Darwin Deez @ Rough Trade East 10th February 2013

After having walked round London I was then off to Rough Trade East to witness Darwin Deez launch his sophomore album Songs For Imaginative People. Darwin Smith (AKA Darwin Deez) fronts this band and this was the first time I had witnessed them played. Yes I knew who Darwin Deez was but never listened to the music that they produced. This date at Rough Trade was a pre tour performance which consisted of 6 tunes (2 old and 4 new).

Taking to the stage at 7pm was Darwin Deez and the rest of his band. The first song to be played during this phenomenal set was The Bomb Song which was taken from the debut self titled album. This Indie Rock tune was sleekly delivered. I rather liked the apocalyptic lyrics “The clouds are brown, The city’s a ghost town, The city is dead, The river’s a bed now”. It was then straight onto Up In The Clouds which was again taken from the début LP. I rather liked this, the lyrics were both breezy and light. “We just flew in this morning from New York City. This is our first show with Tim on the drums” Darwin then said before getting stuck into something from the sophomore LP Songs For Imaginative People. I found this You Can’t Be My Girl to be upbeat and infectious at the same time aided by fantastic lyrics. Once Deez mentioned that he was fasting it was then onto Moonlit. The melody of this song was simply sublime and the lyrics fitted to it perfectly. Moonlit was smoothly delivered. Ending the night was a combination of songs from the new record and these being Chelsea’s Hotel and then Redshift. The first of the tracks was a lot softer then it became more heavy when it was reaching the end (this was mainly the fact it was one massive guitar solo). Both of the two songs moulded together perfectly and Redshift was both entrancing and hypnotic.


The Bomb Song
Up In The Clouds
You Can’t Be My Girl
Chelsea’s Hotel

OVERALL: This was an instore that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was captivated throughout the set and it left me wondering why I didn’t start listening to them earlier. What was performed reminded me of Emperor Yes whom I saw last December.


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