Charli XCX @ Proud Camden 9th August 2013

Proud Galleries paid host to Charlotte Aichison aka Charli XCX. Originally supposed to take place in July this gig was moved to the 2nd week in August. Being a fan of Charli’s music I registered for a free ticket the moment you could request them. The evening was in conjunction with Myspace as well. Doors opened at 7pm and then everyone had to endure 2 DJ slots until the main act took to the stage.

After much anticipation Charli XCX made her entrance while the other two members of her backing band started to open up with You’re The One. Charli was wearing a jacket/ shirt, chequered mini skirt along with her black Spice Girls platforms. “What’s up London, I’m Charli XCX” Charlotte said before launching herself into You’re The One. The lyrics were superb and the chorus I found to be rather slushy. My favourite part of this upbeat tune had to be its middle 8 where Charli started to rap. “How you guys doing? You good?” Aichison then mentioned to the audience. What followed on was What I Like. Now this was an amazing and infectious song. It started off with the chorus but my favourite parts were the uptempo verses. Charli put plenty of passion into this and it was clear to see that she was enjoying performing. It was then onto Set Me Free and this being the first time I had heard it performed live. That’s is a little bit of a lie as before True Romance came out this lovely tune was known as Feel My Pain. Set Me Free was a wonderful tune which was very smooth. This was a passionate performance with extraordinary lyrics. Bundles of energy flowed from Nuclear Seasons and there was also plenty of people moving about to it. Charli was basically was running on adrenaline throughout this infectious number. Nuclear Seasons was a huge pop tune which was belted out. “How’s everyone doing?” Charli said engaging with the audience. It was then onto Lock You Up. This tune had steady paced verses and a chorus which was packed with enthusiasm. It sounded a bit slushy with lyrics being “I want to Lock You Up inside my heart”. Still this new track was a complete cracker and was faultlessly delivered. Stay Away which followed immediately after slow in pace and had some short raps. I found it to be rather sleek and it showed off Charli’s flawless vocal range. I actually found this song to be rather hypnotising. It was then onto You (Ha Ha Ha). I found this tune to be infectious plus there was an electro vibe to it at the same time. You (Ha Ha Ha) was delivered to perfection and it was also it had a sense of fun. The verses were pacey and upbeat at the same time.

“Big up Myspace and Proud” Charlotte said after asking how everyone was again. It was then onto something I had never heard live before and this being Black Roses. The song had been superbly written and the melody was hypnotic. Black Roses was contagious with rap esque verses and a short killer chorus “Deep in black roses/ Dateless doses/ I’m fallin’ victim to black roses”. The tune itself oozes pop and I reckon it had the potential to be a single from True Romance as it was so good. “This song is for anyone who’s drunk” Charli said before Take My Hand. Now I rather liked this anthem it was utterly contagious and it is was a song you just want to jump up and down to. The performance oozed plenty of energy and charisma. “So this next song, I don’t know you might know it. It’s a song I feature on a song that I wrote for a band called Icona Pop” Charlotte then said before launching into her interpretation of I Love It. “Who fucking knows this fucking song” she then said before launching into the first verse of this delectable tune. The atmosphere was simply electric and the audience were going crazy. It is definitely a song that you would expect to hear in clubs. This was really infectious and it had a sense of being an anthem as everyone was shouting back the words “I don’t care, I love it”. I really adored this song but my favourite part had to be the middle 8 where the melody changed “You’re on a different road/ I’m in the Milky Way/ You want me down on earth, but I am up in space/ You’re so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch/ You’re from the 70’s, but I’m a 90’s bitch”. “This song went to number 1 in this country” Aichison said before urging everyone to go fucking crazy and that is what happen. There was then plenty of jumping up and down and plenty of fist pumps. “My name is Charli XCX and this is my last song” she mentioned before ending with Grins. This performance was brilliant and again it was rather energetic. It was plain to see that she put everything into it. Grins was a brilliant tune that has to feature on the album that will be released next year. It felt as this tune was power pop/ rap which worked wonders.


You’re The One
What I Like
Set Me Free
Nuclear Seasons
Lock You Up
Stay Away
You (Ha Ha Ha)
Black Roses
Take My Hand
I Love It

OVERALL: Charli XCX is one incredible talent. Earlier in the year she release début album True Romance and it was nice to hear more cuts from that full length as well. It was also nice to hear her own version of I Love It which was the song that she wrote with Icona Pop.


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