MS MR @ XOYO 11th March 2013

Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow make up New York duo MS MR. This was the first time I had witnessed them live after they unfortunately cancelled their slot at Guardian’s New Band Of The Day gig at the Barfly last year. I was actually pretty excited that I was going to get to witness them perform as I had been addicted to the début EP Candy Bar Creep Show which was released last year. When the doors opened I then made my way down into the newly revamped venue. The new design looked really nice compared to how it used to be.

This set which was especially for us compromised of a mixture of songs from début EP Candy Bar Creep Show the début LP Secondhand Rapture plus a cover of Time Of My Life which was originally sung by Patrick Wolf. This cover was the encore and it was in fact the first song that the duo ever recorded together. The evening kicked off with Bones taken from the Candy Bar Creep Show EP and it was spectacularly delivered. I could see shades of Florence Welch when listening to the hypnotising vocals.

A trio of new songs then followed on. First up was No Trace which was simply fantastic and will no doubt feature on the new record. I look forward to hearing the studio version of it. Second up was Salty which opened up with an eerie keyboard introduction. Out of the new tracks showcased this had to be my favourite because the verses were pacey, whilst the chorus was infectious. Head Home was a song that was delivered with plenty of gusto and it could easily get you moving.

What then followed on was 2 more tracks from Candy Bar Creep Show and then the latest single released by the band. The smooth Ash Tree Lane was a phenomenal pop tune and it was faultlessly delivered. Fantasy sounded incredible just witnessing it being performed live. You could sense the energy. Dark Doo Wop was sung at a slow steady pace and it was incredibly short as well.

Following on you then had the entrancing Think Of You. This song had been well crafted and Lizzy literally belted out this song. Ending the set was the stunning Hurricane which ended an incredible evening. Once they left the stage they then returned for Time Of My Life.


No Trace
Head Home
Ash Tree Lane
Dark Doo Wop
Think Of You


Time Of My Life

OVERALL: This was one fantastic gig and I most certainly look forward to witnessing MS MR live again and hearing the new album when it is released in May.

As for the support. I rather enjoyed the set that YADi showcased. The set may have been just 5 songs but it was enough to make me want to see her play live again.


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