MØ @ Electrowerkz 28th February 2013

I first heard of MØ whilst checking for brand new music from acts whom are hotly tipped for 2013. After discovering the likes of Say Lou Lou and Syron I came across Karen Marie Ørsted who goes under the alias of MØ. If you are struggling to pronounce it, it’s MØ as in the start of Merger. So when I did my research I fell in love with the material I heard. Tracks such as Glass, Maiden and the recently released Pilgrim were simply fantastic. Also the write up in NME did wet my appetite and was on of the many factors why I booked.

The Electrowerkz date turned out to be a sell out and this then resulted in another show being put on sale and this being at Cargo in the middle of May. Actually I was surprised that this event took place in the basement of Electrowerkz. I had expected it to take place upstairs. Once security got the green light I made my way to the room it took place in. Support was provided by Prince Innocence and it was ashame that they weren’t announced as prior to the actual gig because I would of liked to have known what to expect. What was showcased was superb and it is rare for me to enjoy a set when I have no knowledge of the group. Canadian based Prince Innocence were Talvi Faustmann and Josh McIntyre. The set kicked off around 8.30 and the style of music that they played was Synth Pop which in fact sounded incredible. The first song of the night was Make You Mine and this being the only song of the set not to be out in the public domain. Talvi is the vocalist of this band and she was wearing what looked like a dark blue plastic mac. Faustmann’s vocals were strong, this song was delivered at a steady pace and also there were plenty of beats as it looked like Josh was the DJ providing the melodies/ beats. Make You Mine had wonderful verses and was delivered to perfection. Infused with the ending of the first song was Shells and this was a right cracker. Its melody instantly draws you in and was extremely light as well. Shells had been superbly written and it had wonderful verses which were delivered to perfection. Talvi sung Shells effortlessly. “We’re from Toronto, Canada. We would love to play a song called To My Right” Talvi said before launching into To My Right. Faustmann then took of her coat and got stuck into the song. To My Right was a dreamy number and Talvi’s vocals were extremely hypnotising which draws you in. I found it to be rather sleek and the melody geld with the lyrics perfectly. It was then onto Golden Hour which is taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name plus it is being offered as a free download. This was again another slice of Synth Pop goodness and it was utterly mesmerising. Straight after it was then onto Dissipate which sounds rather promising and I look forward to hearing the studio version. It was then onto a cover of Suicide’s 1977 classic Cheree. They completely marked it with their own stamp. Other than being rather Synthy it was also light and laid back.


Make You Mine
To My Right
Golden Hour

MØ took to the stage around 9.30. Even though Karen is the only vocalist, MØ is actually a band consisting of two other members. What was showcased was a luscious slice of Scandinavian Pop. Karen took to the stage wearing a bagging T Shirt which bared the Chess Club logo. What was showcased was 9 infectious tracks plus 1 amazing encore. She may have only a trio of songs in the public domain (Glass, Maiden and Pilgrim) but what hasn’t been released are utter crackers which would no doubt be amazing when mastered. One of these songs which needs to feature on the début album was Fire Rides. Its lyrics were utterly infectious and the performance oozed bundles of energy. Maiden and Glass which are both in the public domain were delivered to perfection and just like Fire Rides the songs were rather energetic. Dust Is Gone was very hypnotising and mellowing at the same time. Waste Of Time definitely has single potential and it was delivered with plenty of gusto. The lyrics were infectious especially the chorus (“Where is the love we had?”). No Mythologies was simply amazing and it had lyrics which basically hook you in. Never Wanna Know was very chilled out and it wasn’t as furious. This was a slow paced song which showcased Karen’s startling vocals. Hours Of Fun was an up tempo tune which oozed energy and the verses were extremely contagious. Pilgrim sounded extraordinary live whilst the choice of encore was Crazy For You which ended a phenomenal gig.


Fire Rides
Dust Is Gone
Waste of Time
No Mythologies
Never Wanna Know
Hours of Fun
Crazy For You

OVERALL: I rather enjoyed this evening witnessing to acts that have the ability to go far. Based on what was showcased I am looking forward to the album by MØ. Plus I was bowled over by Prince Innocence.


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