Katey Brooks @ Kings Cross, St Pancras 24th April 2013

The set kicked off dead on 5.30pm and Katey launched herself into Live Now. This tune featured on the Live Now EP and it was actually a really infectious upbeat toe tapping song. Folk oozed from it and it was slightly hypnotising as well. The vocal performance was incredible and the harmonising was simply spectacular. “It’s a pleasure to be here” Brooks said before getting stuck into Just That I Want You. This song was a lot different compared to the opening song. For starters the vocals were heavier and once again stunning harmonies came into play. After a brief pause after there was a tannoy announcement it was then onto True Speaker. This featured on the debut LP Proof Of Life and it was a wonderful number. The melody was upbeat and this tune had been well written. I found its chorus to be rather light and True Speaker was delivered to perfection. “So I’m going to play my single next” Katey said before mentioning that Back To Light would be coming out sometime in Spring. This was very jolly uptempo song with infectious lyrics. It is a song that can get you tapping your toe to the beat. It actually gets me excited about the thought hearing more new material by Brooks in the future “It’s been such a pleasure to play to you tonight” Katey then said before rounding off her short but sweet set with A Moment In Time. This again being a new song and it sounded brilliant. The vocals were very folk/ americana and the use of acoustic guitar was prominent throughout (for some of the songs there also had been a keyboard).


Live Now
Just That I Want You
True Speaker
Back To Light
A Moment In Time

OVERALL: This was the first time I witnessed Katey Brooks perform live and I definitely would like to see her perform again. The week after this session Brooks performed at the Sebright Arms which was a single launch for the single Back To Light.

The material which was showcased was from the Live Now EP and the debut LP Proof Of Life. This was acoustic folk which was aided by keyboard and some startling harmonies. Even though each of the 5 songs which were performed were crackers my favourite had to be Live Now which Katey opened up with. This was an uptempo infectious song which was faultlessly delivered.

After what was performed I can say that I will be seeing Katey Brooks again in the future.


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