Lucy Spraggan @ Coalition 23rd May 2013

Lucy Spraggan is an artist whom I fully adore. After having witnessed her play at the Station Sessions in early April I then booked a ticket to see her at the newly released Brighton date at the Coalition. Even though I went to The Borderline show the music which she sang hooked me in. The day then came and I made my way down to Brighton. I did get there slightly early because I had nothing to it judge on. Yes there was the London show and there were 5 people there by the time I had reached The Borderline but they weren’t from London. Once I had got into Brighton I went to the venue then went off and had a look round the sea front. It was around 4pm when people started to arrive. Fast forward 3 hours later and the doors opened rather prompt.

“How’s it going Brighton?” Lucy said before opening up with 91. This was a beautiful song which was about falling in love. “I find myself persistently/ Caught up confused/ Resisting the urge to kiss you/ I never see this side of me/ You spin my head excitedly/ Oh round the issue”. Spraggan sung this perfectly and this tune was pleasant on the ear and the band worked wonders. “I thought me and the front row were alone for a minute there” Spraggan then joked before telling the person in charge of the smoke to tone it down. “Thanks very much for coming by the way. I wrote this song about someone I really hate” Lucy mentioned before urging everyone to shout out the name of that person they hate. It was then onto Paper Dreams. I really liked this tune as it had been written superbly and it had an acoustic vibe to it. The verses were really upbeat as well. “I was busking one time and an elderly couple walking down the street in front of me, and they were holding hands. While I was busking the old lady collapsed, but she was still holding hands with her husband. When she was on the floor he looked at her and it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen” Spraggan said telling the story behind Tea And Toast. It was no surprise that everyone sang along to every single word of this infectious tune. I found it to be slightly emotional and Tea and Toast can easily bring a tear to your eye. I really adored the story that the lyrics were telling. It was then onto Lucy’s favourite rap song and this being Kanye West’s Gold Digger. Spraggan made this cover her own and it also included snippets of Sir Mix A Lot – I Like Big Butts and Snoop Dogg’s – Drop It Like It’s Hot. This was a furious paced take on this song which was completely faultless.

Spraggan’s band (Alex and Matt) then left the stage so Lucy could perform a few acoustic songs. Lucy then said In A State was about the same person in 91. She also said she had the chance of playing a gig in America and had dreams of becoming a rockstar. Spraggan did the gig, gave up on it and fell in love. This was an impressive tune with stunning lyrics which you are tempted to sing along to. I rather liked the part when she abbreviated the States. At first I thought there is no way Lucy has named all 50 states then I realised she name checked all the ones that she visited. Straight after Lucy said that she wanted to go back to America filled in all the paperwork for another 6 month Visa but it then got stamped with a declined. “This song is about when you gamble your life a bit. Just do it any way. It will probably end up alright in the end like it has now” Spraggan then said before the infectious Join The Club. “Life is just a gamble so just enjoy the game”. Its verses were really upbeat and I liked it when Lucy said “If there is someone standing on your left hand side. Grab them”. Spraggan’s vocals were extremely sweet and I couldn’t help smile when she delivered this sublime song to perfection. “I wrote this song because I was just feeling no one’s really written a song about being drunk” Lucy then said before Last Night. “This song has just got over 22 million hits on YouTube. I think most of them are me” she then jokingly said to the audience. This was extremely quirky and it had to be one of my highlights of the evening. You cant help but smile throughout even though the topic of this song is the repercussions of a night out and remembering it. The fact Lucy mentioned all these spirits was rather clever and it resulted in a phenomenal tune. “It’s about when all the people in your life have aload of decisions at that age and I had to make some of my own” Spraggan said also mentioning she wrote You’re Too Young when she was 15/16. This was an infectious and dark song which dealt with drugs and death. You’re Too Young was extremely infectious with stunning fast paced verses.

The band came back on the stage and the next number of the evening was Butterflies which is about being madly in love. It also features on the Lighthouse EP. This was a beautiful song with excellent lyrics which were faultlessly delivered. Other than the additional electric guitar accompanying Lucy, you also had the drums. “I went on a talent show on TV which you might have seen. But I’m signed to Columbia Records now. I wrote this song about when you really really want someone and it’s just a little bit to far away. I kinda felt like that with music” Spraggan then told the audience before introducing the penultimate tune of the evening as Mountains. I really liked this beautiful song which was sweetly sung. I was left entranced just seeing this lovely number being performed live right in front of me “I’m not scared of climbing mountains, I’m scared that I can’t make them move”. Jeers then followed when Lucy said she was onto her last tune of the evening. “I wrote when I couldn’t find a job any where” Spraggan then said before ending with Someone. This sounded so epic with a full band and the lyrics were extremely contagious while played at a fast pace. Lucy forgot the words to this wonderful song. It was actually really inspiring “You may not have another chance/ The stars are in your reach/ You have the power in your hands/ It’s time now to believe/ You will always have the secret/ You will always have the air to breathe/ Every day say to yourself/ This future is for me”. The encore kicked off with Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues. There was actually a Country/ Blues vibe to this infectious tune and the chords that were played reminded me a lot of Delta Maid. “Last night at 12am, I stayed up to put the video online. Whose seen the video? If you haven’t seen my video please watch it when you get home. Shameless plug there” Lucy said before launching into her brand new single and this being Lighthouse. This actually reminded me of Mumford and Sons. As a single Lighthouse was a promising tune with some really infectious lyrics. Just hearing this song live makes me come to the conclusion that the forthcoming LP will be brand new material and Lighthouse is the only taster track that she sings on this tour. “We thought we’d finish off on a similar song which we came in on. It’s the same song but with different words” Spraggan then said before playing a song written about her favourite daytime TV host and this song was called Jeremy Kyle. This tune may have been a short one but it went down well with the sold out audience plus it was played at a fast pace. The lyrics were memorable and my favourite part being the middle 8 when the pace of this number cranked up another notch. It was actually rather infectious “Can you help me out with the paternity of my first born child/ Because my mother I detest her/ I need a lie detector”. Once over Lucy thanked the Brighton crowd before leaving the stage.


Paper Dreams
Tea And Toast
Gold Digger
In A State
Join The Club
Last Night
You’re Too Young


Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues
Jeremy Kyle

OVERALL: This was a highly enjoyable night which made me anticipate the début album even more.

Also the support act Music + Spies sounded amazing as well and each of the songs that were showcased were rather addictive.


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