The 1975 @ The Borderline 18th February 2013

Mancunian 4 piece The 1975 ended their tour at The Borderline. Basically this band were recommended to me which then resulted in me purchasing a ticket to this incredible gig. Once booked I did some research and listened to tracks that are already out in the public domain. The 1975 have already released the Facedown EP and more recently Music For Cars. This event was a sell out and I decided to get there a couple of hours before doors (It was half term). Once outside the intimate venue there was no one there so I just went into Foyle’s opposite and just browsed books and warmed up. Doors were at 7pm and I decided to stand outside 30 minutes before. When they opened I then went downstairs and just waited until the support took to the stage at 8.30pm.

Taking to the stage at 9.30pm The 1975 immediately launched into The City which is taken from the Facedown EP. Lead singer Matthew Healy was wearing a black hoodie which obscured his hair. The vocals to this infectious song were spot on. Healy put so much energy into the performance. The riffs were incredible and its melody was delectable. “This is amazing. Thank you so much” Healy said before they went straight into Milk. This tune was extremely powerful and they basically rocked out to it. Milk was an electric song and there was plenty of strobe lighting. “We’re called The 1975. Thank you so much for coming to watch us” Matthew humbly said to the packed audience before the next tune. This was Money and this electro tinged track sounded rather promising. “This is our last night on the UK tour. What a wonderful way to finish it off” Healy then mentioned to the audience. It was then onto Chocolate and this being the current single. Matthew had removed his hoodie and then got stuck into this phenomenal tune. Its melody was flawless whilst the lyrics were contagious. Chocolate was an upbeat song which was utterly contagious. Settle Down was next up and this song features on the forthcoming album. Just hearing this brand new track makes me want to hear the brand new album now. “We’re going to play some more off our album if that’s alright with you. Then we’ll play the hits” Healy then said to everyone before Heart Out. The song itself was had the makings of a ballad as it was slow in pace and rather gentle as well.  After it was onto yet another 2 new tracks these being She Way Out which was then followed on by love song Robbers. Both of these tracks have the potential to be classics. “This song is about Sex” Healy then said before the penultimate song of the evening. This was Sex and this was a stand out track. It was in fact this tune which got me hooked and made me want to listen to more material by this band. This was literally a full on romp and everyone was joining in. Sex was a pure Indie Rock song and it is extremely catchy. After some plugging of the Heaven show in May it was then onto the final tune of the evening and this being You.


The City
Settle Down
Heart Out
She Way Out

OVERALL: The 1975 are Indie Pop and they had a host of material that they showcased to the sold out audience. This band will go places and I look forward to the day they release their debut album because it would be extraordinary.

My stand out tracks had to be Chocolate and Sex. I look forward to seeing them perform again in the future.


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