Lauren Aquilina @ Kings Cross, St Pancras 3rd May 2013

Following in the footsteps of artists such as Ed Sheeran, Gabrielle Aplin, Katie Sky, Charlie Simpson, Bastille and many more you had the exceptional Lauren Aquilina. At only 17 years old Lauren has the world at her feet. Aquilina has already released her 1st EP Fools which has had a tremendous response and its follow up is in the works. Lauren has also gained a massive following and embarked on a sold out mini tour earlier earlier this year and even the forthcoming September jaunt has proved to be a sell out.

It was 2011 when I first met Lauren Aquilina and it was actually after Ellie Goulding’s gig at Somerset House that July. The first time I witnessed her perform was her 2nd ever gig at The Bedford. From that very day I noticed potential and each time I have witnessed her live Lauren has grown in confidence.

Aside from that Lauren Aquilina was partaking in the Station Sessions which was a Festival that had been taking place at Kings Cross, St Pancras. For some reason Aquilina had been given the earlier slot despite the fact that she has a bigger following than the band that was on after.

“Hello. Thanks for coming. This song is called Expectations and it’s about how I didn’t want to go to university” Aquilina mentioned to the audience before embarking on her first song of this short set. Expectations was actually a co write with the wonderful Miss Orla Gartland. This gentle keyboard driven song sounded rather lovely. The lyrics were fantastic and you can clearly imagine what this number is saying. Basically Lauren is saying that she feels that she cant live up to the expectations of going to University when her heart lies elsewhere. Aquilina may say that she cannot live up to the expectations but she can because Lauren has something incredibly special. “It’s about when, like you’ve broken up with someone and you’re kinda like yeah whatever” Lauren said before singing Square One which she referred to as her Sass Song. This tune was flawless and the vocal performance was rather strong at the same time. Even the tannoy announcement didn’t put her off. “This next one is a band new one. I’ve never played it before so it’s a little exclusive. It’s kind of sad” Aquilina said before revealing Irrelevant would feature on the brand new EP. As for the song had been superbly written and as Lauren correctly said it was a sad one. The lyrics can easily bring a tear to your eye “You won’t even notice that I’m gone”. It was then onto King which featured on the Fools EP. “It’s about being happy” Lauren mentioned to everybody before launching into this amazing tune. Its melody was entrancing and the lyrics fitted to it perfectly. As for the song it had been perfectly delivered and the thing I like is that you can picture what is actually happening through its infectious lyrics. What followed was one of Aquilina’s favourites from the EP and this being Wonder. Prior to the Fools EP this song was originally called I Wonder (If You Wonder About Me Too) as it was originally called before the Fools EP was released. I found this song to be rather emotional because yet again it is telling a story of unrequited love. Lauren belted out this and Wonder also sounded rather synthy. “This is my last song now. Thank you so much for coming. I can’t believe there’s so many people here. If you know this one please do sing along” Lauren then said before signing off with Fools. It was delivered at a fast pace and the vocal performance was sublime. My favourite part had to be the middle 8. The singable part of this superb song was the line “What if we ruin it all and we love like fools, And all we have we loose”.


Square One

OVERALL: There is no denying that Lauren Aquilina is an incredible talent with some amazing songs underneath her belt. Just seeing her perform at an intimate setting such as this was kind of special. I would say around 50 people were watching but then again commuters could of stopped just to watch.

The vocals were strong and powerful. The tannoy didn’t even put her off, Lauren just soldiered on and carried on singing the songs to complete perfection. The set seemed short but maybe that was because I enjoyed myself (time does go by fast when you are enjoying something).

Each of the tunes performed were superb and the new song Irrelevant was actually quite something. I definitely see a bright future for Aquilina and I am intrigued to see what size venues she will play when her 3rd tour is announced when that time comes.


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