Justin Bieber @ o2 Arena 8th March 2013

Justin Bieber’s week in London hasn’t been the greatest. Turning up 2 hours late for the 1st night then having a shortness of breath during Beauty And A Beat on the 3rd night. I had to continuously search for updates whether if the final night at the o2 would go ahead. This was the 2nd time I had seen Justin live. The first being at Wembley Arena when Justin was support for Taylor Swift. He has come a long way since then and has blossomed into something spectacular. I may be no Bieleber but I must admit Justin has some incredible underneath his belt. I got addicted to Beauty And A Beat and booked a ticket for this event. The fact Carly Rae Jepsen was supporting did also play a part in me purchasing a ticket. Thankfully despite everything the evening still went ahead. The Believe tour kicked off with sets by Jaden Smith and Aussie Cody Simpson. Both sets were outstanding but it was Carly Rae who I was most looking forward to.

Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen is an artist I have been a fan of for a while. She finished 3rd in the 5th series of Canadian Idol back in 2007. Last year saw the release of debut album Kiss. The LP charted at #9 despite the fact there was little promotion done for it touring wise. The set kicked off with Tonight I’m Getting Over You. This was a post breakup anthem which sounded phenomenal when performed live. There was infact an electro vibe to this wonderful tune. The lyrics are clear and you knew that Carly was singing about getting over an ex “We’re not lovers, But more than friends, Put a flame to every single word you ever said, No more crying, To get me through, I’ll keep dancing till the morning with somebody new, Tonight I’m getting over you”. It was then onto the synth pop I Know You Have A Girlfriend. This was faultlessly delivered and it was really infectious at the same time. The studio version of this song featured on the Deluxe International edition and it was co written by Jepsen. It’s lyrics were sublime which oozed passion. The story that the tune was telling was pretty clear. This being the boy has a partner but also likes someone else and this girl knows that he has a girlfriend. “I know you have a girlfriend, Don’t kiss me on the lips, I know you have a girlfriend, Oh don’t you tell me what I did, I know you have a girlfriend, And every time you speak. I know you have a girlfriend, You’re lying through you’re t-t-teeth. I know you have a girlfriend, And I hear she’s kinda nice, I know you have a girlfriend, So don’t give me those eyes, I know you have a girlfriend, Oh won’t you let me be, I’m beggin’ you, stop beggin’ me”. Jepsen also made full use of the catwalk. “So Adam can’t be here tonight but I have a bit of a surprise” Carly Rae said before asking Cody Simpson to join them for Good Time. This was a danceable synth pop song with killer infectious lyrics. The verses were superb whilst its chorus is uplifting. Once Simpson had put in a spectacular performance he then left the stage.  Jepsen then urged everyone to dance for This Kiss as she had some T Shirts that she gave out to a few lucky fans. This Kiss was a contagious dance pop track which had lyrics that had been perfectly crafted. After an eruption of cheers it was then straight onto Hurt So Good. I simply loved this song. Other than being catchy it is a tune that you just want to jump up and down to. This dance track was stunningly delivered and there was a romantic feel to it. There was also a dash of sadness because it tells the story of unrequited love. “When you smile like a tease baby you don’t even know, You don’t even know, And my heart skips a beat darlin’ every time you go, Every time you go. When you walk into the room, I can’t speak and I can’t move, You don’t see me but you should, Why you gotta make it hurt so good?”. Jepsen then asked for people to flash their cellphones, candles, glowsticks for Your Heart Is A Muscle. This was slow in tempo compared to what had been sung on the night. Your Heart Is A Muscle was a slushy ballad with superb lyrics which had a dash of emotion. Even though I prefer the danceable tracks I really found this number to be extremely beautiful. Carly Rae then introduced the rest of the band before the most well known Jepsen song and this being the #1 Call Me Maybe. She had asked for 2 fans to join her on stage to dance along to this infectious number. This was a power pop song with catchy hooks and a killer chorus that just embeds itself into your brain.


