Little Boots @ Rough Trade East 10th May 2013

Victoria Hesketh (aka Little Boots) had released sophomore LP Nocturnes this very week. That album featured 10 startling songs and 4 of those were showcased at her birthday gig at XOYO last May. To co inside with the release of this wonderful album it was announced that Hesketh was to play at London’s leading music store Rough Trade East. As I have been a fan of Little Boots ever since 2008 I knew that I would of liked to be at this event.

Once there I waited around the stage area for the set to start. There was a slight delay of 15 minutes but good things come to those who wait. So at 18.45pm Victoria took to the tightly packed stage and opened up with Motorway. I rather liked its clear cut lyrics which gave you the vision of what was happening during it. Motorway was synth pop and there was vibes of house music. This tune was mellow and had an entrancing chorus “Meet me on the motorway/ Together we can make our great escape/ Meet me on the motorway/ Maybe we can find our perfect place”. Not only is the chorus fantastic but its verses were extraordinary. “Happy Friday Rough Trade. How are you guys?” Hesketh said to everyone before Motorway was then moulded into Confusion. This again being a mellow song and after having heard Nocturnes this has to be one of the many stand out tracks. Its lyrics were rather contagious “I’ve been caught up in a lie/ Haven’t called you in a while/ Confusion/ Confusion”. The song itself was part written by Victoria herself. “My new album is out this week called Nocturnes. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting it. We’re going to play songs off the new record” Hesketh said before Beat Beat. As much as I adore every track off of Nocturnes this had to be my personal favourite. This tune was powerful with luscious lyrics you just want to sing along to aided by a killer chorus which easily gets you moving. Beat Beat was played at an up tempo pace and was smooth/ hypnotic at the same time. Again it was then onto another pacey tune and this being Broken Record which was the recent single. It can easily get you moving “I hear your voice like a broken record/ Saying my name every second/ Dum-dum-daram-dum-dum-daram-dam/ Voice like a broken record/ In my heart I feel it echo”. It was then onto the 2nd infusion of the evening and following on from Broken Record was oldie Stuck On Repeat. This song was the first release by Boots back in 2008 and it was delivered at a steady pace with some catchy lyrics. I especially liked the chorus. Crescendo ended what had been a phenomenal set. This steady paced song was delivered with plenty of gusto. I found this number to be rather soothing and beautiful at the same time.


Beat Beat
Broken Record
Stuck On Repeat

OVERALL: This evening at Rough Trade East was extraordinary as I saw an artist that I love perform tracks from her brand new album. I have been a fan since 2008 and t is nice to see that Victoria is back with the 2nd album which is a complete stunner.

Each of the tracks performed came from Nocturnes (barring Stuck On Repeat which featured on début album Hands) and they were right crackers. Out of the 6 songs only 3 I hadn’t heard live. These being Confusion, Beat Beat and Broken Record all of which were spectacularly delivered. I especially liked Beat Beat.

Little Boots is back and she means Business.


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