Olly Murs @ Indigo2 11th February 2013

In aid of the 20th Anniversary of the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) it was announced that the one and only Mr Olly Murs would be headlining this charity event. I have been a fan of his ever since he was on the X Factor back in 2009 and just attending headine OM gigs which offer Standing is pretty rare. I then decided to purchase a ticket for this. Originally I thought this would sell out within a couple of hours but it didn’t so I secured one later that afternoon. What was being offered was Rear Balcony Standing for £15, Floor Standing for £30 and King’s Row (which was the balcony) for £75. As I wanted the same experience that I had back at Little Noise the ticket which I purchased was for Floor Standing.

The time to turn up was debatable. Was it going to be an early one like Hackney or could I just arrive say 4 hours before doors and still be near the front of the queue. It was therefore an early one for me and when I arrived at the o2 Arena only 10 other fans were there outside the Indigo2 which was situated inside the Arena. It was nice that the 4 people that were in front of me were also behind me in the queue back at Hackney last November.

We were then told to queue outside in the sleeting snow. Being out there was pure hell especially as it was literally freezing cold. After a couple of hours they then saw sense and let us go inside in the warmth to line up. But what was to come was far much worse. Apparently there was a Golden Circle (right at the front of the stage) which was reserved for VIPs and where we could stand would be on the outer circle. This then caused a combination of anger and tears with the thought that they would be no where near Olly. Given the fact people had been queuing for hours you can totally understand the frustration (even when the tickets went on sale there was no mention of this circle). This then resulted in someone who worked at the venue reassuring everyone that we would get in and the circle was 1st come 1st served. Everyone was then put at ease knowing that they would be OK getting to the front.

Doors opened at 7pm and we were greeted to find people already on the front barrier. Everyone then ran into the circle to pick the best position for them. This was when everyone who had queued early was screwed over. Security came round to see if everyone had Gold wristbands (these were given to the VIPs) as we didn’t have one we were told to leave the inner circle. Despite trying to tell them what we had been told they were having none of it. By this time the barriers of the outer circle had been taken. From this moment was when I had lost my enjoyment of the whole evening. What was going through my mind was the fact I had wasted my day and £34 on the ticket for something that I wouldn’t even of purchased. I buy standing tickets because I want to witness the performance happen right in front of me. I also put in the time queuing just to make this happen. So my view was at the side about a couple of rows behind the outer barrier. The first 4 people who arrived were with me and we even asked for a refund but nothing happened. A couple of people even left the venue because they didn’t like the fact that they were no where near the front barrier in front of the stage. When the first two acts had finished their one and only song I basically had enough. Not being able to see made me consider just turning back and leaving the venue. Enjoyment wasn’t what I was getting. What I had decided on was to stay till the very end. Nothing was going to happen, we weren’t going to get refunded and this whole incident was going to get sweep under the carpet.

It was around 9.45 when Olly Murs burst onto the stage to launch into Dance With Me Tonight. Whenever I hear this song I immediately remember the video and the fact it was released during the Xmas period of 2011. This tune was a combination of Pop meets Soul meets R&B. Dance With Me Tonight was the song which made me want to see Murs live and I am pleased to say I witnessed him live for the 1st time last year. There was a do wop vibe (a bit like Bruno Mars) to this highly contagious song. “It’s a pleasure to be here this evening. Have you guys had a good night so far? Thank you guys so much for attending. Getting tickets to come here today means alot” Olly then said before the mellowing I’ve Tried Everything. This song featured on the sophomore album In Case You Didn’t Know. I’ve Tried Everything started off slow then the pace picked up. I found this track to be rather incredible and everyone was singing along. This song was very uplifting and there were infectious parts you just want to sing along to. It was then straight onto I’m OK. The lyrics were stunning and the verses were quirky. It was rather pacey and it was a right crowd pleaser at the same time. “It’s great to be here tonight. It’s almost like my pre party” (as he was embarking on a sold out Arena tour later this month) Murs said to the audience before delving into his debut single Please Don’t Let Me Go. This tune was very steady and had an up tempo Power Pop chorus. I found this to be a toe tapping number and entirely catchy at the same time. Things were then slowed down for Heart On My Sleeve. Olly urged everyone to get their phones out to sway from side to side. This was a slushy ballad which was faultlessly delivered. It may have been slow in tempo but I found it to be extremely beautiful. “This one’s about a weird kind of date I went on” Murs said before singing What A Buzz which features on the new album Right Place Right Time. Now this song was extremely quirky and it tells a story of Olly going on a date with a girl he just met. This tune was very infectious and had some stunning harmonising. It was then onto Murs’s favourite song from Right Place Right Time and this was Dear Darlin’. This was yet another slow slushy ballad aided by lyrics which are a tad emotional. I simply adored this beautiful tune which was faultlessly delivered. After testing the audience to see if we were all awake it was then onto another pleasing song and this being Oh My Goodness. Olly actually made a full start and came in too early. I must admit I really loved this song as it gave me a warm happy feeling inside. Oh My Goodness was Pop meets Soul with stunning lyrics which easily get you moving. My favourite part had to be the uplifting chorus. “Do you guys remember when I did the X Factor in 2009? I had such an amazing time on the show and obviously I work on the Xtra Factor now which was amazing. I had a great time on that as well. I’d never forget my first audition” Murs then told the audience before embarking on something special and this was a medley of Stevie Wonder songs. This medley consisted of Superstition/ Sir Duke/ Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Basically just witnessing this completely stunned me. Olly made each tune his own and put plenty of energy into them delivering something to absolute perfection. The Brit nominated Troublemaker was up next. This is one fantastic Pop song with a luscious catchy melody aided by lyrics you just want to sing along to. After revealing the fact that Olly doesn’t like doing encores it was then onto the finale. This being the upbeat Heart Skips A Beat. The tune itself was delivered to perfection and ended what had been an eventful evening.


Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Tried Everything
I’m OK
Please Don’t Let Me Go
Heart On My Sleeve
What A Buzz
Dear Darlin’
Oh My Goodness
Superstition/ Sir Duke/ Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Heart Skips A Beat

OVERALL: What had the makings of being an enjoyable evening turned into something which was an utter disgrace. The fact there was no mention of this circle when the tickets went on sale and the fact we were told it was 1st come 1st served which was a lie was enough to make anyone’s blood boil. The advertising of this gig was extremely poor as well. I found out that Lawson were supporting a couple of days before the gig.

Both performances by Lawson and Olly Murs were fantastic but the enjoyment had literally been sucked from me. The Hackney gig was a lot more enjoyable compared to this.

Now I love Olly Murs’s music as it is so infectious but I can’t help but have the feeling that I wasted my day queuing and wasted money on buying a ticket which could of gone on another gig. I am not placing the blame on Olly who I am blaming is the venue itself. Indigo2 should of put on the website for the venue that there was going to be a circle. Also the term Floor Standing was misleading. Many people purchased tickets under false pretences. Also in the terms and conditions it said Children under the age of 16 cannot enter the standing area yet there were VIP’s under 16.

Barring this performance the evening was an utter shambles.


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