Paramore @ The Garage 5th April 2013

Mid March something extraordinary was announced. Something that made me jump up and down with excitement. This being Paramore who were playing a club show at The Garage which was located in Islington. I had been waiting for Paramore to play her ever since the Reading slot last year after I decided not to attend because £90 was an awful lot just to see one band. Well this was a gig I wanted to be at. Unfortunately I missed out on the Islington show as TicketWeb messed things up for me by charging me for a ticket I didn’t have.

That aside a couple of days before the tickets were due to go on sale I received an email from the Paramore Fan Club basically saying first 50 people to reply gets a ticket. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of those 50 people as I responded too late (they sent out the email at 4am and I picked it up 5 hours later). Looking back on it I wish I had more notice because it would of saved a lot of stress. So the Friday came and the tickets were being sold through Seetickets (possibly the worst site for bands where the demand would be mega). I had my details already stored in an account I had made the day before. So getting a ticket would be easy or so I thought. It was basically another Fall Out Boy when they announced a show at Underworld. The website crashed and you were placed in a queue. To make matters worse I was placed in a queue but I kept on getting a message saying how the page couldn’t be refreshed. After persistent trying after when the sold out sign was displayed I decided to give up. I was on a downer at the time because when you want to go to something so much it hurts when you miss out. My friend managed to get a ticket which made matters slightly worse only for him to surprise me by saying he took a risk and got the maximum of 2. At that time I was actually lost for words and literally buzzing at the same time.

The day came and I turned up 3am in the morning to find that I was the 2nd person at the venue which was fantastic. The thought I would get to the barrier faded the day before the gig as every PFC’er who won a ticket got Meet and Greet and Early Entry. So I turned up at 3 in the morning and it wasn’t long until the next 2 girls arrive. Now queueing early is pure hell other than being tired it was freezing cold. I honestly do not know how I managed to get through it all. Fast forward to 7pm the doors opened and everyone started to fill into the venue. As expected I wasn’t getting the barrier but I got the next best thing 3rd row behind 2 girls who were shorter than me. It was around 8.30pm when the evening kicked off. The stage was plunged into darkness and fans started chanted for Paramore whilst the band took to the stage.

“Alright” lead singer Hayley Williams said before they launched into the first single to be taken from their 4th LP Paramore. This song being the infectious Now. The tune oozed bundles of energy and the lyrics were contagious which resulted in everyone singing along. My favourite part of this was the bridge when Hayley sang the line “There’s a time and a place to die, but this ain’t it”. As expected there was plenty of moshing even with it being an intimate show. “Hi everybody” Williams said before they got stuck into Riot track That’s What You Get. This was a real crowd pleaser everyone was singing along to every word. It is a catchy song and there was plenty of jumping up and down. The song itself was delivered with plenty of gusto and it was also packed with a punch. “You sound pretty good London” Hayley said during the song as everyone was singing back.

It was then onto a first for me and this being Born For This. I had never heard this performed live. Born For This was a superb song with sublime lyrics and a powerful/ ferocious chorus. Everyone in the sold out Relentless Garage were chanting the lyrics. After a lot of cheers it was then onto For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic. For this tune there was plenty of singing along and loads of movement. “It’s so good to be here. Ever since we came here for Reading and Leeds last summer. There’s such a good feeling about flying in to your city right here in London. We’ve been talking about it, it really feels like home away from home. Thanks for having us. Oh yeah, oh yeah just so you know WE ARE PARAMORE” Hayley Williams said before embarking on Decode which featured on the Twilight soundtrack. This was both delivered strongly and it was very upbeat at the same time. The first slice of material from the Singles Club was next and it started with a spine tingling a capella which Williams sang along with everyone else. I must say this number was incredibly infectious and aside from the stunning verses what stood out was the chorus. Plenty of energy flowed from Renegade and the atmosphere from the crowd was turbo charged. It was then straight onto the catchy Pressure minus the flip. Still this was superbly delivered and it was an audience pleaser as Hayley got everyone singing along. “Are you having a good time still? It’s a little warmer in here than it was outside. Thank you guys for braving the cold for us. I know I would of done that for us. You guys are tough. Did you guys get pizza tonight? No pizza. What you got breakfast OK. Well just so you know we told them to send you pizza to. Someone is getting fired. That’s all there is to it” Hayley then joked before the first song off of the Brand New Eyes album. This being Careful which was delivered to perfection and was up tempo at the same time. “So I know that a lot of you guys have been hanging around with us for a very long time. We recognise so many of your faces and it’s really humbling” Williams then said before playing something stripped back and this being In The Mourning which was one of the releases through The Singles Club. Hayley urged everyone to sing along and that is what happened. Even though I like the full on in your face Paramore songs, it is always nice when something is performed stripped back. In The Mourning was extremely beautiful and felt oh so tender as well. I know that the gig was a 650 sell out but this number felt rather intimate. “This is a love song, it goes out to you” Hayley mentioned before The Only Exception. This Brand New Eyes tune was a beautiful ballad. It may be slow but it was simply amazing. There is a dash of emotion as well. It was then onto a double dose of songs from Riot. First up it was Let The Flames Begin which was a tune I again hadn’t witnessed performed live. This was sublime the verses were pure perfection and the chorus was packed with a punch. Once over what followed we Fences along with its infectious pacey verses. After plenty of cheers it was immediately onto Looking Up. I loved its lyrics which were delivered strongly. After a long speech by Hayley Williams it was then onto Ignorance which was the first single taken from Brand New Eyes. This was energetic and everyone was singing along to the chorus. The crowds atmosphere was tense. This was delivered sublimely and this had been well crafted. Other than being powerful the verses/ chorus were stunning and oozing plenty of energy.

