Brooke Candy @ Madame Jojo’s 25th February 2013

Each February NME announces NME Awards shows which takes place at various venues in London throughout the month. Last year I saw shows headlined by the likes of Oh Land and Charli XCX. The only artist that stood out for me was Brooke Candy. I basically booked on name alone and the fact that she appeared in the video for Grimes’s Genesis. Once the ticket had been booked I then did my research.

Californian born Brooke Dyan Candy is an American rapper and stripper. This was actually a first for me in the sense of going to a gig to see someone rap. After I did my research it was then onto listening to material by Candy. She had just collaborated with Charli XCX on Cloud Aura plus I loved the likes of Das Me, Everybody Does and Trill. With having attended gigs at Madame Jojo’s before I knew I wouldn’t have to get there early. I got to the venue around 6pm and it wasn’t that long till the next person arrived.

“I wish I could flash my tits. I might trip over the wireless mic but f*ck it. I’ll make it look hot” Brooke said before getting stuck into Judgement Day. There is no denying that Brooke is one hot female and she even flashed her knickers. Back to the song. Judgement Day was incredibly infectious and it was sung as a full flowing pace. Brooke Candy is one talented rapper and the atmosphere from the audience was simply electric. It was then straight onto Pussy Makes The Rules. Literally Candy put plenty of energy into this furious paced song. It felt like it was a freestyle with backing track. I really liked the lyrics and they were catchy as there are parts that you will never forget “I got the pussy, I make the rules”. It was then onto a bit of guesswork and this was Eyes Down (what I mean by guesswork is the fact that there was no proper set list and 2 songs from the set weren’t in the public domain resulting in me titling the song instead of calling it untitled). This was stunning and I really hope that a proper studio recording surfaces one day. “I love London. It’s the best place on Earth. I swear to God. You guys are so much cooler than LA” Brooke then said before launching into Everybody Does which resulted in plenty of screams. The song itself consisted of 3 verses and an infectious hook you just want to sing along to. Now the lyrics were a bit X rated but I fell in love with this energetic tune. Right at the end Brooke held the mic as it was a cock and masturbated. “Now back to business Motherfuckers” Candy said after the Twerk contest was over. It was then onto Das Me. This was actually the first Brooke Candy song I listened to via YouTube and I must admit it was a cracker of a song. As for the performance it was literally stunning. Everyone was singing along to Das Me and its lyrics were slightly explicit. I Wanna Fuck Right Now was the penultimate number of the evening and like Das Me the lyrics are explicit. The words I Wanna Fuck Right Now are embedded into your head and they were delivered with plenty of energy. “You guys are the best crowd. When I see people moshing and sh*t it makes me so happy” Candy said before closing the tremendous set with Danger.


Judgement Day
Pussy Makes The Rules
Eyes Down
Everybody Does
Das Me
I Wanna Fuck Right Now

OVERALL: This was a high octane roller coaster ride which resulted in plenty of moshing. I thoroughly enjoyed the set that Brooke had performed and her rapping skills were sublime. Despite leaving Madame Jojo’s with bruised ribs I most definitely see Brooke Candy again. I am looking forward to the day she comes to release her full length LP.


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