Kate Nash @ 100 Club 1st May 2013

The Girl Talk tour had come to an end and the venue that Kate Nash ended it at was at the legendary 100 Club in London. Tickets to this sold out but I was lucky enough to score one through a pre sale that had been left open. Last year Kate Nash announced she was going to fund he new album via PledgeMusic. Fans then participated donating money and getting money cant buy items back in return. Also Nash had a blog where she posted and one of them was mentioning about a pre sale. Fortunately this link still had tickets even though everywhere had sold out.

As to be expected purchased one. Fast forward to 1st May I arrived outside the 100 Club around 3.30pm and I was the only one there. I then took a trip to Whittard’s to try the free samples of the ice teas then I went back. It was about an hour when more fans arrive and these were foreign fans. When the time came everyone was told to queue outside. The doors opened and everyone had to wait for 30 minutes till the first band took to the stage. This band being The Tuts and it was the 2nd time I had witnessed them perform live. Now I was left captivated by what was performed and I would most definitely see them again in the future. They were full of beans and tracks such as Tut Tut Tut and I Call You Up (which featured Kate Nash) sounded phenomenal live. Once the 45 minute set was over it was a 30 minute wait until Nash made her presence.

The set opened up with a montage of video clips of Kate Nash who sang You Don’t Know Me which was originally sung by Lesley Gore. After we were then plunged into darkness, then the intro of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill started to play when they were all making their entrance. Sporting a pair of Cat ears Nash launched into the full on force which was Sister. At first it started off gentle with Kate strumming on her electric guitar where she delivered the first verse twice. Once that was over the rest of the band came in and that is when the energy was cranked up a notch. Sister was a furious song and there was a killer chorus which was delivered with plenty of gusto. This song just hits you right in the face because this was so ferocious and the Punk/ Pop vibe was prominent during it. “It’s really cool to be fucking home actually for a second and be playing at the 100 Club cos this is such a sick venue and like has a lot of history and it’s like really awesome to be playing here. So thanks for joining us” Kate Nash said before introducing her girl band consisting of Fern Ford, Linda Buratto and Emma Hughes. It was then straight into Death Proof. The majority of this tune was spoken word. Its lyrics were superb and infectious at the same time. The melody fitted to its spoken word lyrics perfectly. Nash and her band sailed through it at ease. All Talk was played immediately after and it sounded like what her side project band The Receeders would sing. Out of old Nash song I would compare it to I Just Love You More. Following on was something from the sophomore album My Best Friend Is You and this being Kiss That Grrrl. Compared to her new material this song is completely different. The melody is actually really gentle/ hypnotic despite the fact you had the guitars and drums. Its lyrics were impeccable and rather contagious as well.

After thanking the support band The Tuts it was then onto another song from My Best Friend Is You. Kate also revealed that she felt nervous as her Mum and Dad were in the audience before she tackled the infectious Do Wah Doo. Nash and the rest of the band blitzed through this electric tune at ease. It was over in a flash. This had a 60′s feel to it and it oozed plenty of energy. What I adored is the fact Kate put everything into Do Wah Doo and she completely owned the stage. “This next song I wrote whilst I was on holiday. It’s like so beautiful, it was like sunny and there was bikini babes and there was ice cream and like sand and sea. It was wicked apart from I was like fuck this. I hate everyone. I want them all to die. That was the only issue. It’s kind of, you know it’s like when everything around you is awesome but you feel shit inside. So it doesn’t really matter” Kate said before OMYGOD!. Nash had put the guitar down for this one. This track was an infuriating infectious chorus which oozed fun vibes. The verses were very chilled out and during it Kate went into the packed crowd to sing the rest of this incredible song. Also this also saw Nadia from The Tuts attempt to do crowd surf. A slight change to the set list saw Kate Nash playing Conventional Girl intstead of Rap For Rejection. At first it started off very smooth then the drums came in and it became rather heavy. This song had superb memorable lyrics (“I’m sick of being the bitch that you think I am”) and was delivered at a storming pace. Plus there was participation when some people joined in with the ooooooooooo parts. Kate put so much energy into this song which made this performance of this song outstanding. Fri-End? Was up next and this is about having shit friends. This tune was very up-tempo and was extremely powerful which literally blew me away. Fri-End was like a full on force which hits you in the face. A trio of old songs then followed on and the first being Paris which featured on the My Best Friend Is You LP. I think this was the first ever time I had heard it when Nash hasn’t been at the keyboard. Kate had put the guitar down for this one and delivered this infectious blistering song to perfection. It came as no surprise that everyone opted to sing along to this. Its verses were fantastic while the chorus oozed plenty of energy. “This is fun” Kate said before delving onto the Made Of Bricks song Mariella. I have not heard this performed life in ages. Mariella is such an amazing tune and one of the many highlights from the debut album. For starters with it being utterly infectious everyone sang along to its chorus. Secondly it was delivered at a fast pace. From my point of view this was the single that never was.

