Slow Club @ Barfly 18th April 2013

Taking place at the Barfly was a headline gig by the one and only Slow Club. I had previously witnessed them play the day before but the only difference being that this was a full band gig. This show was in conjunction with Beck’s the well known Alcoholic brand. Beck’s have decided to host their own gigs monthly. The Slow Club date was the first, May sees Tribes playing in Liverpool whilst June sees Kate Nash play at the Barfly.

“Hiya. How is everyone?” Rebecca Taylor said to the packed audience before opening up with Paradise track Beginners. This contagious song was uptempo and was flawlessly delivered. It was very entrancing and it is one that can easily get you moving. Taylor sang the majority of the song with Charles Watson harmonising. “So we aren’t meant to be playing gigs but we couldn’t help ourselves. We just had too. So we’re going to try and play some new songs just for our enjoyment and hopefully yours. But that’s secondary. This is a song called Suffering Me, Suffering You which is a long title but we can’t think of anything else to call it. So hopefully it will stick. Catchy title for a song” Rebecca said launching into this brand new number which will no doubt feature on the new LP. The song title reminded me of the line from I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness and this being “Touching You, Touching Me”. At first Suffering Me, Suffering You started off wit a laid back pace which then picked up soon as it progressed. Rebecca Taylor powered through this and it was delivered to perfection. Also it was very catchy and there are parts you wont be able to forget. It was then straight onto If We’re Still Alive. This song packed a punch and this infectious tune was extremely up-tempo. You could feel plenty of energy oozing from it. Following on it was onto Charles’s Everything Is New with Rebecca harmonising. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had some brilliant lyrics. It was ashame people didn’t show Watson respect because Everything Is New was a soft, gentle and tender number. “Did anyone see us yesterday? Anyone done the double. You have, I know you have” Rebecca then said spotting me right at the front. When she asked if anyone was there at St Barnabas the day before the reply she got back was a no. They missed out on something which was incredibly special. “We play in a church yesterday and it was just me and Chazzy, a keyboard and some broken dreams. It went quite well and it was really quiet. I don’t know where I’m going with this” Taylor then went onto say. What she was referring to was the fact when they play the quiet ones could people be quiet. It was then onto The Queens Nose. This was very chilled out and Rebecca took the lead for this one. Her vocals were so powerful which made this number incredible.

It was then onto Horses Jumping. Charles sung the majority of this song with Rebecca harmonising towards the end. This was a gentle tune and quiet at the same time. “We’re going to do another one called Two Cousins” Taylor shouted out to the audience with plenty of enthusiasm. Two Cousins was really catchy and you’re captivated from the very start. Also it was very upbeat. You could have a good boogie to this tune. “So we went out for dinner with our managers this evening and one of them let slip that he thinks my song writing’s just a series of lists and this is the example he gave” Charles said before. “It’s really quiet this one. I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make everyone be quiet. I thought if you talk I’ll come up to you and start talking to you about my feelings and my problems. Which I’m aware is my biggest problem. You seriously don’t want that cos I can talk about it for a while” Rebecca said to the audience which resulted in some laughter. It was then onto Paraguay And Panama which Charles sang. This soft gentle song was faultlessly delivered . I had previously heard it performed the day before and nothing had changed. Despite this being a full band show Paraguay And Panama put Charles Watson in the spotlight as it was just himself and his electric guitar. The tune was delivered at a steady pace and the lyrics were mellowing. “It is a bit of a list that one” Watson then said in agreement. “We’re in the twilight of our set” Taylor then mentioned to the audience before Not Mine To Love. This was mainly sung by Rebecca. It greatly impressed me and was mesmerising at the same time. Not Mine To Love sounded slightly soulful and its lyrics were sublime. Out of all the new songs that I have heard this has to be my favourite. “Who wants another song? Who wants a new song that’s sad and boring” Rebecca then said before Dependable People And The Things That I Am Sure Of. Rebecca referred to this being like an emo song because of it’s title. “Guys if your talking this is my feelings here. Oh My God how rude. I’m joking. I’m not joking” Rebecca then said before mentioning she was being such a diva due to the fact there were people talking. After those words there was complete silence. Dependable People And The Things That I Am Sure Of was actually beautiful and it sounded hypnotising at the same time. The lyrics were stunning and its melody was gentle. Giving Up On Love then followed straight on and this was a full on romp with contagious lyrics that you are compelled to sing along to. This was delivered with plenty of gusto. I really liked the middle 8 when Rebecca sang the line “It was obvious from the start”. Right at the end Avvon then sang the remaining parts of this number. The band then left the stage and what followed after was something spectacular. This was an unplugged version of Hackney Marsh. Once they left the stage Charles and Rebecca went into the middle of the audience and performed this to perfection. Stephen Black even had a saxophone solo.


Suffering Me, Suffering You
If We’re Still Alive
Everything Is New
The Queens Nose
Horses Jumping
Two Cousins
Panama And Paraguay
Not Mine To Love
Dependable People And The Things That I Am Sure Of
Giving Up On Love
Hackney Marsh

OVERALL: Despite the fact people were talking throughout the quiet Slow Club songs I rather enjoyed seeing them perform. It was wonderful just hearing the songs played live again and the new songs were simply spectacular. Whether if they would all make the album I do not know (I hope they do but look at Paradise I was hoping Rotten Mouth would appear on it but they never recorded it). I look forward to the day when I see Slow Club perform again in the future.

Also Thumpers were pretty amazing as well. I had previously witnessed them play in Tooting and they are definitely a band to keep an eye out for.


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