Gabriella Cilmi @ Mortons 2 & 8 Club 21st May 2013

Taking place at Morton’s 2 & 8 Club was a special event put on by The Society Of Golden Slippers. Also in attendance was Gabriella’s father and nan. Cilmi took to the tiny stage at 7.50pm.

“Just to correct that I am from Australia. But today came all the way from Muswell Hill so it wasn’t to far” Cilmi said in response to compère Sophia Blackwell’s introduction. The song which kick started this short and intimate set was Symmetry. It was a pleasure just to be here because I am a massive Gabriella fan and it is amazing to have her back with brand new material. Symmetry was pop with elements of rock. I found this to be infectious and it showed that she went back to her original style which featured on début album Lessons To Be Learned. Symmetry was a promising track and it is a definite for album #3 in my books. “So how you all doing all tonight anyway? I get double nervous at shows like this because I can see people I know as well” Gabriella told the intimate gathering before going straight into Highway. This was a soulful ballad which was flawlessly delivered. Highway was sung at a steady pace and sounded rather slick. The lyrics were stunning with parts being memorable. This tune is one of favourites when it comes to Cilmi’s new material. Next it was a song that Gabriella wrote with her bro . “It’s quite loungey” Cilmi then said when sitting down for Not Sorry. This had been perfectly written and it had lyrics which get your full attention. Along with Highway, Don’t Look Back has to be another favourite from the brand new material that Cilmi has. This was sung at a steady pace and was aided by superb vocals. Don’t Look Back was wonderful and the lyrics were really beautiful. I actually found this to be quite enchanting.

Sweeter In History was offered as a free download and it was a complete cracker. It cements her return to the music industry. Cilmi sailed through this at ease and there were traces of both soul and rock which infused together to create something sublime plus it was aided by Gabriella’s smoky vocals. “I’ve tailor made it for you” Cilmi said referencing the fact she was trying to work out the set list. It was then onto Left With Someone Else. This was a spotless performance of this tune. It was very infectious with stunning verses and an incredible/ powerful chorus. It was definitely a song that can get you moving easily. After Gabriella got her breath back it was then onto Love Me Cos You Want To. This sombre tune sounded ever so beautiful and is the highlight from her 2nd LP Ten. This number was actually co written with the incredibly talented Miss Ellie Goulding. Cilmi was backed with a keyboard arrangement which made it very entrancing and light. “If only if I could perch on a grand piano. It’s not quite the same” Gabriella said when going to sit on the edge of the keyboard. This is the only song that Cilmi has sung from the sophomore LP Ten.

Things then came to a close with the upbeat The Sting which wrapped up an incredible evening. This was a superb song which gets addictive the more it progresses. The verses and chorus were impeccable. “Thank you very much for coming” a humble Gabriella Cilmi said during a rapture of applause.



Not Sorry
Don’t Look Back
Sweeter In History
Left With Someone Else
Love Me Cos You Want To
The Sting

OVERALL: The 8 song set was over in a flash and it wetted my appetite for the forthcoming 3rd LP. From what was showcased I can tell it will be a right cracker. I had previously witnessed Cilmi on The Great Escape and the St Pancras Old Church were she showcased her new material.

My favourite tracks had to be Highway and Don’t Look Back.


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