Beady Eye @ Rough Trade East 10th June 2013

Beady Eye at Rough Trade East was always going to be a good one. This event was only announced the week prior. After Rough Trade had Queens Of The Stone Age playing instore it was revealed that another big band will also be playing. So at 11am on the day of reveal I kept my eyes pealed only to see it was Beady Eye performing live. So I then clicked on the link and added the CD to my basket. I was actually debating whether to go or not as I was seeing them in Kingston anyway. In the end I relented.

When the day came I decided to turn up early afternoon expecting there to be queues as it is London after all and the fact that 100 wristbands were given out 8am in the morning. I had thought there would be some of these people knocking about. But I was wrong there was only one person in the queue and this being a dedicated fan who had been queueing for a wristband from 4am and was also the first to get one. The hours to wait before we got let into the store were agonising. I kept flitting in and out because they were setting up. My last visit inside I saw that there were a few people around the edge of the stage. I went over to have a look and it was only Liam Gallagher signing and having photos taken with fans. A couple minutes later loads of people swarmed into the store in the hope of getting something signed. Around 5.50pm the store then closed for the sound check.

Doors then opened at 6.45 and the band then took to the stage near enough on time. The set which they played was exactly the same as the Kingston show plus it was again fully acoustic. I wasn’t complaining though because witnessing them acoustic is something you rarely see. “This is tight innit” Gallagher said the moment that they all took to the stage. What opened up this set was the newest single and this being Second Bite Of The Apple. This was a chilled out song which had infectious lyrics which was then aided by Liam’s sneering vocals. I especially liked the line “Shake my tree, where’s the apple for me/ Tickle my feet with the NME”. Immediately after it was then onto Soul Love. On the album this song is one of the highlights hearing it performed live was something rather incredible. “Soul Love, Soul love/ Come in to my world, It’s all for you/ Everything I do/ It’s all for you”. I found this tune to be smoothly delivered and the chilled back melody was excellent. “Nice one” Liam said after delivering Soul Love to perfection. It was then onto Iz Rite. This was in fact rather contagious and there are shades of Oasis songs in the past. It is actually a grower and this song had been superbly written by Gem Archer. “When you call my name/ It takes away my pain/ Till all the love remains/ Say it again/ Say it again/ Say it again”. It was then onto my favourite track from this new album. “Are you lot gonna stand up or what?” Liam then said responding to chants that he should stand up during this acoustic gig. It was then onto Soon Come Tomorrow. My favourite part had to be the mellowing chorus. “Smoke it, don’t drop it, right to the end/ Breathe in, breath out and then breathe in again/ This song is over, so look past the end, soon come tomorrow again”.

What followed on was Start Anew which is the closing number on BE. This was an epic song with some impressive guitar playing. I’m Just Saying was an upbeat and fast paced song with stunning lyrics which hook you in. I was left captivated. This tune is a right cracker and just hearing it performed acoustically in front of me was something rather special. It went down well with the crowd as it garnered plenty of applause. “This one’s called Don’t Brother Me” Gallagher then said before launching into the said song, This was about brother Noel and the lyrics to Don’t Brother Me tell the story “I know I’m the man, I’ll do what I can/Sick of your scheming and lying/ I’m always in the sun with your number one/ You know I’m a man, I’ll do what I can/ Give peace a chance, take my hand/Be a man. All or nothing/ I’ll keep pushing. In the morning, I’ll keep calling/And hope you understand”. It was a ballad which sounded rather sombre. It was as if Liam was offering Noel an olive branch. Upbeat Beatles cover Cry Baby Cry followed on. This was perfectly delivered and there were lyrics which resulted in people singing along. It may have been a short but sweet song but it went down well with the audience. Ballroom Figured was a delicate ballad. This had been superbly written with lyrics which were sung at a steady pace. “Did you ever loan me that song?/ Did you ever know me at all?/ We listened to the world going round looking through a hole in the wall”. It was then onto the penultimate number of the evening and this being Shine A Light. Andy Bell had moved over to the piano for this. I found this again rather upbeat and it has lyrics which just leave you entranced. This was packed with plenty of power and it was definitely a firm favourite with everyone who were in attendance. “Nice one for coming out and if you bought the record. It’s good these little things aren’t they?” Gallagher then said before Beady Eye left us with the first song which was lifted from BE and this being the majestic Flick Of A Finger.


Second Bite Of The Apple
Soul Love
Iz Rite
Start Anew
I’m Just Saying
Don’t Brother Me
Cry Baby Cry
Ballroom Figured
Shine A Light
Flick Of The Finger

OVERALL: This set by Beady Eye was simply marvellous. I may of witnessed them perform the same acoustic set 3 days prior but I wasn’t left disappointed. Hearing them play acoustically was something utterly special and I reckon things like this in the future will be rather rare.

As for the songs that were performed they were all right crackers. The acousticness of the evening put a different twist on to each of them. It actually tantalizes me to see them at one of their headline gigs as that would be another side to Beady Eye and I know for sure I will be blown away by it.


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