A Blossom Fell @ The Good Ship 13th July 2013

The six piece A Blossom Fell consist of Hannah Warburton, Louise Corner, Sarah Impey, Alex Foley, Simon Northcott and Andrew Warburton. After having witnessed them support Charlotte Church at the Water Rats last September I always knew that I would be seeing them again in the future. After having unfortunately missed the farewell to 2012 show back at the Water Rats last October I was pleased to get the chance to attend what was the bands comeback gig. A couple of weeks ago the band released Soul Drop free on Foof records and this EP is utterly addictive. Soul Drop features 8 fantastic tracks all of which were performed live when I first saw them last September.

The choice of venue for this performance was The Good Ship which was located in Kilburn. Taking to the small stage at 11pm A Blossom Fell kicked started the set with something brand new and this being Anchor. Now this song was a real treat because it wasn’t that long since Soul Drop was released yet they showcased brand new songs. Anchor was an incredible song which was played at a fast pace. It was a contagious song aided by fantastic harmonising and stunning lead vocals by Hannah. Now with this being the 2nd time I had seen ABF live I noticed that the audience was more up for it. There was plenty of dancing which was to be expected as these tunes you just want to go wild to. Back to Anchor, this was a promising track and you could see this as a taster of what’s to come in the future. “Thank you so much for coming out here. This is our comeback gig. We’ve all come back together just ready to give this to you” Hannah Warburton said before they eventually got stuck into P.F.N. This song was a mixture of pop and soul. The pop side comes from the fact it was completely infectious. P.F.N was a funky song which completely entrances you. Even though the tune itself was around 2 minutes long there isn’t that many lyrics. Well there is but they are repeated throughout till the very end. It is very clever though because along with its melody you don’t really notice this. After Hannah mentioned that they don’t have set lists as Andrew left his job resulting in not being able to use a printer for free it was then onto Mayhem & Exit. It started off with Sarah playing the glockenspiel and it did resemble the Coca Cola tune. What I most like about this was the fact it just hooks you in and the melody fits perfectly to the lyrics. Mayhem & Exit was a song you just want to sing along to as it is so catchy.

Another newie then followed on and this being Lose Blues which had been written by Louise Corner. Taking to lead vocals was Louise who faultlessly delivered this to perfection. This steady paced tune was very sleek and the harmonising was provided by both Hannah and Sarah. Whilst Sarah was getting her microphone fixed Hannah then talked a little about Foof Records and how you can get the début record for free. Hannah also mentioned that we might be able to pledge on a future release to fund studio time. Once Sarah’s microphone was fixed it was then onto Berlin Girl. Now this is the song which is the first track on Soul Drop. Now I rather liked this tune it had been superbly written. The final 2 songs of the evening were brand new ones. First you had Shoot which was dedicated to Isla Ure. This literally sounded incredible and also it was quite pacey at the same time. Plenty of energy oozed from this number. The evening then ended with M’aidez. This closed what had been a stunning evening.


Mayhem & Exit
Lose Blues
Berlin Girl

OVERALL: I really enjoyed my evening at The Good Ship and I am positive that everyone else had a fantastic time. The songs sung by ABF were amazing and the new ones were sublime. I really hope they get mastered one day. The EP Soul Drop is a right cracker and I have literally had it on repeat for the past couple of days.

As for the support acts. First up was Mister Bicester and he was full of beans and got the audience warmed up. He played a short set and what I will remember the most is the 2 jokes that he made about what is Elton John’s favourite garnish and what is Bob Marley’s favourite meat.

Field Harmonics were OK while Devil Say Dance were brilliant. They had also released an EP on Foof that very day. The set mainly comprimised of those 4 EP songs and 2 brand new ones. The penultimate act was Isaw who offered plenty of promise. The style of the music was rap and he was extremely talented at the same time.


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