Chvrches @ Village Underground 29th April 2013

Consisting of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty are 3 piece Scottish electro pop outfit Chvrches. This group finished #5 in the BBC Sound Of 2013 poll and I have wanted to see them for a while. I did intend of going to the ICA show in February but that turned out to be a sell out resulting in me snapping up a ticket to the Village Underground show straight away. I decided to turn up to this sold out gig at 4pm and I did misjudge because the majority of people arrived an hour before doors. Also this was officially recorded. The fact that it proved to be a sell out and the fact people arrived an hour before doors made me realise the curiosity is still there. Once the doors opened people started to filter into the venue. Support was provided by Young Fathers who were really energetic but not for me.

It was gone past 9pm when Scottish 3 piece Chvrches took to the stage. Lies was the opening number on the night and this ranked #28 in NME’s Top Tracks of 2012. Lies was hypnotic and was an electropop tune aided by soft/ gentle vocals by Lauren Mayberry. This entrancing tune had wonderful lyrics which easily gets you moving. Lauren’s vocals were very reminiscent of Swedish singer Robyn. “Thank you for coming out to see us” Lauren said to the packed audience before the infectious If We Sink. The verses were light and fluffy. It’s chorus was infectious and memorable “I’ll be a thorn in your till you die”. This number was sythpop and it was also rather captivating from the very beginning. “We’ve been in London for a couple of days now and this is our first show here with the quite fantastic Young Fathers. Yesterday we all went and did some karaoke with some friends. Martin did a rousing rendition of Ignition by R. Kelly, Iain did Bruno Mars and if I may say so myself I totally smashed Lady Marmalade” Mayberry said before performing a couple of lines of the song. Lungs was a brand new one that sounded completely stunning. It has to feature on the forthcoming LP. I found it to be upbeat and Lauren’s vocals were simply spotless. Even Martin Doherty sang some lines. What I liked was the fact that the use of the synths all came together resulting in one cracking tune. “This song is on our EP” Lauren told the tightly packed crowd before getting stuck into Now Is Not The Time which featured on the recently released Recover EP. I loved this tune it was gentle and mellowing. The lyrics were top notch and I found it to be rather dreamy at the same time. “Nothing now can ever come between us/ As we hide and watch the city burn/ There is much that I still want to tell you/ But now is not the time to speak of love”. I found this to be rather infectious especially the hypnotic chorus. “Before we played I was reliably informed that a member of a very prestigious British boy band was in the house” Lauren then revealed before the next number of the evening and this being Gun. This felt like an 80’s pop track with phenomenal lyrics which were delivered to perfection. Aside from being pacey/ infectious what stood out was the killer chorus that hits you right in the face. What followed on was Science And Vision and this was a stunning song that has the abilities to be a club classic. Mayberry’s vocals were sublime and this tune was delivered with plenty of gusto.

After some brief banter by Lauren it was then onto Night Sky. At first it started off with a drumbeat then the synths came in which backed the vocals to perfection. Mayberry may of sang the bulk of this excellent song but Doherty also had some parts which made me think of The xx. Night Sky was played at a slower tempo compared to what had already been perform. “This song’s been on the radio a bit. So hopefully if you know it then you can sing along. In your head if you want. It’s fine” Lauren said before Recover. People may disagree but I see this being the highlight from all of the current songs Chvrches have. For starters it was a beautiful number and the electroness was prominent. Secondly the lyrics were contagious the verses were faultless and the enchanting chorus is one that you feel obliged to sing along to “And if I recover, will you be my comfort?/ or it can be over, or we can just leave it here”. Lauren Mayberry literally belted out this track. Next Martin Doherty had his own song and this was Tide. Before getting stuck into it he then revealed that the album would be coming out in September. Despite the change of singer for this the electro vibe was prominent throughout. Martin and Lauren basically switched places. It was actually refreshing to have a song with a male vocal. I was rather impressed by the strobe filled Tide and it is one I hope will feature on the album. “This is our last song. Thank you very much for coming out and buying tickets” Mayberry said before hinting that the member from a boy band was in fact from Take That. What ended a highly enjoyable evening was the crowd pleasing The Mother We Share. This is probably the most danceable tune that they played and its synths were luscious. The Mother We Share had stellar lyrics and it was electro pop at its best. Once the song was over the three piece left the stage only to return for what was a 1 song encore. Once back onstage Lauren did something embarrassing and this being a snippet of the Moulin Rouge rap. When over it was then onto the final number of the evening and this was I Would Die For V which is their very own take on I Die For U which was originally sung by Prince. Their take on this was extraordinary and they definitely put their own stamp on it.


If We Sink
Now Is Not The Time
Science And Vision
Night Sky
The Mother We Share


I Would Die For V

OVERALL: First I will start of by saying that Chvrches are a band you have to see live. They odder plenty of promise and I foresee them being massive. Judging from what was performed I cannot wait for the album to be released.

Each track was electro pop at its best and Lauren Mayberry’s vocals were ever so dreamy and also the use of the synths worked wonders.


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  1. Just stumbled upon this excellent review of CHVRCHES. Always great to find older reviews and you were correct they have become massive and their live shows are incredible.

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