Haim @ Koko 30th May 2013

The Haim tour ended with a date at Koko. After having attended the show at Heaven 2 days prior I had an inkling of when to start queueing. But in the back of my mind I was thinking this is the biggest headline show they have played to date. I then decided to get to the Camden venue at 2.30pm and it wasn’t that long until the next person had arrived. The set times were exactly as the Heaven show Doors being 7 Support 1 7.30 Support 2 8.30 Haim 9.30. Haim currently signed to Polydor Records consist of three sisters Alana, Danielle and Este and Dash Hutton. They reside in Los Angeles and they are a band that I fully love. The music that they produce is so infectious and I would want to see them live as many times as I can.

Doors opened on time and the supports were fantastic. I had never heard of George Maple before but I really enjoyed the music which she performed. Arlissa was amazing, she performed a 6 song acoustic set (for the first time) showcasing her own material as well as her take on Rihanna’s song Diamonds. Since the start of the year Arlissa has been someone I wanted to witness live.

Taking to the stage around 9.30pm were 4 piece Haim. I was rather looking forward to the rollercoaster ride that I was to experience. Even though I saw them 2 days prior you cannot get enough of this band. Opening the set off was something from the Forever EP and this being Better Off. Dainelle Haim took the lead on this incredible tune with both Este and Alana providing the stunning harmonies. Better Off was an infectious upbeat number which you just want to sing along to. I found this to be rather sweet and it had been perfectly written. The crowd erupted with plenty of cheers and then it was straight onto the next tune of the set and this being The Wire. I have always said this but the opening chords remind me of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tear For Fears. The verses/ chorus were superb and infectious at the same time. Even I found myself wanting to sing along. “How the fuck are we doing tonight Koko?” Este Haim then asked the packed crowd. They then went onto say that playing at this venue was a dream come true. Honey And I was the next to be played. The opening chords of this song reminded me of Remember When by Irish band Heathers. Danielle Haim took the lead for this contagious/ powerful song while both Este and Alana provided flawless harmonies.

“Holy shit. I never really have any words. I’m always too shy but I really have no words for that now” Danielle Haim said to the crowd. “This is our newest single it’s out right now. Oh shit I fucked that up. It’s not. I fucked it up I was too nervous” Danielle then went onto say as she was going to introduce Falling as the next number on the set (we all love Danielle anyway. Things like this don’t matter it is nice that she is coming out of her shell and interacting with the audience). What then followed was the part of the show where they all like to jam and this being their take on Oh Well which was originally sung by Fleetwood Mac. This infuriating song which was simply electric. Oh Well only consisted of two short verses which were sung by Alana Haim and the rest was one massive jam. There was actually a sense of epicness to this song. It was then onto the current single and this being Falling. This was delivered at a smooth pace. Vocally it was extremely powerful and infectious as well My favourite part had to be its upbeat chorus “Don’t stop, I’ll never give up/ And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ They keep saying/ Don’t stop, no one’s ever enough/ I’ll never look back, never give up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ But now I’m falling”. Synths were also played throughout this excellent song. “We’re going to slow it down a little bit” Danielle said before they all launched into Go Slow. There were cheers for this stunning song. This was a dreamy song which started of mellowing then it picks up/ gets stronger when the song progresses. This was delivered with plenty of gusto.

“That was really fun” Este then said after having got a piggy back from one of the security guards. It was then onto Send Me Down which oozes pop. This was a luscious number aided by catchy lyrics. This was the 3rd time it was performed live and they got through it without a hitch. Also the crowd were loving every single second of Send Me Down. “Are we still feeling good Koko? I’m having so much fun here” Este then said before Danielle urged people to sing along to Don’t Save Me if they knew the words. Just as the song started there were whoops of delight followed by a massive sing along. Don’t Save Me had a chorus that embeds itself into your brain. It was so damn catchy and the lyrics fitted perfectly to its melody. “We love you guys so much. We call London our 2nd home. We just actually called it our home. Fuck our love. This means so much to us” Danielle Haim then mentioned to the audience before saying that they always wanted to play at this venue. It was then onto the song that brought them here and this being Forever. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. They all left the stage apart from Este who surfed the crowd. The sisters and Dash came back onto the stage for the encore and this being the epic Let Me Go.


Better Off
The Wire
Honey And I
Oh Well
Go Slow
Send Me Down
Don’t Save Me


Let Me Go

OVERALL: This was yet another stunning show which ended Haim’s UK jaunt. It was even their biggest show to date and I am pleased I was a part of that. The set that they played was pretty much the same which they played last year but this time you had Send Me Down which was a B Side on the Don’t Save Me vinyl.

Unlike Heaven a couple of nights prior, the lighting on this date was top notch. Each of the 10 songs which were performed were instant classics which will make the final track listing of the album rather difficult (I guess a couple of new tracks will also appear).

I look forward to seeing them play in the future. I am hoping Haim will be back sometime towards the end of 2013 as the début album will be out.


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