Brooke Candy @ XOYO 22nd May 2013

At 10pm Brooke Candy made her way onto the XOYO stage. She was wearing white trousers, a white crop top and a fluffy white sleeved jacket. Her hair was done in a way which looked like she was wearing massive hooped earrings. “S ‘up London” Candy said before getting stuck into Judgement Day. There is no denying Brooke Candy is one hot and talented rapper. “It’s a new world order, Candy style”. This was delivered at a fast flowing pace and its lyrics were infectious as well. The atmosphere was most definitely intense. I really want to hear the studio version to this amazing track. “I think my wings are falling out which means I’m turning into a devil” Candy then said referring to the wings she was wearing in her hair. It was then onto the upbeat Hoops. This tune sounded incredible and it was the first time I had witnessed it performed live. “Hold up shorty let me put my Hoops in” the hoops in question being earrings. A recording of this appeared on YouTube but this was completely different in comparison. It seemed like this version had been polished off. Name checked in this song was Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana, Lucy Lawless and Louis Vuitton. Hoops can actually get you moving as it has an infectious upbeat melody aided by excellent lyrics. What followed on was a song which is not even on the internet. “Ladies drink with a straw so you don’t fuck your lipstick up” Candy said before taking a sip of her beer. It was then onto a song called this brand New Song. I wish I knew its proper title as this tune sounded amazing and I really want to hear the studio version. The verses and chorus were belted out at a fast pace. Brooke put every ounce of energy into delivering this startling song to perfection.

At 3 songs in Brooke Candy wanted to do the twerk contest before opting to do one more track and this being Acapulco Blue. The song itself included drug references and it also went down well with the crowd. Candy’s homie Aaron then picked 5 people to twerk on stage. This was literally crazy as people wanted to get selected people were then surging forward. It was then onto the contest which lasted for just under 10 minutes. The next track of the evening was another brand new one and this being Feel Yourself. At first it started off a dub step track (something you would expect from Katy B) then Brooke came in with the rap. Feel Yourself went down well with the crowd and has to feature on the début album as this was simply phenomenal. Following on was Everybody Does which resulted in plenty of screams. The song itself consisted of 3 verses and an infectious hook you just want to sing along to. Now the lyrics were a bit X rated but I fell in love with this energetic tune. “These are like giant hoops” Brooke said referring to her hair before tackling Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe. Candy had taken her top off just revealing her bra. I really liked this and its lyrics were rather fierce. By this time everyone was going wild. I was being pushed from both sides it was amazing I kept upright. I Wanna Fuck Right Now had explicit lyrics. The words I Wanna Fuck Right Now are embedded into your head and they were delivered with plenty of energy.

It was then onto Das Me. This was actually the first Brooke Candy song I listened to via YouTube and I must admit it was a cracker of a song. As for the performance it was literally stunning. Everyone was singing along to Das Me and its lyrics were slightly X rated. Before launching into the song someone threw a fish at her. Ending the evening was Pussy Makes The Rules. Literally Candy put plenty of energy into this furious paced song. It felt like it was a freestyle with backing track. I really liked the lyrics and they were catchy as there are parts that you will never forget “I got the pussy, I make the rules”.


Judgement Day
New Song
Acapulco Blue
Feel Yourself
Everybody Does
Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe
I Wanna Fuck Right Now
Das Me
Pussy Makes The Rules

OVERALL: Brooke Candy is one hot female rapper. Even though I had heard the majority of songs played live back in February I was still left satisfied. Actually I was able to appreciate it more as I was familiar with each of the tracks which were sung.

Songs such as Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe, Hoops, Feel Yourself and Acapulco Blue were simply amazing. This makes me look forward to an LP because I most definitely be purchasing a copy. Brooke Candy is extremely talented at what she does. She raps with plenty of enthusiasm and the audience just laps it up.


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