Kate Nash @ Rough Trade East 7th March 2013

There is no denying that I am a keen fan of Kate Nash who has been keeping tabs on her career since the day Foundations had been released back in 2007. With 2 albums under her belt Nash returned with Girl Talk which was funded through PledgeMusic (for those who don’t know through this site you can pledge on exclusive goodies and the money goes towards the making of that record). The style of music is a lot different compared to what appeared on Made Of Bricks and My Best Friend Is You. The third album Girl Talk is Pop/ Punk. I would compare the style to what The Receeders play (this is Kate’s side project band whom play the occasional gig now and again). After having witnessed Nash’s side project band live and the fact that I had heard the majority of the new record performed live throughout 2011/2012 I could easily adjust.

“Nice one for supporting your local record shop. There’s not enough of those left but it’s really lovely to be here. Lets play some music now” Kate said before getting stuck into Sister. It started off with Kate playing the guitar for the first verse. This was delivered at a steady pace then the rest of the band came in for the chorus through to the end. Now this was like a full on force plus it was strongly delivered. Death Proof followed on straight after and the majority of this tune was spoken word. Its lyrics were superb and infectious at the same time. The melody fitted to the spoken word lyrics perfectly. Nash and her band sailed through Death Proof at ease. “So next up is a song called Mermaid Blue and this song’s on the deluxe version of the record” Kate said before they launched into the said song. Now Mermaid Blue was a lot different compared to the opening two numbers and this being the fact it was a lot softer and beautiful at the same time. It can actually bring a tear to your eye. It was then onto Conventional Girl. At first it started off very smooth then the drums came in and it became rather heavy. This song had superb memorable lyrics (“I’m sick of being the bitch that you think I am”) and was delivered at a storming pace. Plus there was participation when some people joined in with the ooooooooooo parts. Kate put so much energy into this song which made this performance of this song outstanding. “I didn’t want to write a really annoying Punk Protest song cos there really annoying and usually quite rubbish” Nash then said referring to the fact that the next song had been written during the whole incident with Pussy Riot. Free My Pussy was a gentle hypnotic song with beautiful lyrics. I especially liked the miaow miaow parts. Foundations was next and this addictive song is a classic. People were singing along to the infectious lyrics. My love for this tune always resurfaces whenever I hear it performed live. Foundations is so quirky and it transports me back to the days when I first discovered Nash’s music from seeing the video on MTV2. “This is my latest single it’s called 3am. You can get it now but you can also get it on the album now” Kate said prior to the next song. 3am was played at a frantic pace and the lyrics fitted to its melody perfectly. This number actually grows on you, its infectious lyrics were perfectly delivered at a fast pace. “This is songs also on the deluxe version of the album” Kate said before introducing the next track of the evening as I’m A Feminist, You’re Still A Whore. At first it begins mellowing and rather soft at the same time. Then the rest of the band came in but unlike Sister this tune wasn’t packed with a punch. Sister was like a full on force whilst I’m A Feminist was played at a gentle steady pace throughout. “Everyone has to buy loads of stuff in here after” Nash then joked as she thought she was going to get cut off for running over time. What followed has to be my favourite tune from Girl Talk and this being the infectious OMYGOD!. Kate had put the guitar down for this one. This track was an infuriating infectious song which oozed fun vibes. What ended the night were 2 songs that were infused together and these being Grrrl Gang which was a reworking of a Fidlar song. Following this was Underestimate The Girl which was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Just like I Just Love You More this song does take a while to grow on you. Kate put everything she had into this brilliant track.


Death Proof
Mermaid Blue
Conventional Girl
Free My Pussy
I’m A Feminist, You’re Still A Whore
Grrrl Gang
Underestimate The Girl


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