Wolf Alice @ The Lexington 4th June 2013

Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis are Wolf Alice. They are probably my favourite new band at the moment as I was so impressed with the material that they showcased. Joff, Joel and Theo took to the stage and played an instrumental before Ellie made her presence onto the stage. I would say that the style of the music that they played was grunge pop rock. This combination works well as the songs were rather addictive. Ellie Rowsell is the front woman of this wonderful group and the vocals were just so luscious. The song in question being Your Loves Whore which was a polished off version of the Intro I had heard back at The Hope back in February. For starters the song had been extended into something that was rather dreamy. Towards the end Roswell just belts out this wondrous tune and the melody completely complimented her vocals.

After a couple of minutes tuning it was then onto the gentle and soothing Leaving You. This tune showcased more of Ellie’s vocal range and it was extremely blissful. Plus the harmonising was perfection. It was a steady paced song which was rather hypnotic. I actually picked up on tinges of Folk. A minute into the track every bands worse nightmare happened and this being technical difficulties. Things like this can make the crowd lose interest and it was visibly clear Ellie was upset that this had happened. “This one’s called Freasy. Sorry about that. On with the party” Joel Amey said before showcasing a brand new song and this being Freasy. I found this song to be quite contagious with memorable lyrics that just embed themselves into your brain. Roswell’s vocals were pitch perfection “I will meet you where the grass is greener”. It was then onto Stupid Bitch which was next on the set list. This was a steady paced song which had a mellowing melody. It was in fact very chilled out and it had been superbly written. It was then onto the 2nd half of the début single and this being White Leather. We were then treated with a stripped-back dream pop narrative, strung together by emotive guitar chords. This was a startling tune and it reminded me of The XX.

Nosedive then followed on.. It showed plenty of promise and it was aided by Rowsell’s pitch perfect vocals. Nosedive was played at a fast pace and was delivered with plenty of gusto. Jack was next and this was a slow paced ballad. Ellie Roswell’s vocals were stunning then the drumbeat came in. Jack was rather gentle and chilled out at the same time. The vocals reminded me of Polly Scattergood. Once the tune progressed it gained more power. Dunno was the final new number sang on the night and this was a fast paced infuriating tune which literally sounded incredible. This song was sung flawlessly and it was also delivered strongly as well. “I had a lover, I had a friend”. The penultimate number of the evening was the current single Bros was next. This showcased Rowsell’s sublime vocal range. I found this to be sublime the song was delivered at a strong steady pace and also it was completely catchy. I rather liked the middle 8 “Are you wild like me? Raised by Wolves and other beasts”. The night then ended with the rocking début single and this being Fluffy. “Thank you for being so kind” Ellie said when they all left the stage.


Your Loves Whore
Leaving You
Stupid Bitch
White Leather

OVERALL: They may of ran into technical difficulties which resulted in Leaving You being skipped but Wolf Alice soldiered through it delivering a fantastic set showcasing material which has to feature on the début album.

Wolf Alice are a stunning band who I predict big things for. They were Grunge Pop Rock and this 4 piece reminded me of Shuga. All of the songs that were performed were pure perfection. It was also nice hearing Your Loves Whore which was the polished off version of the Intro that was played at The Hope in February.


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