Angel Haze @ Scala 7th May 2013

Back in February Angel Haze was set to play to a sold out Scala. Only that show got postponed to 7th May and 5 additional dates were announced. The reason for the postponement was down to the fact Haze was focused on finishing her new album. April came and the dates were postponed yet again which then led to cancellation. However the Scala date was unaffected. Now Angel is a talented American Rapper who has a bright future in front of her. Debut album Reservation which was released for free last July featured songs such as New York and Werkin Girls. Both of which have hit over 6 figures on YouTube. Haze charted at #3 in the BBC Sound Of 2013 and judging by this gig it is a surprise she didn’t chart higher.

Considering it was a complete sell out I decided to arrive at the venue at 2pm. I had nothing to judge when to queue as this was the first time I had saw her live. As expected I was the first there. I could of actually of turned up at 6pm and I still would have been among the first 6 people. There were VIP ticket holders on the night and these people had purchased a meet and greet along with the new CD. That happened around 7.15pm and instead of hanging inside the venue each one of them came down and gave their address for the CD. Once doors opened I went straight in and bypassed the 13 people who were going up the stairs/ hanging round the bar. When inside I secured the centre spot I had wanted. With Angel being a rapper I knew she wasn’t going to be glued to the spot. 90 minutes then past and the support then took to the stage and this being Jetta. Basically it was a 40 minute DJ set.

Once over there was complete darkness and Haze’s band took to the stage. The moment she walked onto the stage plenty of screams then followed. What this set opened up with was Werkin’ Girls which was taken from the Reservation album that was released last year. Just like you would expect with every rap artist Angel made full use of the stage. This was one fierce tune which consisted of three verses and an infectious hook which people sang along to “Money and more money is the only shit I’m after/ You can cut the fake shit/ I’m not a motherfuckin’ actor/ I’m on top of my green like a motherfucking tractor/ You niggas you ‘bout to be bitches you bitches ’bout to be Casper”. The verses were delivered at a furious pace whilst its chorus was gentle. “Who came out to have a damn good time?” Angel then said in the middle of the song. It was then onto something from the Classick mixtape and this being Gossip Folks. This got everyone moving and it had a fantastic beat. The song only consisted of verses which were delivered to perfection. I have seen a few rappers in my time but I am still puzzled how they can spit out tongue twisters at ease. This was a stunning reworking of the Missy Elliot track. “Hello London. I just want to say how grateful I am that you guys still came out. Had a lot of shit going on. I guess I have just restarted everything. Got a new team, got a new everything” Haze then said referring to the fact that this show got postponed once only for the rescheduled dates (barring this one) to be cancelled. “The only way to achieve your dreams is to be Supreme” Haze said to the crowd linking into the next number of the evening and this being Supreme. This was a rather impressive tune with strong/ powerful verses followed by a steady paced chorus. Its lyrics were stunning at the same time and it had been well crafted. The verses to Supreme had the feel that it was a freestyle but it wasn’t.

It was then straight onto Drop It and I really enjoyed the hook to this startling track. This was an amazing song with verses that were delivered with plenty of gusto. The only drawback was that the blue lights were blinding. Haze then introduced her violinist for something extremely special and this being her very own reinterpretation of No Church In The Wild which was originally sung by Kanye West and Jay Z. Yet again the blue lights blinded me and this song was extremely different compared to what had already been played. Yes this was rap and Angel was fantastic. But the use of a violinist was something you would never of expected. There was actually a folkish side to this. Maybe it was just the fact there was a violinist. “I recently just broke up with my girlfriend right. I was with her for a year 4 months. It sucks because you know how you get that 1 person and you think finally it’s going to be 1 person whose going to fucking stay, is going to matter, is going to mean something. And then it fucking doesn’t and it just blows your fucking mind. It’s just weird because you love someone so much and it doesn’t work out. It fucking sucks and I just go like hell could freeze man” and Haze’s banter then led into Hell Could Freeze. This being a Rudimental track that Angel featured on. She faultlessly delivered this and it felt very sleek. Hell Could Freeze was an amazing tune with fantastic lyrics which oozed plenty of power. Towards the end of this Haze took a walkabout into the packed crowd while still singing this number. Crown which was next geld to the ending of Hell Could Freeze. This was a track that can get you moving and that is what it did.

“This next song, I’ve never actually performed this song anywhere. But I wanted to make this show special for you guys” Haze then said before mentioning that London was the first place to show her love. It was then onto Cleaning Out My Closet which was originally sung by Eminem. But this wasn’t any old cover Angel added her own twist with brand new lyrics. These lyrics were extremely were extremely personal and the lyric content was powerful. It felt as this song was filled with hate because it was detailing what could be seen as a nightmare as it detailed the sexual abuse. The set then ended with a track that will feature on the forthcoming album which would be dropping this month and this being No Bueno. This was a fantastic track which was literally packed with a punch and it was simply belted out. It actually gets me excited to have the actual album in my hands.

People who were hoping for an encore were then treated to New York. There were plenty of hand clapping beats before Angel got stuck into this marvellous tune. It was contagious and people sang along to the lyrics “Sick bitch, chicken noodle soup face/ Calls from oversea like a motherfucking crusade/ Crack rock and you hit it till your nose hurts/ Rooftop Brooklyn, made the shit and cover”. If people went crazy for New York nothing compared with with the next song. “I don’t want to go” Haze said before getting stuck into Otis. Iggy Azalea then burst onto the stage and the crowd literally went wild. The duet was rather impressive and the atmosphere from the crowd was turbo charged. I would say that the crowd went crazier for this song compared to what had features. Maybe it was down to the special guest. Once over Iggy and Angel made a speech. Haze mentioned that she doesn’t want rappers to be pitted against one another and Azalea mentioned that Angel was a star and I reckon Iggy was right.


Werkin Girls
Gossip Folks
Drop It
No Church In The Wild
Hell Could Freeze
Cleaning Out My Closet
No Bueno


New York

OVERALL: This was one special night witnessing an artist who has the potential to be huge. Angel Haze is someone who I most definitely would see again because I highly enjoyed the material which was performed. Haze’s take on Cleaning Out My Closet was extraordinary and I am so pleased I got to witness the first and last time she performed it.

Finally I am lost for words how amazing Otis was. This was another take on a Kanye and Jay Z song but Angel’s version of it was spectacular. Also the special guest was rumoured all night and for it to be Iggy Azalea I was like WOW.


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