Theme Park @ Banquet Records 27th February 2013

Theme Park are a 3 piece band whom have hotly been tipped. This group consist of Miles Haughton (vocals, guitar), Marcus Haughton (vocals, guitar) and Oscar Manthorpe (guitar). When I saw they were set to play at Banquet Records I knew I would want to be there. This event was Grade B meaning I had to purchase the album. As I knew this in advance I purchased the vinyl and got the required ticket. Then around 5pm I started to wait outside.

“Hi guys, thank you very much for coming down” Miles said to the intimate audience before the first track of the evening and this being Two Hours which was also released as a single. I have seen this talented band before but what made this set stand out was the fact it was fully acoustic. Two Hours was superbly delivered at a gentle pace. I really liked the stripped back take on this infectious song. It was then straight onto Tonight. This tune so has to be released as a single because it is utterly contagious. Plus the harmonising was pretty amazing at the same time. It was rather luscious and it gets stronger nearing its end. The lyrics are completely faultless and when I was watching this being played in front of me I could see slight traces of Charlie Fink from Noah and the Whale. The dreamy Milk was next and this was superbly sung. Plenty of energy oozed from this acoustic version of this tune. It is in fact rather smooth and again it was an infectious song with incredible verses. The last track on the album was the next to be performed live. And this song being Blind, one that I had never heard before. Blind was a steady paced number which was missing that extra something which would make it memorable. It was nice hearing this incredible tune performed acoustically but it just didn’t do it for me. Penultimate track of the evening was Wax. I found this to be sleek and laid back at the same time. Wax was the first single released by the band (well it featured as a AA side) and just seeing it performed acoustically makes me love it even more. Things then ended with Jamaica and this being one entrancing track. This song had a folk vibe and it reminded me of Noah and the Whale. The vocals were rather smooth.


Two Hours

OVERALL: Theme Park are a band that produce mesmerising dreamy pop music. Debut album Theme Park is a complete cracker and features 11 outstanding tracks. As for the performance it was nice seeing them play a laid back acoustic set which was simply incredible.

I look forward to seeing them play in the future.


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