Sky Ferreira @ Scala 26th June 2013

Sky Ferreira is an artist that I know of but I have never seen performed live. In fact she first came to my attention through Myspace back in 2008. Since then she has released 2 EPs As If and the recent Ghost. As well as being a Singer/ Songwriter Ferreira is also both an Actress and a Model. I booked this gig because I love Sky’s style of Synth pop and I had previously missed her XOYO show earlier on in the year along. When I arrived I saw that there were already people who had started queueing in line. Now I knew nothing about the fan base as I hadn’t attended a headline gig by Sky so I had nothing to go on when to queue. Normally 3 to 4 hours before a gig is safe and that really depends on the actual person you are going to see. At 7.30pm the doors opened and by this time I was already inside at the barrier as someone I knew on the guest list managed to get me in.

It was around 9.45pm Sky Ferreira took to the stage sporting a black leather jacket. What opened up the set was Lost In My Bedroom. This tune was taken from the Ghost EP which was released last October. The lighting set up was pretty cool as the whole stage was plunged into blue plus there was the use of lasers. Lost In My Bedroom was a nice warm up song and the whole crowd loved every single moment of this infectious tune which completely captivates you with the killer hooks. It was then onto a double dose of new songs which will no doubt feature on the début LP I Will. First up was Ain’t Your Right which had a frantic powerful pace. The vocal delivery was superb and the lyrics were contagious and memorable “It ain’t your right but that’s OK”. This tune offered plenty of promise and I cannot wait to hear the proper studio version. Straight after it was onto Can’t Say No. Now this number was electro pop and in all honesty it didn’t connect with me. The more times I play this back the more it grows on me. Following on was Ghost taken from the EP of the same name. Unlike what had just been showcased I found this to be both smooth and laid back with crystal clear vocals. This had been perfectly written by both Ferreira and Jon Brion. Ghost was spectacularly delivered and once over the crowd erupted into plenty of applause. “I’m not prepared for like talking in between songs” Sky then mentioned before delving into yet another brand new track and this being 24 Hours. This was in fact a stand out track for me as it was superbly delivered. The vocals were strong and the lyrics drew you in. My favourite part had to be its chorus. Next it was onto the pace Love Stereo which easily gets you moving to the beat. This number definitely has to feature on the forthcoming LP. Judging from the rapturous applause/ cheers once over I think it will feature. It was then onto Sad Dream which was the song which opened up the Ghost EP. Like Ghost this again was another laid back and gentle song. I found it to be rather tender and had extraordinary lyrics which just hook you in.  I Will then followed on and this is most likely shares the same name as the forthcoming album. I Will was a mixture of Pop and Rock which was a fantastic combination. It also oozed plenty of attitude. What followed on was You’re Not The One which is in fact the next single. I found this to be extremely poppy and it sounded phenomenal when performed live. “It’s like the first song I ever wrote 5 years ago or something. I usually dedicate it to my mum but she’s not here” Sky said before getting stuck into Werewolf. Again this was chilled out plus it was delivered acoustically. The vocals sounded fragile but incredible at the same time. “This next song is called On Top. It’s really really really new. They’re all kind of new but this one is really new” Ferreira said before On Top and this was a funky song with a beat you want to tap your toe too. This was a song which was pure perfection and it can easily get you moving to its entrancing beat. “I have one more song left” Sky said before ending with Everything Is Embarrassing and this was a right crowd pleaser as people were singing along to the light fuzzy lyrics.

Once over Sky Ferreira downed a bottle of Vodka then left the stage with the rest of the band. An encore was not forthcoming but what I had witnessed was someone who definitely will become huge when the début album I Will hits the shelves.


Lost In My Bedroom
Ain’t Your Right
Can’t Say No
24 Hours
Love Stereo
Sad Dream
I Will
You’re Not The One
On Top
Everything Is Embarrassing

OVERALL: I enjoyed this gig and it certainly won’t be the last time I see Sky. Each of the tracks that were performed whetted my desire to hear the new album I Will when it is eventually release. Gabriel Bruce who supported was brilliant as well.


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