Nadine Shah @ Tooting Tram & Social 15th February 2013

Taking place at Tooting Tram & Social was Remedy which is a monthly event hosted by Jon Kennedy. The reason I chose to attend February’s instalment was to see Nadine Shah. I was greatly impressed when I saw her live for the first time and I was so hypnotised by the material she showcased back then. This then made me keep tabs on her and I wanted to witness Shah play live again. After having missed the XFM All Dayer this Remedy date was the one I was free to attend. Nadine is one talented singer songwriter and I rather liked her dark jazz tones.

Things kicked off with the title track of the forthcoming EP and this being Dreary Town. The tune itself has already been showcased on the internet and this was the first time I had witnessed it performed live. Dreary Town was a keyboard ballad and it was added by strong vocals which were rather energetic. This superb number was packed with plenty of promise and it makes me look forward to finally hearing that EP. It was then onto Used It All which was a song which hasn’t been recorded yet. This was a dark sounding song which was delivered to perfection. I first heard it last year when I saw Shah play at The Victoria and I immediately fell in love with it. Used It All was a track which was strongly sung and showcased Nadine’s superb vocal range. What followed after was an oldie and this being Cannit Leave. It was flawlessly sung and the vocals were rather dark. Cannit Leave was a well written song which I thoroughly enjoyed it. After applause it was yet onto another brand new cut and this being The Devil. I remember last year this was an highlight of mine. Again this tune was deliciously dark and the lyric content was spectacular. I definitely hope for a studio recording. Shah is a highly talented song writer and an incredible pianist. The penultimate song Winter Reigns was literally entrancing and finale Cry Me A River was simply spectacular.


Dreary Town
Used It All
Cannit Leave
The Devil
Winter Reigns
Cry Me A River

OVERALL: Once the outstanding Nadine Shah had finished her set I was tempted just to leave as I had already witnessed who I wanted to see. I wasn’t a massive fan of LULs and I had never heard of Thumpers before. I’m actually glad I decided to stay as I witnessed 2 extraordinary performances. The set by Thumpers consisted of 7 songs yet the LULs set only consisted of 5.

Thumpers were a 5 piece band who had some incredible songs underneath their belts. They may only have one single to their names this being Dancing’s Done but just hearing the other tunes makes me look forward to that EP.

As for LULs I basically gave them a second chance to impress me. I wasn’t taken by their performance when they supported Spector. So could it be 2nd time lucky? I actually found myself enjoying the performances of Never Let It Go, Swing Low and Coming Again. Even though I did enjoy it, I wasn’t converted into a fan of the bands.

To summarise this was an extraordinary even which featured 3 talented acts.

Nadine Shah was simply amazing and I look forward to the day I next see her perform live.

Thumpers have a bright future and they are a band whom I am excited for. I definitely will see them live again in the future and I anticipate any official release by the band.

Finally LULs even though I wouldn’t necessarily see them perform live again I would be keeping tabs on any future releases by the band.


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