Little Mix @ Hammersmith Apollo 13th February 2013

Back in 2011 Little Mix became the first group to win The X Factor. They were actually manufactured as originally they started off singing solo, then Jesy and Perrie were put into Faux Pas while Jade and Leigh-Anne were put into Orion. Neither band made it past the boot camp phase and this then led to Nelson, Edwards, Thirlwall and Pinnock were plucked out to go to Judge’s houses. The band were called Rhythmix and their mentor was Tulisa Contostavlos. They then made it to the live shows then had to change the bands name after week 4. Little Mix were then born and I was left stunned by the bond shared by each of the girls. Fast forward to the end of 2012 the DNA tour was announced and this was in conjunction with the début album also entitled DNA. Getting my ticket was a last minute thing. I did want to attend but what put me off was the fact I was nowhere near the stage. Come January 2013 I was on the internet and there was just one ticket left on the floor and this was in Row Y. What made me reconsider was the fact that Hammersmith Apollo was on a slope plus I was on the aisle. Come the actual day I turned up at 7pm. The queue to get in was huge and it took about 30 minutes just to get inside to get to my seat. The support came from Britain’s Got Talent bands Reconnected and then The Mend. However I did not enjoy them as much as people were walking up and down the aisles to get to their seats.

Coming on 10 minutes earlier than the intended 9pm were Little Mix. This girl group won the X Factor back in 2011 and became the first group to do so. This band consist of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. Debut album DNA was released last November and the majority of songs sung were from this album. What opened the night was We Are Who We Are. Prior to them making their entrance there was a video montage which got people whipped up into a frenzy. The harmonies were tight and each girls vocals geld together perfectly. I especially liked the powerful lyrics which basically said don’t change for anyone. If you want something don’t give up on that dream because if you put your mind to it you can achieve it. “We are who we are, who we are, pretty’s just a petty word, And I’m gonna shine like a star, cause I’m the only me in this world, Throw away the books and the magazines, I’m never gonna look like a beauty queen, We are who we are, who we are, and I’m just doing me, just doing me”. It was then onto Stereo Soldier which had a R&B vibe to it. This was delivered with plenty of enthusiasm and the rest of the sold out Apollo were loving it. Also there was some nifty choreography and backing dancers as well. “It’s a pleasure to be here tonight. Our first ever Little Mix tour” Pinnock shouted out to the crowd. Perrie then introduced the band to a rapture of screams. It was then onto Super Bass which was a take on the Nicki Minaj song. They sang this on the first live show of The X Factor. Just seeing this performed live showed what an amazing band they actually are. This was a mixture of Hip Hop meets Pop and it literally was incredible. The lyrics were tight and plenty of attitude oozed from it. Love Drunk was next to be performed live and it had an uplifting infectious chorus. It was plain to see that they were all enjoying performing to playing to all their fans. My favourite part had to be when Leigh-Anne did her break down. “We just want to say a massive massive thank you to each and every single one of you for coming out tonight. You made our dreams come true and I’m so so grateful that you get to experience it with us tonight” Jesy then said before getting slightly emotional when introducing the next tune of the evening and this being Always Be Together. This was a beautiful ballad with lovely lyrics and aided by a video montage which played whilst they sang the song. Always Be Together was slightly emotional. “We’ll always be together, Don’t you worry, I’ll always be by your side, Don’t you worry”. Basically this song is saying that they will always be together and they will never part ways. Little Mix have a close knitted bond which is always good. It was then straight onto the first slice of original music that the band released. Wings was released last July and it gave Little Mix their 2nd Number 1. This was an R&B tinged song which was packed with plenty of attitude and was aided by infectious lyrics you just want to sing a long to. The band then left the stage leaving the audience to watch a video montage which showed each member answering questions to them and they truthfully answered them. After the costume change it was then onto How Ya Doin?. The songs lyrics were complete perfection and there was a slight Urban beat to it.

It was then backed with Going Nowhere which was a smooth number which you want to sway from side to side. This was aided by a Spanish guitar, beatboxing and a rap which was simply phenomenal. “So this next medley we’re going to do for you is a combination of Girl Bands that have inspired us in the past” Perrie Edwards said before they launched into something remarkable. Songs which were included in this medley were Who’s Loving Who/ No Scrubs/ Bootylicious/ Don’t Let Go (Love). This showed how fantastic Little Mix are. It started with an a capella snippet of Who’s Loving Who. The harmonising sent chills up my spine. Snippets of No Scrubs, Bootylicious and Don’t Let Go (Love) followed on. It was the first time that they had performed the TLC and Destiny’s Child covers. The take on En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go (Love) was a favourite of theirs as they sung it during The X Factor final. Straight after it was onto another original and this being Turn Your Face. This was an emotional piano led ballad which showcased every members faultless vocals. Before the song started Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade were in complete darkness. Each member had their own solo part during the song and when it was time for them to sing the spotlight shone on that member. “London are you ready to rock” Jade then mentioned to the audience after their costume change. This song was written by TLC member T-Boz and she also featured on the album version of this track. Red Planet is a promising song but it was different from the others that had been performed and this being the fact it sounded more rock with the fact there were electric guitars. Jesy Nelson then did a clever link to the next song by saying living in the Little Mix house is like living in a madhouse. Madhouse was the song and this being utterly contagious. I really liked its chorus “Running from the madhouse, They won’t take me back, Ain’t got the medicine, To give me what I need, Yes I’m burning up, But music is my drug, Doesn’t matter if I shout, Or if I scream, They’re coming for me”. Moments later it was onto their outstanding take on E.T which was a Katy Perry cover. This take was extraordinary and they sung it so well as a band. “For those of you who have the deluxe version you’ll know this one” Edwards said before they got stuck into her favourite from DNA and this being Make You Believe. Again the vocal performance was spectacular. The song itself was literally outstanding. Little Mix then signed off with the follow up single to Wings and this being DNA. This was Electropop with traces of Dubstep. This song was powerfully delivered and it ended one spectacular evening. Once over the band then left the stage which then resulted in everyone chanting for Little Mix. Change Your Life was a power ballad with an empowering message. The harmonising was pitch perfect and everyone was still going crazy. I rather liked their tops which said Too Fly To Care. “Who here knows the words to Wings” Leigh-Anne Pinnock said before mentioning they want everyone singing and dancing to this song. This version of Wings was more like a reprieve as everyone was introduced. Actually you could compare it to a curtain call but with no curtain. They all sang the chorus to Wings and everyone sang along. Once Little Mix had finished they exited the stage and everyone started to leave the venue after witnessing something truly spectacular.


We Are Who We Are
Stereo Soldier
Super Bass
Love Drunk
Always Be Together
How Ya Doin?
Going Nowhere
Who’s Loving Who/ No Scrubs/ Bootylicious/ Don’t Let Go
Turn Your Face
Red Planet
Make You Believe


Change Your Life
Wings (Remix)

OVERALL: I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Hammersmith Apollo. Little Mix are one incredible girl band and the harmonies are pitch perfect. Just by seeing them play it was obvious that they were deserving winners of The X Factor. Every song sung live was phenomenal and the covers (especially the Girl Band medley) were literally out of this world. I can see a bright future for them and they definitely have longevity which many X Factor winners don’t have (only Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and James Arthur are the only winners who haven’t got dropped).


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