Sultanov – Break Free PREVIEW

On 15 July 2013, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, visual artist and scriptwriter Dan Sultanov releases his explosive second single ‘Break Free.’

Combining layered harmonies with a pounding drumbeat and guitars reminiscent of European indie-poppers, The Whitest Boy Alive, ‘Break Free’ is Sultanov’s take on what can only be called career frustrations. “This is a song that I think everyone can relate to,” says Dan. “People have dreams; some of these dreams come true. Some of them don’t. Most become slaves to the system, and this song’s about breaking free from it all.”

The video (produced by Partizan Films, Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters, Bjork & The White Stripes)was inspired by the acclaimed filmmaker/animator Terry Gilliam and his 1985 film ‘Brazil’. Like the film, the video follows a man stuck in a mind-numbing job and living a life in a small apartment. He’s plagued by dreams of a beautiful women, who in the end allows him to break free from his mundane life, as Dan explains:

“Terry Gilliam has always been one of my favourite people in cinematography. Brazil is an amazing film, with some genius art direction, photography and an incredible cast. But most importantly I’ve always felt I can relate to the film’s themes. It reflects my inner space.”

The second single taken from his self-titled debut album, ‘Break Free’ is just one of the tracks produced and co-written with Andy Wright, who’s produced everyone from Annie Lennox and Simply Red, to Jeff Beck and Imelda May. It’s a varied and diverse album, influenced by everyone from Tchaikovsky to Michael Jackson. No wonder then, that even Dan struggles to define the album’s sound. ‘It’s a combination of energy and romance, rhythm and melody,’ says Dan. ‘For me, melody is the key component to any song. So I’ve focused on this and worried less about what genre it fits into.’


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