Palma Violets @ 100 Club 4th March 2013

Converse announced a competition to win tickets to witness Palma Violets. As I had witnessed them before and there had been a buzz about them I decided to enter. The event was to take place at 100 Club. Converse have held quite a lot of gigs at the venue and the most notable being Blur. I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets and when they won Best New Band at the NME awards made me excited at what I was about to witness. Debut album 180 had only just came out and this was to be a showcase of material that featured on that LP.

This 4 piece Indie Rock band consisted of Samuel Thomas Fryer, Alexander “Chilli” Jesson, Jeffrey Peter Mayhew and William Martin Doyle. They took to the stage around 10pm and played a 12 song set. The album 180 is actually misleading because when they perform live they sound nothing like that. What was showcased was a high octane roller coaster ride which was electrifying. Each song that was performed was sung to perfection and the atmosphere from the crowd was literally intense.

Even though Palma Violets are a top band I wouldn’t want to see them live again. The music is fantastic and I loved the likes of Rattlesnake Highway, I Found Love, 14 and Best Of Friends but when the crowd is literally crazy, for me I cant enjoy it as much. Everyone literally surged forward trying to get to the front which resulted in crushing and people getting pushed onto the stage.

The band ended with Brand New Song which is a hidden track on the debut LP 180. This track was cut short due to the fact everyone invaded the stage which was literally complete chaos.


Johnny Bag Donuts
Rattlesnake Highway
All The Garden Birds
Tom The Drum
Chicken Dippers
Best Of Friends
Step Up For The Cool Cats
Last Of The Summer Wine
I Found Love
Invasion Of The Tribbles
Brand New Song

OVERALL: Palma Violets are an incredible band and I enjoyed the material which was performed. However I could not enjoy it as a whole due to the fact it was extremely intense. This made the Deap Vally gig the previous week look like child’s play.


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