Monster was next and this song featured on the soundtrack to Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. The performance was complete perfection but even though I am a massive fan of the band this has to be their weakest song. I say that because I just cant get into it. Monster didn’t have that certain thing that grabbed my attention and hooked me from beginning to end. “Thanks for cramming into this small place tight for us. It’s good to get back to our roots. I wanna let you know we’re coming back this year” Williams said before ending with Brick By Boring Brick. This was a catchy song which had plenty of people singing along. I loved the chorus of this song.

The band then left the stage only to return moments later. “Taylor and I just changed the plan because we really want to play Matilda for you guys. We went to Radio 1 and we got to do Live Lounge again. It’s our 3rd Live Lounge. We were scared to death because Alt J way cooler than us. You guys seemed to like OK. I’m probably going to forget like every word but it’s OK because it’s the thought that counts” Williams said before revealing that Taylor had been listening to them when they were recording the new record. “I’m not quite hip enough so I only just got on the Alt J train recently” she then went on to say. Matilda was another stripped back tune which was spine tingling. It was actually quite haunting and it was stunningly delivered. I had watched the Live Lounge stream but it was incredible hearing it live. This was ever so beautiful and it also went down well with the audience. Hayley breezed through this without a hitch. After some talk about the fact that they had appeared on Graham Norton and the fact Tom Cruise said that they were a talented band it was then onto the current single and this being Still Into You. I love everything about this tune. This had been well crafted and the verses/ chorus oozed plenty of energy. Just witnessing it performed live made me feel happy inside. The evening then ended with Misery Business and Jeremy actually played a few chords of Daydreaming, Grow Up and Ain’t It Fun whilst Hayley was thanking everyone for attending this phenomenal gig. This was a strong number and it was fast flowing. With it being the closing tune the atmosphere was cranked up. Halfway through Hayley picked someone from the crowd to sing the song with her. This being Jennie Klotz and she did a sterling job.


That’s What You Get
Born For This
For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
In The Mourning
The Only Exception
Let The Flames Begin
Looking Up
Brick By Boring Brick


Still Into You
Misery Business

OVERALL: Once the furious paced Misery Business was over the band left the stage and the gig was over. Some people stayed on the barrier in hope of snagging some mementos from the stage. I myself chose to leave the venue and the reason being that everyone in attendance was given a limited edition Paramore guitar plectrum with the date and venue written on it. Also you had the certificate of authenticity. These were limited to 650 which was the capacity of The Garage. Unfortunately not everyone got one as people most likely took two and then stuck them on ebay to make a profit.

All in all I enjoyed this gig immensely and I was extremely lucky to witness this incredible event. I actually have my friend to thank for making this happen.

I am a bit hesitant to say this was my gig of the year just 4 months into 2013. But seeing a band that I love in such a small venue gets major plus points.

I look forward to seeing them play again later on in the year where they tour the self titled 4th LP.


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