Tonight I’m Getting Over You
I Know You Have A Girlfriend
Good Time
This Kiss
Hurt So Good
Your Heart Is A Muscle
Call Me Maybe

Around 9.20pm it was then onto the main act of the evening. Honestly I was expecting something to go wrong but it actually ran rather smoothly. What I liked was the fact that this was a show that had been put together faultlessly. I class a show as something which has interludes and costume changes. Bieber made his entrance sporting a pair of angel wings and was transported to the tip of the catwalk where he was unfastened. Opening up the night was All Around The World. For this there was both pyrotechnics and confetti showering the people standing on the floor. Literally everyone going crazy. I really liked this and it was different compared to early material released by Justin. All Around The World had an electronic feel to it and it is one you can go crazy to. The choreography was superb and this tune was rather energetic. It was then onto Take You and again the electronic pop vibe is prominent. But still it was a good tune which was delivered sublimely. I in fact found it to be slightly infectious. After warming up his voice it was then onto Catching Feelings. This was a beautiful slow paced ballad which showcased Justin’s stunning vocal ability. After the first interlude Bieber than appeared on stage sporting a gold waist coat for a medley of old songs. This being One Time/ Eenie Meenie/ Somebody To Love. Even though this tour was in aid of the new album Believe it was always a pleasure to hear the old material live. This mash up of songs went down well with everybody and they were very energetic as well. Bieber was wearing a suit and sporting an umbrella for Love Me Like You Do. I found this R&B style song to be rather entrancing. Once Justin had finished he was then chased by a paparazzi and this then led to another interlude which showed Justin’s dislike for the paparazzi. The electro vibe was back for She Don’t Like The Lights. This song is basically saying that a relationship with a non celebrity would be hard because she may not be use to the flashes. It was also very contagious and it had been well written.

Die In Your Arms was sleek and had a mo town feel to it and Justin was singing it with 6 other people. The harmonising was fantastic.  Out Of Town Girl was delivered with plenty of swag whilst Be Alright was a spine tingling, chilled out acoustic song which sounded impeccable. Joining Bieber for Never Say Never was Jaden Smith. This song oozed plenty of energy. Next it was onto Beauty And A Beat. This was the point Justin had to leave the stage when he performed the 3rd London date of the Believe tour. Thankfully Justin got through it without a hitch. The choreography was spectacular and this number is contagious as well with phenomenal verses and a killer chorus. Whilst Nicki Minaj wasn’t in the building she did appear on the screens. One Less Lonely Girl saw Justin sing to a lucky fan who was sitting on a throne. The vocals were spotless. As Long As You Love Me was up next and this was an R&B electro dance tinged song with brilliant verses. I could also pick up a dub step vibe and the lyrics were pure perfection. Things ended with Justin Bieber at a white piano for the albums title track and this being Believe. I found this soft and gentle song to be rather beautiful. This was a number you would swoon at. Justin then left the stage only to return for the encore which was Boyfriend. Everyone was literally singing along to this. Also Bieber’s rapping skills were impressive as well.


All Around The World
Take You
Catching Feelings
One Time/ Eenie Meenie/ Somebody To Love
Love Me Like You Do
She Don’t Like The Lights
Die In Your Arms
Out Of Town Girl
Be Alright
Never Say Never
Beauty And A Beat
One Less Lonely Girl
As Long As You Love Me



OVERALL: Once Justin had finished performing Boyfriend he then left the stage. Many people were still in their seats waiting for a 2nd encore. Why did people expect another encore?. Justin Bieber hadn’t sung Baby and this was a song you would expect. That encore never did come.

I then left my seat to leave the o2 Arena after witnessing what had been a phenomenal show. Yes I may not be a massive fan of Justin’s but there is no denying that he has some incredible tunes in his songbook. Also I look forward to the day when Carly Rae Jepsen does her own headline tour because I would most definitely be there.


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