Louise Jordan @ Kings Cross, St Pancras 23rd April 2013

“Hello. Well thank you for stopping to have a bit of a listen in. I want to play you some traditional songs and some of my own songs” Louise Jordan said the moment she was ready to begin her captivating set. What opened up this 30 minute slot was a traditional song which was Lowlands Of Holland which also appeared on the debut album Tempvs. This was the first time I had witnessed her in a live setting and I was bowled over by the high pitched vocals. They sounded both operatic and angelic. “I’m not sure what you guys are expecting on your way home tonight. I’m not sure if that was it. I thought some of you might be a bit peckish on the way home. I usually get peckish between lunch and dinner” Louise said before embarking on her Song Sandwich. This tune was a unique interpretation of multiple songs that had been sandwiched together. One of those songs being Stand By Me. “This next I’ll play for you is actually a poem that I found. It’s a really beautiful poem written by Christina Rossetti. I recorded an album in my garage as you do last year and this is one I put on the album” Jordan said before Promises Like Pie Crust which was a poem arranged to music. This tune was ever so enchanting and I found myself absorbed into this beautiful song. It was then onto the only song that Louise knew about April and this being a take of the Simon and Garfunkel track April which was taken from the Mrs Robinson soundtrack. Jordan put her very own stamp on the song and the vocals were literally breathtaking. “I gave up living and working in London a couple of years ago. So it’s nice to be back today” Louise Jordan mentioned to the audience before playing a song which she wrote before she left the city. This song being Born To Wander which featured on the Tempvs LP. I found this to be rather incredible and it sounded superb at the same time. Louise’s vocal range was extraordinary. It was then onto yet another traditional song and this being When I Was On Horseback. This song only featured on the Born To Wander EP and their very own take on this catchy traditional was uniquely delivered. “Another song for you which I wrote about 18 months ago maybe a little bit more” Louise Jordan said it was inspired by going on a run. Little Robin Redbreast was the song and it features on the Tempvs LP. Everything about this number was amazing. What ended the set was a new one which appears on the new album Florilegium. This being Enraptured which was perfectly delivered.


Lowlands Of Holland
Song Sandwich
Promises Like Pie Crust
Born To Wander
When I Was On Horseback
Little Robin Redbreast

OVERALL: The Station Sessions is a festival which showcases outstanding talent in the most peculiar setting and this being in a middle of a busy train station.

Louise Jordan was an artist I decided to take a punt on and her music that was showcased impressed me greatly. Jordan’s vocal range was astonishing. This set was acoustic folk and featured a combination of her own material as well as traditional songs.

The vocals were actually rather spine tingling/ angelic and I most definitely would like to see Jordan again.


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