Lucy Spaggan @ Kings Cross, St Pancras 10th April 2013

“I am the person with the clipboard in the street that you try to avoid. I sell baby photos for 99p” Lucy Spraggan said the moment she took to the stage when auditioning for The X Factor last year. Spraggan who was mentored by Tulisa got through to the live shows but unfortunately she withdrew during the 5th week of the competition as she still felt too ill to compete (Lucy also got a free pass in week 4 as she was feeling too ill to sing). Despite the fact Spraggan withdrew from the competition she was always my favourite. I also thought she had what it took to progress further.

Prior to her sold out April/ May tour, Lucy was announced as playing at the Station Sessions. As Spraggan was the “Secret Sessions” artist I didn’t find out till the actual day that she was playing. It was actually a tweet that got my attention. I already have a ticket for the show at The Borderline at the end of April but this session would be the perfect introduction to Lucy’s original material. Now I have attended the Station Sessions quite a few times and it takes place in the strangest of places and this being in the middle of Kings Cross St Pancras station. The only drawback being the tannoy announcements but on the plus side it is rather intimate and you also get some really good artists performing. I was at the station around 5pm expecting there to be a lot of Spraggan fans but there weren’t many. I stood in the corner and next to me was two girls who had taken a coach all the way from Liverpool just to be there.

It was just a couple of minutes before Lucy began her blistering 8 song set. “How’s it going? Thank you very much for coming down to watch today” Spraggan said before opening with Safe. Currently signed to Columbia Records this song has to feature on the debut LP as it is extremely beautiful. I especially liked the pacey chorus “You make me feel safe, You make me feel whole. You make sure I’m warm whenever I’m cold, You make go weak with a kiss on the cheek. When I’m with you I feel at home”. The chorus oozed slight emotion. Also the verses were fantastic. It showed Spraggan is a talented songwriter. “Do you know what. This is the first time in ages I felt really nervous. It’s a good thing. This next song is called In A State and it’s about when 2010 I got the opportunity to play 1 gig in America. Trying to pursue a musical career. Went out there, fell in love and ruined everything for myself. So this is a song about that” Lucy then said before superbly delivering the quirky In A State. This song appeared on Spraggan’s début self released LP Top Room At The Zoo. I really enjoyed this number as it was a beautiful mellowing ballad. What I especially liked was the fact that the lyrics paint the picture. My favourite part of this had to be when Lucy abbreviated the States in America “So not so long ago I went on a TV show which you might of seen me on. I’m not sure. I played a song called Last Night which is about having Beer Fear” Lucy said before getting stuck into the well known Last Night. This was extremely quirky and it had to be one of my highlights of the evening. You cant help but smile throughout even though the topic of this song is the repercussions of a night out and remembering it. The fact Lucy mentioned all these spirits was rather clever and it resulted in a phenomenal tune. “For those of you that didn’t know I used to be a magician. Random fact. This song’s about cards weirdly enough and how when things go terribly wrong in life you should pretty much just carry on” Spraggan mentioned to the intimate audience before Join The Club. Its verses were really upbeat and I liked it when Lucy said “If there is someone standing on your left hand side. Grab them”. Spraggan’s vocals were extremely sweet ad I couldn’t help smile when she delivered this sublime song to perfection “I think every musician anywhere ever always says this but I’ve got a bit of a sore throat. This song is not originally, but by Kanye West. So sing along if you like” Lucy said before Gold Digger. She sang this on week 2 of the X Factor live shows. Spraggan made this her own and it also included snippets of Sir Mix A Lot – I Like Big Butts and Snoop Dogg’s – Drop It Like It’s Hot. This was a furious paced cover which was completely faultless. “I can never breath after that song. This is like a 1 minute song. I’m not particularly sure why I wrote it. But it’s about my favourite daytime Television host. It’s a very short song” Lucy said before getting stuck into a skit and this being Jeremy Kyle. Even though this was extremely short it didn’t seem like it was. This was quirky and my favourite part had to be the up tempo middle 8. “So this is my second to last song. It’s called Tea And Toast. It’s actually written about. I was busking one time in the town I used to live in and I saw an elderly couple walk past me holding hands and the old lady collapsed. The look on her husbands face made me write this song” Spraggan then mentioned before the sad and uplifting Tea And Toast. I found this to be incredibly beautiful and it had been superbly written. “Please let me know what you thought today. This is the last song I’m doing. For the last however many years I’ve been doing like 5 gigs a week trying to get noticed. I played in a blues bar once and the guy sat right at the front of the blues bar started heckling me half way throughout my set. “This isn’t Blues music. Why are you here this isn’t Blues music”. I was like I’m really sorry. The next time I went back to play there I written this song beforehand and it’s called Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues and it’s for that very man” Lucy then mentioned before signing off with Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues. Again this was very quirky and Lucy says that she knows nothing about the blues. She also promised that there will be more verses to come as a guitar solo disguised where the lyrics would go. There was actually a Country/ Blues vibe to it as the chords that were played reminded me a lot of Delta Maid.


In A State
Last Night
Join The Club
Gold Digger
Jeremy Kyle
Tea And Toast
Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues

OVERALL: Lucy Spraggan was simply incredible and getting to witness her playing in a train station is something I will never forget. It may have been short and sweet but these 8 songs made me smile and happy inside. It makes me look forward to seeing her again later this month and my thirst for more material from Lucy has grown. One song that I particularly adored was Safe. The chorus was so addictive.

After the set Spraggan met every single fan who either wanted something signed, a picture or both


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