After Kate told the sold out audience about her last ever tantrum. “I’m a red head. I used to have tantrums all the time. I was a passionate stubborn little bitch” Nash said before telling everyone that she kicked her mum in the face which resulted in booos and the fact her mum just walked away. Now that was Kate Nash’s last ever tantrum. Foundations was next and this addictive song is a classic. People were singing along to the infectious lyrics. My love for this tune always resurfaces whenever I hear it performed live. Foundations is so quirky and it transports me back to the days when I first discovered Nash’s music from seeing the video on MTV2. 3am was played at a frantic pace and the lyrics fitted to its melody perfectly. This number actually grows on you, its infectious lyrics were perfectly delivered at a fast pace. “So this is the end of the show basically and it’s the end of the tour. Thanks very much for being here” Nash then said before saying the fact she’s able to tour is because of us supporting her career as she got dropped from her Record Label which resulted in Girl Talk being released on Have 10p Records. It was then onto Grrrl Gang which Kate dedicated to her sisters Helen and Clare. This song was a reworking of the Fidlar song Cocaine. This was powerfully delivered and had the Punk vibe to it. Grrrl Gang sounded Sex Pistols esque. Underestimate The Girl infused to the ending of this re working. Now this was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Just like I Just Love You More this song does take a while to grow on you. Kate put everything she had into this brilliant track. This then resulted in a stage invasion. Underestimate The Girl may have been a powerful romp but it had parts which were slowed down which felt rather chilled out. Once over Nash and the rest of the band left the stage only to return for the encore “We’re just joking. We weren’t really going” Kate said before they got stuck into a take on Meredith Brooks’s Bitch. This take on this infectious tune oozed bundles of energy. I loved the relaxed melody and the lyrics were powerfully delivered. My favourite part of this had to be its chorus which Nash belted out. The evening then came to a close with the catchy chilled out number We Get On. Everyone sang along. We Get On was actually a tad tearful when it reaches its middle 8. This was a beautiful track and it was extremely nice just getting to witness seeing it performed live yet again.


Death Proof
All Talk
Kiss That Grrrl
Do Wah Doo
Conventional Girl
Grrrl Gang
Underestimate The Girl


We Get On

OVERALL: I have lost count of all the times I have seen Kate Nash perform but as per usual she sounded amazing. Yes the new direction she has taken on this new album may not be everyone’s cup of tea but when you listen to it more than once it does grow on you. Songs such as OMYGOD! And Conventional Girl sounded incredible live and were probably my favourites of this stunning evening.

It was also a pleasure to hear Mariella again as it is probably my favourites (barring Foundations and Mouthwash) from the début album. Even though this was the Girl Talk tour there was some notable songs that had been left out and one of those being Free My Pussy which is the latest single (which got a Record Store Day release). But you can’t have everything every one of these 16 songs were delivered superbly. The take on Meredith Brooks’s Bitch was extraordinary.


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