Deap Vally @ Dingwalls 26th February 2013

This was the first time I had witnessed Deap Vally perform live and I was impressed by what I witnessed. A friend recommended this duo to me and I’m extremely pleased that I had the opportunity of witnessing them perform in an intimate setting. Deap Vally consist of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards. At the moment they only have 2 releases to their name and these being limited 7” vinyl’s of Gonna Make My Own Money and End Of The World which are impossible to get hold of now. The bands style of music is rock and roll but it is not over heavy.

Supporting you had Death At Sea who I really enjoyed when they played with Haim. The 2nd support was Drenge who had played The Cribs and Deap Vally for the NME Awards show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I was expecting good things from them but it just didn’t happen for me. The set that was performed felt like it was one long song. Drenge probably are amazing on record but this performance I basically lost interest.

At 9.15 Deap Vally took to the stage and immediately launched into the brand new single and this being Baby I Can Hell. This tune takes it name from the lyric “What you call love, baby I call hell”. As for this song plenty of energy oozed from it. Lindsey Troy’s vocals were extremely strong and you could feel the rock vibe. What followed after was Lies. The band wanted everyone to film this one specific song and upload it to 45 Sound who then would create a video using footage that the fans shot. Lies was a ferocious song with plenty of attitude. The harmonising by Julie combined with Lindsey’s deep gravely vocals to perfection. After plenty of applause it was then onto a new song and this being Drought. It started with some impressive guitar playing by Troy then the powerful vocals came into play. This number was delivered with plenty of gusto and it had also been superbly written. Gonna Make My Own Money followed straight after. This was a song that the whole audience loved and I especially liked the opening riff which appeared throughout the song. This was a rocking anthem which had tinges of blues. Its lyrics were slightly empowering “I’m gonna make my own money, Gonna buy my own land”. It was then onto Ain’t Fair which was the B Side to Gonna Make My Own Money. Now I really liked this song and it was delivered to perfection.  Rock was oozing from the tune and it is one you just want to rock out to. Ain’t Fair started off strong then the pace is slowed down towards the end. “So thanks for coming back to Camden. We heard this is a real hot area” Edwards said before they got stuck into a brand new song called Raw Material. This was a promising track which has to feature on the début album. Whereas I really like this track it was less rocky compared to what had been performed earlier in the set. Your Love was yet another brand new song that was showcased to the packed out Dingwalls audience. Even though it was printed as Your Love on the set list it is also known as Your Love’s A Lie. It was a rocking number which was packed with a punch and had impressive guitar riffs. Your Love actually had a mellowing mesmerising parts. “This next song is about protection” Troy then said before the next number of the night Creeplife. I actually found this flawless song rather infectious. Plus it was delivered at a furious pace. The final new tune to be showcased was Walk Of Shame which does sound really promising and I cannot wait to hear the studio version of it. Ending the spectacular night was End Of The World. This was a blistering performance of this song and I will always remember how intense it actually was. The crowds atmosphere was electric and everyone basically tried to pile in just to get to the front. Considering how low the stage actually it, it is kind of dangerous. So once they had left the stage it was still tight but the surging had stopped. Lindsey and Julie then returned for I Put A Spell On You which they made their own. I would of expected the intensity to die down but this wasn’t the case.


Baby I Can Hell
Gonna Make My Own Money
Ain’t Fair
Raw Material
Your Love
Walk Of Shame
End Of The World


I Put A Spell On You

OVERALL: It was a pleasure to see this band play in such an intimate setting plus the fact there was no barrier was quite something. Even though I will see them again in the future if the chance did come to see them play in a smaller venue I would pass on it. Actually an intimate venue where they would have a barrier in place would be good.

The evening stayed sombre until the very last song of the night which was End Of The World then that is when you got the moshing and everyone surging to the front. It was crazy it was all like a haze. With the fact that the stage is so low (below the knees) it is slightly dangerous because I always have the thought what if my legs break. Now it didn’t come to that but I did leave completely drained of energy and my legs were bruised.

What was showcased throughout the set was truly spectacular and Deap Vally showed that girls bands can in fact rock. Even though they have a few songs already out in the public domain the songs that weren’t were simply incredible. Out of the new songs that were performed live the ones that stood out were Drought, Raw Material and Your Love.


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