Charli XCX @ Banquet Records 16th April 2013

To coincide with the release of the début album from Charlotte Aitchison or Charli XCX which she is better known as, announced an instore which would showcase material from True Romance. Charli is currently supporting Ellie Goulding on her European leg of the Halcyon Nights tour which has resulted in her gaining plenty more fans. She was also set to embark on a short mini 3 date tour of the UK which consisted of London, Manchester and Glasgow. Now I have witnessed Charli perform a number of times throughout 2012 and I was sad that her show at Old Blue Last clashed with something that I already had booked, so this all ages instore was the next best thing.

“What can I tell you? I was in Finland today which was wild. Sat in an airport. Not much else really. Whose excited? We’re going to tear this place up motherfucker. We won’t” Charli said whilst everyone started to filter into the shop.

“Hello I’m Charli XCX. I just wanna thank everybody for coming today. It’s really like nice that you all came obviously. If no ones here it would be a bit rubbish. Wouldn’t it? I’m going to play some songs” Charli then said to the intimate audience before opening with You (Ha Ha Ha). This tune was infectious plus there was an electro vibe to it at the same time. You (Ha Ha Ha) was delivered to perfection and it was also it had a sense of fun. The verses were pacey and upbeat at the same time. “Wow it’s so quiet. I’ve never ever done a show like this ever so this is kind of like a really new experience for me. All of these songs I’ve played before but some we haven’t ever played like this. So it’s kind of exclusive, special for you guys I guess. The next song I’m going to play for you is the first song I put out from True Romance” Charli said before Stay Away. This number was slow in pace and had some short raps. I found it to be rather sleek and it showed off Charli’s flawless vocal range. “It’s really nice to see you guys that know the words. This record for me. I felt like I’ve been making it for a very long time and it’s kind of weird that its come out now. It’s weird that, I never really play shows in the UK which I’m really sorry about by the way. So it’s really nice to finally get to play here” Charlotte mentioned before Lock You Up. This tune had steady paced verses and a chorus which was packed with enthusiasm. It sounded a bit slushy with lyrics being “I Want To Lock You Up Inside My Heart”. Still this new track was a complete cracker and was faultlessly delivered. “At the moment I’m still on tour with Ellie Goulding. We’ve been touring Europe together which has been really fun. We had the show and we were like shit we can’t practice. This is actually going to be the last song that I do because we’ve kind of like had a crazy time recently. I think it’s going to be the best one that I play and it’s my favourite from the record. I just shot a music video for it like a couple of months ago. And there was a really cute dog in the video. It kind of is a bit gross cos it kind of looks like a rat. But mainly that’s why it’s cute” Aitchison told the audience before ending with the current single What I Like. Now this was an amazing and infectious song. It started off with the chorus but my favourite parts were the uptempo verses. Charli put plenty of passion into this and it was clear to see that she was enjoying performing.

“I’m done with singing so we can all hang out now” Charli said after delivering a short but sweet set to perfection.


You (Ha Ha Ha)
Stay Away
Lock You Up
What I Like

OVERALL: True Romance is an album that I currently have on heavy rotation. It is packed with tracks that are complete crackers. Aside from that this was a stunning instore and even though it was only 4 songs I was left completely satisfied.

Each one of the songs were faultlessly delivered and I am glad I witnessed this stripped back set which also made it feel special. Charli was enjoying herself when singing which I especially liked.

She may be currently supporting Ellie Goulding and then Marina and the Diamonds later in the year but I look forward to the day that Charli XCX announces a tour of the UK.


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