Marie Naffah – Get Lucky/No Scrubs/Can’t Hold Us (Daft Punk, TLC, Macklemore Mash Up) Review

At only the age of 20, London based Marie Naffah is an exceptional singer/ songwriter who is currently unsigned. Now this comes as a shock to me because I for one think Naffah has fantastic songs (Blindfold in particular) and her take on songs by other artists are simply incredible.

Above is the latest offering and this being a mash up of Get Lucky/No Scrubs/Can’t Hold Us. The artists that originally sung these tunes are Daft Punk, TLC and Macklemore. Also they have been highly popular singles each charting in the top 10 (Daft Punk is currently #1 in the UK singles chart).

Now this isn’t a carbon copy but Marie has added her own twist and it sounds extraordinary. This mash up was Acoustic with Folkish vibes oozing from it. The way each song infuses together was superb. This cover itself was rather mellowing with uptempo parts (I.E No Scrubs) which was perfectly delivered by Marie’s distinct vocals.

All in all this was another spectacular cover and I cannot wait to hear the next one.

Seriously check her out because this girl is literally amazing.

The above video was filmed by RTW Films


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