Wolf Alice @ The Hope 16th February 2013

At the start of every year I scour the internet to find upcoming acts which have the potential to be huge. I then came across a band which grabbed my attention and this being 3 piece Wolf Alice. They were then confirmed as one of the NME awards gigs in February. This would see the band play at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. It was also the launch party of debut single Fluffy. I was gutted when I realised I couldn’t attend that sold out gig due to it clashing. It then made me take to Songkick where I found that the band were playing at The Hope. Now I have been to this Brighton pub before and the gigs take place in an intimate setting upstairs. I booked my ticket a couple of days before. Yes I was nervous it would sell out but the fact Wegottickets tells you how many they have left means you can make a purchase nearer the date. Also we had all the snow and the bad weather which at first made me think I may have problems getting home. Come the Saturday of the event I decided to leave at 5pm. Doors were at 8 and with it being a pub a queue wont form. Whilst the getting there wasn’t a problem the thing I was most nervous about was getting home. That week had been the whole problem in Radlett which caused delays and even cancellations until the problems had been rectified. Also the final 2 trains went to Bedford via Radlett which resulted in me aiming to get the penultimate train to East Croydon (so I would have the final train as a fall back).

Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis are Wolf Alice. They are probably my favourite new band at the moment as I was so impressed with the material that they showcased. They all took to the small stage around 9.50pm and the song that they launched into was Intro. How I would describe the style of music would be Grunge Pop Rock. Rock in the sense there were 3 electric guitars and drums. Pop because the tunes that they sing were so addictive. Back to Intro this was a short but sweet song with very little lyrics. Ellie Rowsell is the front woman of this wonderful group and the vocals were just so lucious. Ellie sang the line “Don’t you want take time and get to know me”. Based on this performance I would definitely like to get to know all of Wolf Alice. Intro set the tone of what was to be an incredible night. After plenty of applause it was then onto the next number of the evening and this being Leaving You. This tune showcased more of Ellie’s vocal range and it was extremely blissful. Plus the harmonising was perfection. It was a steady paced song which was rather hypnotic. I actually picked up on tinges of Folk. “Thank you. Hello Brighton. What’s going on. We’ve had a great day at the pier. Joff won a chilli. We lost about 44 seconds on a rodeo. We’re going to live here I think” Ellie then said to the intimate audience before embarking onto another new song. The set list titled it as Old Intro. This was incredibly short (even shorter than the Intro at the start of the night). This was like a 90 second jam and there were some fantastic guitar riffs. There weren’t a lot of lyrics in this song and I am guessing this song was a work in progress. Bros was next and just witnessing it heard live gets me excited at the prospect of hearing more material by the band. Like Leaving You this showcased Rowsell’s sublime vocal range. This is a song that I look forward to hearing the mastered version of. I rather liked the middle 8 “Are you wild like me? Raised by Wolves and other beasts”. It was then onto the 2nd half of the debut single and this being White Leather. We were then treated with a stripped-back dream pop narrative, strung together by emotive guitar chords. This was a startling tune and it reminded me of The XX. A new tune followed (well they were all new to me but this was the bands newest song). The track in question was Send An Angel. This was extremely wonderful with infectious lyrics which were excellently delivered. Plenty of energy flowed throughout the performance of this song. Stupid Bitch was the next on the set list. This was a steady paced song which had a mellowing melody. It was in fact very chilled out and it had been superbly written. Nosedive then followed on and this was the penultimate song to be sung on the night. It again showed plenty of promise and it was aided by Rowsell’s pitch perfect vocals. Nosedive was played at a fast pace and was delivered with plenty of gusto. Like Old Intro this was yet another short song. I am guessing it was another unfinished piece which will be utterly sublime when it is finished. “Thank you so much for having us” Ellie said before they signed off with the current single Fluffy.


Leaving You
Old Intro
White Leather
Send An Angel
Stupid Bitch

OVERALL: I think I witnessed my favourite new band play in an intimate setting. Wolf Alice are literally incredible and the material they have is 100% outstanding. Leaving You, White Leather and Fluffy may be the only songs that are out there in the public field but when it they come to release the others each song will literally blow you away.
They breezed through this 9 song set and I enjoyed myself immensely. Some of the material that was performed was extremely short. This then leads me to the thought that they were actually a work in progress.

Ellie actually reminded me of Emma Chitty from Shuga and it surprised me that Wolf Alice did indeed play at the same gig as Shuga last year. Seriously check out Wolf Alice this band will be big.


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