Gabrielle Aplin @ Banquet Records 14th February 2013

Playing at Banquet Records was the talented Gabrielle Aplin who was playing a short set in aid of the brand new single Please Don’t Say You Love Me. I first heard of Gabrielle about 3 years ago through friends. This then resulted me in listening to the music then witnessing her play live. Stylewise Aplin’s music fits in the Folk category and the closest other musician I can compare her to is the wonderful Miss Kate McGill. Both whom went down the YouTube route and recorded songs to post up on their pages. Last year saw Gabrielle sign to a major record label Parlophone and then she later had a number one with The Power Of Love which was originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The single hit the top spot in December and Gabrielle’s version featured in the John Lewis Christmas campaign. The minute I knew Aplin was to play at Banquet I knew that I wanted to attend.

“Hi. I’m going to play some songs. Thank you all for coming” Gabrielle said to the intimate audience whist sitting on the counter. Aided by an infectious chorus the steady paced Panic Cord was sweet sounding which made it rather hypnotic. This original song has already clocked up just under 27000 hits on YouTube. It was delivered to perfection and there is something in her vocal performance that sends chills up my spine. The style of the music sung was Folk meets Pop which worked wonders. Nearing the end this tune picked up pace and plenty of energy flowed from it. “This next song is the B side to my single that I just released last week” Aplin then said before singing Rings Round Roses. This featured on the 3 track EP that you can buy digitally. The song itself was delivered with plenty of passion and it was so entrancing with it just being Gabrielle and her acoustic guitar. “I actually finished my album a few days ago. It is done forever” Aplin then revealed before showcasing something that will feature on English Rain. This being How Do You Feel Today?. It was the first time I had heard this and I must admit I was left stunned. It’s lyrics were packed with energy and this tune was delivered to perfection. What followed after was the single that Gabrielle was promoting and this being Please Don’t Say You Love Me. Again this was yet another sweet sounding Folk song with amazing lyrics. Towards the end it turned into a little sing along with people singing the line “Please don’t say you love me cos’ I might not say it back”. What ended the instore was Home which featured on the EP of the same name. What a way to end such a spectacular set. This song was just sublime and there was a strong folk vibe to it. The lyrics were fantastic and it was delivered strongly at the same time.


Panic Cord
Rings Round Roses
How Do You Feel Today?
Please Don’t Say You Love Me

OVERALL: Gabrielle Aplin is one phenomenal artist who I completely adore. I cant wait wait for début album English Rain to hit the shelves because it will be full of crackers. The 5 song set which was performed left me wanting to hear more from English Rain.

Prior to attending I did wonder if Aplin would perform her #1 single Power Of Love. She didn’t work that tune into her short but sweet set. Looking back at it, the fact it was not performed is completely understandable as Gabrielle wanted to showcase her own stunning material.


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