fact that there was an extra 3 members which consisted of a drummer and a girl who played glockenspiel. Sail Away showed off Kate’s sweet vocals and was accompanied by harmonising by both Dan and Carl. It was delivered at a steady pace and this song which had been superbly written was rather hypnotising. “This next song we put up a few weeks ago it’s called Forlorn. YAY people know it” McGill said as there were a few whoops of delight for Forlorn. This tune features on the debut EP and the single that they were selling after the show. This like the rest of the material that featured during the set fitted into the folk genre. I found Forlorn to be extremely beautiful, upbeat and the vocals were very cute. “This is a bit weird for me personally cos I did my last ever solo gig here. And now this is like being reborn. This next one is pretty much a song that no one knows, I don’t know if we really even know it. It’s a child so be gentle” Kate then mentioned before saying I had been written the day before. The number in question was Winter and it was delivered faultlessly. Now I rather like the lyrics as it tells the story of a winter romance and she only sees the guy in the Winter “Winter come faster”. This is a tune which I hope I will have the pleasure of hearing performed live again. “This one is about a plane crash” McGill said after when Dan had mentioned about the limited CD’s that were printed especially for this gig. Even though Passenger dealt with a macabre subject Kate has a way of still making it sound beautiful. The harmonising was spot on and this tune was slightly emotional. Even though this song was completely fictional you can clearly picture the sad story in you head. Passenger was gentle and played at a steady pace. “This next song is the first song we ever put out” Dan said before they launched into Family Tree. Kate McGill was on keyboard for this number. Now I adored this song the lyrics especially the chorus were rather addictive. “Do you guys feel like singing” McGill then asked the audience before jokingly saying that she worried that the chorus was too complicated. The tune that ended a fantastic set was I’ve Got You. This will feature on the debut EP and both verses and chorus was simply incredible. It is a song that you can have a good dance to and all throughout it people clapped along in unison.


Sail Away
Family Tree
I’ve Got You

OVERALL: First of all I shall start off by saying that the support from Luke Concannon was superb. I enjoyed each song that was performed which featured on the album he was also selling.

As for Meadowlark, the set may of been short but I was left in a trance when I heard each tune performed live. Both Forlorn and Family Tree may already be in the public domain but the other 4 that were performed were top notch. I especially liked Passenger also Winter was amazing and they breezed through it at ease. McGill’s vocals were ever so sweet and it was nice to see her at the fore front. It would be nice if both Dan and Carl have their own songs that they can take the lead on in the future


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